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This story is when i was 16 and she was 30. i will not use the real names so here goes.

My name is jack i am 16 years old play football work out alot and i am always horny. My step sisters name is brook and she is 30 at the time and had worked as a nurse. She had bought a place in florida for her bussiness it was an old house and and needed to be fixed. and as a brother i decided to help her out.

So the next days comes around and she picks me p to have breakfast with her we go and eat then off to work i had to do some drywall work and she was going to paint. so as i was workin on the drywall and fixing some of the wood that needed to be replaced i took a wack in the nuts. that pain made me roll on the ground in pain. so she came running over to see what happened i told her and she said she needed to take a look to see if there was any damage. i agreed with her and took of my pants and she pulled down my boxers. as i said before i was always horny and have a hot mature girl see my cock made me hard as my penis started to grow from her touching it i saw eyes widin she asked me if i had ever been with a girl i told her no so as she was examining my now 7" hard penis she said that it looked swollen and she said i needed to get a release to help keep the pressure down i told her that i was in too much pain to do and asked her to. she had a lot of hesitation but then did it to help me out. she started to jack me off and i could tell she was liking it. this went on for a bout five minutes and i told her that i jack off so much that i needed more stimulation this is when i asked he to blow me so she took her shirt off and started to blow me as she was doing this i unclasped her bra from the back and started playing with her tits they were so nice and firm.

after she was blowing me for about 5 minutes i shot off my load inside her mouth.

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   after that she went and spit out my cum and asked me if i was feeling better i told her yes thank you. she spent the rest of her day working without puting her bra or shirt on and i kept my pants and boxers off. when we were finished at the end of the day we were cleaning up all the stuff. I saw her moving around my dick got hard again and she said it looks like u are ok i laughed and said yes. as she was talking to me i didn't even notice my hand went down to my cock and i was jacking off in front of her. she told me that i was so horny and that she hadn't been fucked in a while that me and her could fuck when i herd that i got so excited that i almost came just then. she told me to lye on the ground on my back i did as she said. as i did she got on top of me and positioned my cock on the edge of her pussy she then sat down and began riding my cock this was so hot to me i started pushing myself. i then asked her if we could do doggy style this was my favorite position when i was watching porn. as she got on her hand and knee and raised her ass in the air i put my cock in her pussy. i started pumping my cock in and out of her pussy if felt so good she was moaning so load that was making me so hot i told her that i was going to cum and i asked her if i should cum on her face she said no cum in my pussy so i said ok and kept pumping until finally i shot my load and filled my steps sisters pussy with my cum. i asked her if she was on the pill she said no and i started to worry. that's when she said i have a plan she started pushing and pushing then she put her finger in her pussy and took my cum from there and ate it off her fingers that was so sexy after we were done we when to have dinner with her husband. when she went to wash her hand before the food came i followed her and she blow me off and i came in her mouth again. .

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