My Hot Older Sis pt 2.


   ÂI awoke the next morning from the best sleep of my life. After a moment's recall, I realised that the girl sleeping next to me was my sister, Jessica, who had relieved me of my virginity the night before, in our parent's bed. I had my arm wrapped tightly around her and my very hard penis pressed against the warmth of her ass. My hand was cupped around her breast and I squeezed it gently, rubbing her nipple between my fingers. I breathed in her lightly scented hair and I moved my lips to her neck and began to gently kiss her. I pushed my cock against her and it slid between the cleavage of her ass cheeks. I moved my other hand down between her legs and my finger found her heat as it slid between her pussy lips. I began to rub my stiff cock faster between her ass cheeks as my pre-cum made her flesh a little slippery. She began to stir and her hand moved over mine and forced it harder against her pussy. She turned her head with a drowsy but contented smile on her face and looked into my eyes.

  Â"Mmmmmm. . . What a nice way to wake up. "

  ÂMy sister Jessica pushed her ass back against my cock as I pumped away between her ass cheeks. She clenched my hand tighter as I slid my fingers rapidly in and out of her pussy.

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   I kissed her neck harder, sucking on her soft skin. Jess turned her head further and her mouth met mine and we kissed. She groaned and her body stiffened against me and her hand clasped mine and stopped my fingers deep within her and they became hot and sticky and wet as she came. "Oh God!" she cried. She held me for a second longer and then her body relaxed. She kissed me again, this time softer, more tenderly.

  Â"Little brother," she smiled, "we have to wake up this way more often. "

  ÂJess rolled over and swung her legs either side of me. She took my hard cock and began to slowly stroke it as she sat on top of me. She ran her fingers through her long dark hair and lookied down at me with those big beautiful brown eyes. I put my hands up to her full perfect breasts and began to caress them. She rubbed my cock against her hot wet vagina lips, moving her hips so they slid along the shaft and up to the head. Just when I thought she was going to let me inside of her, she rocked her hips back down, teasing me.

  Â"That's twice you've made me cum," she said. "I thought you'd never done this before.

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    Jess pushed my penis flat and moved her pussy over the top of it, sliding herself up along it again, back and forth. It felt fantastic as I pushed back against her.

  Â"Last night was my first time," I groaned. "But I've wanted to do it with you for a long time. "

  ÂJess leant over me and let her breasts fall into my face. I kissed her nipples and licked the sweat between her cleavage. She continued to move her burning pussy lips up and down along my cock. I put my hands on her ass and tried to lift her up and push my cock inside of her but she pushed against me. "Uh-uh," she said devilishly. "All good things to those who wait. "

  ÂI lay back and let my sister take control, as she always did. My cock was bursting, but she was having such fun teasing me. She leant down and kissed me, pushing her tongue in and out of my mouth. I tried to push my cock into her again but she again stopped me. She grinned.

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   "I'm gonna make you cum so hard, little brother. Your cum's gonna feel so goodÂinside of me. "

  ÂAnother glide along my shaft with her pussy lips, then Jess smiled, reached down, took hold of my penis and guided it into her burning hot pussy. The sensation was almost unbearable as her pussy lips slid down the shaft of my hard cock and I entered deep inside of her.

  Â"Oh yeah!" I cried.

  ÂJess moved her body up slowly, then back down as I slid deeper inside her. I pushed my hips up to meet her next downward thrust and this time she groaned. I couldn't believe how good it felt, even better than sex with her the night before, having my sister slowly riding on top of me, fucking me. Jess began to fuck me a little faster now as I gripped her perfect ass. I knew I was going to cum soon, but I wanted the feeling to last as long as it could. She looked down at me, her beautiful face, her sexy eyes looking into mine, as she let herself down on me again. I felt my cock was going to melt inside of her, she was that hot inside. We bagan to fuck faster, harder. Jess kissed me with animal passion. We writhed our bodies against each other.

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   I looked down to see the shaft of my cock disappearing inside of her rapidly before again reappearing. I looked up at her on top of me and felt myself about to cum.

  ÂA loud sound like somebody yelling came from downstairs and Jess froze mid-stride above me. The sound again. A voice. "Oh shit!" cried Jess, moving off of me. "Mum and dad!" My penis fell out of her. I jumped up.

  Â"Kids?" came another call from downstairs. It was our mum, and she was coming up the stairs.

  Â"Quick!" whispered Jess, wrapping a sheet around her naked body. "Hide!"

  ÂI ran quickly into mum and dad's ensuite bathroom, just as mum entered the bedroom.

  Â"Hi mum," yawned Jess, pretended she was just waking up. "I thought you and dad weren't coming home 'till this afternooon. "

  Â"You know your father," explained mum, "he likes to get up early, so we thought we'd come home to spend some time with you and your brother.

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   Where is he, by the way, he's not in his bedroom?"

  Â"I'm in here!" I called out. "The downstairs bathroom was occupied. "

  Â"Oh," mum said. "I don't know if that's right, you coming in here while your sister is naked in our bed. "

  Â"It's okay," laughed Jess, "He is my brother. "

  Â"Well, you get dressed before he comes out of there, then you kids come down for breakfast. Your cousins are already downstairs with your father. "

  ÂI had almost forgetten about our cousins, Dean and Stephanie. They had fucked each other for the first time last night, too, and had slept together in Jess's bedroom downstairs.

  ÂWhen I heard mum leave the room, I came out of the bathroom with my hard-on leading the way. Jess was standing there naked, bending over to pick up her clothes. She saw my cock and looked at it with mock-sadness. "Oh, you poor little thing," she said. She sat on the bed and took a hold of it, rubbing the head with her finger. She gave it a soft kiss.

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   I shuddered. She kissed it again, opening her mouth a little and flicking the head with her tongue. Mum called again from downstairs. Jess looked up at me with real sympathy this time. "We better get downstairs. " She gave the head of my cock another quick kiss with her lips. "First chance we get," she promised. We quickly dressed, and went downstairs for breakfast.

  ÂOur cousins, Dean and Stephanie were sitting at the table having breakfast with mum and dad. They looked at me and Jess with knowing smiles.

  Â"So, did you kids have a good time last night?" asked dad.

  Â"We sure did," answered Jess, with a broad grin.

  Â"Good," said dad. We all looked to each other and tried not to laugh.

  ÂDean and Steph were invited to stick around for a family barbaque lunch.

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   My hard-on was killing me, and watching my sister slink around bra-less in only a tight white singlet and a short denim skirt was only making things worse. Jess and I kept catching each other's eye and I felt her lust with each glance. Each time we attempted to slip away together to fuck, mum and dad always seemed to be there. I didn't know if I could last the day, having my sister so close but not being able to do anything about it.

  ÂMum and dad cooked our customary sunday family barbaque and Jess, Steph, Dean and I were all sitting in the back yard together, out of ear-shot of them. Steph and Dean explained how they had heard mum and dad driving into the garage, and had quickly gotten up and dressed and greeted them at the front door. "You two were fucking this morning, weren't you?" grinned Steph, looking at the hickey I had left on my sister's neck.

    Â Jess and I smiled sheepishly.

      Â"But we didn't get to finish," Jess said. "We've been dying to slip off together all day. " She looked over her shoulder to make sure mum and dad weren't watching. She leaned over and kissed me hard and rubbed my aching bulge through my pants.

        Dad called lunch and they got up, leaving me seated. "I think someone's having a little trouble standing up," laughed Dean. I sat there until I could reposition my erection so it would not be seen in my pants and joined them.

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      ÂAfter luch we were all sitting in the living room and I was trying to look at Jess with out our parents noticing. She got up and said she was going to wash up, looking at me. I understood and said I would to, to our parent's amazement. We said it was the least we could do after such a great lunch. When mum offered to help us, Dean and Steph said that they wanted to hear about their anniversary dinner the night before. As soon as Jess and I were through the kitchen door we were all over each other. I pushed her up against the kitchen bench and we kissed and I put my hand between her legs and she clamped her thighs tightly around it as I rubbed her pussy. She undid my pants and had my stiff cock quickly out and gripped in her hand, stroking it. I pushed up her singlet up and kissed her breasts and sucked on her erect nipples. Jess spread her legs and pulled me into her, guiding my cock-head between her hot and slippery pussy lips and inside of her. I pushed my cock up as far as it would go between my sister's legs, making her groan softly. "Oh yeah", she whispered with her hot breath into my ear,"fuck me, Fuck me hard. " I kissed her again and pulled my cock back and almost out of her, then forced it back inside her. She felt so good inside. Our tongues pushed and slid against each other, my right hand gripped her ass and my left her cupped her breast.

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       I pushed into her again and again. Jess squeezed my clenched ass and pulled me deeper into her with each stroke. We could hear our parents talking on the other side of the wall but that only made it more exciting. I tasted the sweat on Jess's neck and she bit my ear, trying to keep from shouting out in pleasure. I pulled my face away from hers so I could look at her as I fucked her. My hard, bursting cock slid desperately in and out between my sister's legs as I looked into her beautiful, sexy eyes and sweaty face, her perfect body, still finding it hard to believe that we were fucking each other. Her breasts bounced against her chest with each stroke, her stomach clenched tight. She pulled me harder into her and I fucked one, two, three more times, then froze with my cock buried deep inside of her as I unleashed the first stream of cum into her. I watched her face as I spurted again, pushing my hips against hers. Our tongues met and I pulled her close and I pumped more and more cum deep into her. She gasped into my ear with each spurt. When I had finally finished, I held onto her tightly, not wanting to ever take my cock out of her. Then I remembered our parents about ten feet away from us on the other side of the wall. I pulled away from my sister and my cock slowly slid out of her.

    Â Â ÂI looked into Jessica's eyes and she was smiling and we kissed again.

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       We were both covered in sweat and panting to catch our breaths and grinning with relief. "That's three times you've made me cum," said Jess, looking down at my cock then back up. "I think I'm gonna like living in the same house as my little brother from now on. "

    Â Â ÂWe straightened ourselves out, then tried to do the washing up the best we could, our energy all but spent. We splashed water at each other and rubbed up against each other and laughed out loud.

    Â Â Â"How's it going in there. You need my help?" asked mum from the loungeroom.

    Â Â Â"We're fine," giggled Jess.

    Â Â Â"Okay. It's good to hear the two of you finally getting along together," called mum.

    Â Â ÂWe laughed together. We kissed and arranged to get together in Jessica's bed later that night when mum and dad were asleep. I could feel my cock getting hard again already.

    Â Â Â