My life with Bobby Chapter 3


"What's that in your hair bobby?" Asked mom, "It smells like pee. Is that pee in your hair?" The grin returned to her face and even Dad had a sly smile on his lips. "I do believe your right Donna, I think our daughter just pissed all over our little boy. ""And just how did this happen?" Mom asked. With my urine drying in his hair Bobby attempted to stammer an answer but was cut short by mother telling us to get upstairs and clean ourselves up. We turned and flew up the stairs with our Dad commanding us to "Come right back down here once your decent. "Bobby and I washed ourselves and dressed in silence, stealing nervous glances at each other as we dressed. "We're dead now" is all Bobby said. Mom and Dad were still in the Kitchen as we ventured down the steps toward our doom. With Dad sitting at the kitchen table and Mom getting a fresh cup of coffee we entered the kitchen. "Set down," Dad gestured toward the kitchen chairs. All three of us sat down, Mom next to Dad, and Bobby and me across from them with the table between us. "How long has this been going on?" asked DadWell, to make a long story short we confessed everything. We confessed everything about the first time and all subsequent times after that. How Bobby had licked and sucked my pussy sense I was 6 and how I have done the same to his penis. As Bobby and I sat there telling all I noticed Dad's hand was in his lap under the tablecloth and his arm was slowly moving as if he was petting something.

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   Quite unexpectedly Dad slid his chair back from the table and told me to come to him. As I rounded the table I saw what dad had been petting. Dad's cock was out of his pants and standing in full came view. " We want see how you suck on Bobby penis Carol" said Mom "Show us on Daddy's penis. "Dad removed his hand from his very hard dick and motioned me toward it. I glanced at Bobby and then at mother and returned to looking at Dad's dick standing proudly from his jeans. For a moment I simply didn't know what to do then I slowly bent down toward my father's hard, glistening dick. I smelled his manhood and felt his hand reach behind my head, directing me closer to his hardness. My pussy actually began to quiver as the realization of what I was about to do filled my being. From the corner of my eye I saw Bobby stand to get a better view of his baby sister about to suck her daddy's dick. Daddy's dick was huge to me, three or four times bigger than Bobby's and pre cum was glistening from his hole. My knees felt week, my breath was held somewhere deep inside me and time seemly stood still as I slowly opened my moth an slid my lips over the head of the biggest thing I had ever had in my mouth. Per cum was leaking from its' tip and I savored the first ever taste of its' salty flavor. Dad's hand was trying to force more of his manhood into my mouth but I could only take the head and perhaps an inch or so into my mouth. I began to gag as the tip pushed against the back of my throat and I pulled back to get some fresh air, releasing his penis from my mouth.

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  "Can't quite take something that big yet huh?" Daddy laughed, releasing my head from his grip. "Seems you'll need some practice"I nodded my head and bent down toward his cock again. This time Daddy didn't hold my head with his hand and I was able to enjoy the wickedness of his manhood in my mouth. After several minutes of ministrations on his dick Daddy pulled himself free from my lips and sat me down on his knee. I held his penis in my tiny hand as he kissed me on my lips. Bobby had moved from his side of the table to get a better view of the action and Mom was setting with her dress above her knees and her fingers on her twat. "I do believe our daughter enjoys oral sex Mother" Daddy said. Mom reached for Bobby's hand and pulled him toward her. "Yes," she agreed. "And what about you Bobby?" mom asked. "Do you like oral sex too? Think you're big enough to do to me what you've been doing to your sister?" A grin crossed Bobby's lips and he began to kneel between mom's legs but she stopped him. "Let's go upstairs. " She said. Daddy picked me up in his arms and carried me up the steps and into their bedroom with Bobby and Mom behind. He laid me upon their big four-posted feather bed and slid my underwear down and off me.

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   Tossing them to the floor he sat between my now naked legs and examined my very wet pussy. "Look Donna" he said. "We've got a very wet pussy here. " His hand rubbed and massaged my pussy and his finger slid between the fold. "A very wet pussy indeed. " He murmured as he lowered himself and slid his tongue inside my pussy lips. I thought I was going to explode right then and there. His tongue has rougher than Bobby's and being larger it swirled around and inside me more and better than I ever imagined a tongue could feel. He slowed his speed and with a final kiss on my pussy lips he stopped. Way, way sooner than I wanted, and I opened my eyes wondering why. "Come here Bobby" Mom said as she seated bobby upon the bed. "Let's get your pants off OK?"Bobby's pants and underwear slid to the floor as mother bent down and engulfed Bobby's penis. She held it and his tiny balls in her mouth for a moment and then started sliding her lips up and down his very hard little shaft. Stopping for a moment she turned toward Dad and said " It's not big but it's so sweet honey"She resumed sucking Bobby's dick and daddy returned momentarily to my pussy. I couldn't believe how good it felt having Dad sucking my pussy and watching Mom with Bobby's dick in her mouth.

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  Stopping once again Dad stood and began removing his clothing "Gotta get out of these clothes" he said.
    His manhood sprang from his groin bouncing and throbbing at me. "Bobby," he said as he brought his penis toward my mouth, " Taste you mother's pussy. See if you like the hole you came out of the day you were born" Mother raised herself and slid her dress over her head as Daddy's dick neared my mouth. "Come on baby boy" Mommy said, "Tell me if you like this" Mom laid upon the bed next to me and spread her legs motioning to Bobby to climb between them as I began to suck Daddy's pulsing dick. “You like that sweetheart? You like Daddy fucking your mouth?” he asked. I could only mumble a reply and I hoped he knew the answer. Daddy's dick in my mouth and Bobby's slurping sounds as he licked and sucked mother's pussy was just too much for me and my pussy exploded in a wonderfully violent climax. I clamped my lips around my father's dick head as each wave engulfed me. Daddy felt my exploding climax and it brought him over the edge just as my climax was subsiding. He held my mouth upon his dick as he shot his cum down my throat. I tried to swallow it all but couldn't and most of it spilled out my mouth and down my chin. It was my first taste of cum and I fell in love with the saltiness and warmth of it. I felt he was delicious and I wanted to scoop the cum from my face and swallow it all. I managed to scoop most of it from my lips and chin and licked it from my fingers as daddy gently pushed me down on the bed.

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       He looked down at me with loving eyes as I continued to lick his sperm from my fingers. His hands began to stroke my thighs slowly and he bent between my legs. I continued to lick his cum from my fingers as dad sucked the wetness of my climax from my twat. He gently flicked his tongue on my swollen clit making me moan and squirm. I turned my head toward Bobby as he licked and sucked mom's pussy. I could see the glittering juices of her pussy on his face and nose as she slowly arched her back and pushed her cunt into Bobby's face. His eyes met mine and I saw the lust and wonder in his eyes as he stared at her pussy and then back at me. "Oh Wow! Oh my…. " I heard my mother say and suddenly she grabbed Bobby's head and held it to her pussy. I saw her skin flush red as her climax engulfed her and I felt the tension of her body as the waves washed through her. Daddy was gently flicking his tongue on my swollen clit making me squirm. He kept taking turns with his tongue and his lips. His lips grasped my clit and he sucked it into his mouth and I felt my third orgasm of the day wash over me. I raised my ass off the bed as Daddy sucked my pussy. With the sound of him slurping my juices I closed my eyes and felt my body tremble delightfully.

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       "Oooh! Oooh, Oooh yes Daddy " I screamed in pleasure. As my climax subsided I whispered, "I love you Daddy. " And I heard him say, "And I love you too princess. " Heaviness filled my eyes and I fell into a deep slumber. Much later I awoke finding my self tucked in my bed and I saw the darkness of late evening through the windows. I stretched my little frame of a body and slipped from beneath the covers. In my slumber someone had carried me to my room and put me to bed. I wondered where everyone was and grabbing my bathrobe I ventured into the hallway. I heard voices downstairs and proceeded down the steps and into the kitchen. "There's our little sleepy eyed beauty " spoke Dad.