My Life With Bobby, Chapter 1


After Simba finished climaxing Bobby dropped the reigns and shoved his dick into my mouth. I savored the taste of his almost hairless dick and awaited the newly occurring spurt of cum that he was about to give me. Damn, I loved sucking his dick and having reached adolescence he now rewarded me with a salty prize whenever he came in my mouth. He quickly rewarded me with his cum and I held it in my mouth, mixing it with my pony's cum and then gulped the mixture down my throat I was 6 when Bobby and I first played "Doctor". It had begun innocently enough with bobby coming into the bathroom while I was on the toilet. "Bobby," I screamed, "I'm peeing, wait your turn. " He smiled at me with his 8-year-old grin and told me to hurry up or he was going to pee on me. I said something like "I'll tell mom" and he left the room. But I remember that the thought of him peeing on me somehow interested me. I'd seen him pee before but I hadn't thought much of it. For some reason now it interested me. I don't really know why but the next time we were outside and Bobby went to pee in the bushes behind our home I went with him. "Go away" he said, but I just stood there watching him holding his little pecker and letting the stream come out the end and onto the side of the tree. After finishing he shook it at me and I imagine my eyes must have grown huge looking at it. For the first time I really wanted to see it close up. "Can I see it?" I asked.

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   "Let me see it""Sure" he said, "But I want to see yours too"I kind of shook my head yes as I neared his small, 8 year old penis. "Can I touch it?" I askedI held it in my hand and felt it growing and hardening in my palm. "What is it doing Bobby?""It's getting hard sis" he responded. "It does that sometimes. Like when I play with it in the bathtub"It was growing larger as I felt it with the tips of my little fingers. "Now let me see yours sis""I don't have one Bobby. " I responded, "I'm a girl. Mommy says I have a vagina and boys have penises. ""Let me see, let me see your "vagina" sis. "I lifted my skirt pulled down my pink panties. "See" I said. "I don't have one. I just have a split between my legs. I wish I had one like yours though. "Bobby got on his knees to look closer as I held my skirt up above my waist.

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   "Wow," he said, " How do you pee? Does it come out that slit?"I was feeling kinda funny what with the cool summer breeze combined with Bobby's warm breath against my "Vagina" my head felt dizzy. I just nodded trying to say yes. "Let me see you pee sis. " Bobby askedI thought about it for a moment and agreedSquatting near the tree I attempted to pee as Bobby, with his face between my knees, watched for the stream to begin. Frustratingly I attempted to pee but nothing came out. Finally I told him I couldn't and started to rise. "Wait sis. Sit down and let me look at it" I sat down on the cool ground and spread my legs. Little did I know how many times I would be spreading my legs for my big brother in the coming years. Bobby looked closely at my slit and slowly spread its lips to see inside. Sticking his finger inside he commented on how warm it was in there. He pushed his finger deeper into my virgin cunt and encountered what we later found out was my hymen. It felt so good to have him in there and I wanted more but I was too small to take even his small fingers very far inside me. Removing his finger he crawled closer to my slit. "I can smell you sis, you smell really good"He put his nose up to my opening and rubbed the little nub that lie inside.

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   I stiffened like I'd been shocked and Bobby jerked back thinking he had hurt me. "Ooh, do that again Bobby. " I said. I parted my lips, opening my tiny pussy, inviting him to put his nose in me again. He crawled up to my parted lips and put his nose between my fingers and against my now strangely tingling twat. His nose rubbed my prepubescent bud and sent strange waves of feeling through my body. Then, wonders of wonders, I felt his tongue sliding up and down my slit. I couldn't believe how GOOD it was feeling. My mind literally swooned with unexpected sensations. "Bobby, oh Bobby" I whimpered, "Don't stop, oh don't stop. "I'll tell you this; I am one of those few people whom actually had a climax at the tender age of 6. I closed my eyes and felt my body tremble from the touch of my brother's tongue on my clit. I raised my legs, pushing my trembling twat against my brother's tongue. Wave after wave of sensations surged through my tiny body cumulating in a thundering climax as I was swept over the edge. I lay there, naked from the waist down, with my brother between my legs and bathed in the after glow of what I came to know as an orgasm.

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   The feeling was wonderful. My virgin little pussy felt warm and tingly. Bobby remained between my legs and as I came down from the flushed feelings surging through my body I began to think of what was between my brother's legs. "Can I taste you?" I asked Bobby. He looked at me and smiled. He exited from between my legs and brought his tiny penis near my mouth. His tiny cock looked hard and hot as he aimed it toward my waiting lips. Having never done such a thing before I was clueless as to what to do so I slipped it into my mouth and sucked like you would a lollypop. At the tender age of 8 his penis easily fit past my teeth and against the tip of my tongue. I slowly licked the hard little thing and ran my tongue around the tip. I let my lips glide up and down his shaft. He moaned and stared into my eyes the entire time. I continued to suck the toy between his legs, enjoying the taste, the naughtiness, the sensations of my brother's penis and the tingling in my virgin pussy. My brother pulled his prick from my mouth and gently pushed me onto my back. With absolutely no knowledge of what we were doing, or how to do it, we positioned ourselves into a 69 with my brother on top, his face between my legs and his tongue against my pussy.

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   I slipped his dick back between my waiting lips as he ran his tongue up and down my completely hairless virgin twat. "Yes! Sis, yes, Oh keep sucking me sis! Oh, that feels so good. " Bobby groaned and then dived back to licking my quivering vagina. Eventually my pussy began to get a bit sore. We must have been doing it for a good ten minutes when I stopped and put my hand between my brother's tongue and my swollen clit. "Oh, stop Bobby stop, I can't take much more. My pee pee is getting sore" "My pee pee is getting sore too sis. " My brother said as he rolled off me. He hadn't climaxed but sense neither of us actually knew what a climax was, neither of us complained. "That was fun though huh sis?" Bobby asked "Think we can do it again sometime?"I knew we would. Kissing was a normal part of our family and Bobby bent to kiss me on the cheek. I slightly turned my head and our lips touched. Virgin pussy juice was on his lips and for the first time ever I tasted the juices of my twat. I licked his lips and tasted the juices on my tongue. It was tangy and fascinating and made me want more.

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  Yes, we gotta do this again I thought. .