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It is truly amazing how just one act of kindness can create such a spellbinding story. This is such a story. Call it coincidence or call it faith, but it is what it is and made me a much happier man than I could have imagined.

I was out for the day, it being my Saturday and was heading home from a disappointing morning gambling. I had just dropped 1600 dollars and was just a bit depressed. Mumbling to myself of all the things, I should have done and what I could have done. I was walking up to the bus stop to catch the bus home. I glanced at the schedule posted and noticed that I had about ten to fifteen minutes of time. While standing and waiting the cross bus passed and stopped to let passengers off. I really paid no attention to who got off as it was past the intersection and hidden from my view.

I was just looking around at the plazas and businesses when I glanced at the intersection and saw a woman walking with a little girl. They were crossing the road in front of me and turning toward my bus stop. I was assuming that they had just gotten off the cross bus to catch this one.

The bus stop was a good 120 feet from the corner, but I could see the beauty from where I was. You know how when you see a certain shape and walk that a certain type of woman is associated with it. I am not saying that all woman are specific ways, it is just that there are certain traits, which seem to follow certain woman.

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She was about 5’4”, 36c chest, auburn hair, thick, straight and just the right length, slightly past her shoulders, curves to cause any man an instant hard-on and the cherry on top was her crystal green eyes, so mesmerizing, tantalizing and commanding. The little girl walking hand-in-hand with her was about 3’2”, no chest, silvery, blonde hair, and beautiful little body and puppy-dog big, beautiful, brown eyes. They had commanded attention since they exited the bus and I could see it all now as I took in the scope of the whole scene. All the men standing around and walking all turned to gaze at the two of them as they pranced toward the bus stop.

I was standing at the far end of the stop, near the schedule and sign. As I was standing watching them approach, there was only one person to my rear and left, all the others were in front of me directly or slightly off to the left side. As they proceeded, she caught me staring at her, then the little girl and back to her. I noticed a small grin come over her face as she passed everyone and stood right next to me with the little girl clinging close to her side.

When they stopped the true beauty of the two of them slapped me hard in the face. The little girl was going to be the spitting image of her mother. You could already see all of the same attributes imbedded within her genes. The spacing of the eyes, the cheekbones, the hair, the skin, mouth, legs everything.

It was a chilly morning. We were all bundled up in our jackets awaiting the bus’s arrival. Even in her jacket, which she had only partially buttoned showing just the right amount of sweatered cleavage to let you know she had a beautiful set of tits.

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   Her little girl just clung to her side. She was the first to speak.

“ How long before the bus arrives ? “ she spoke in my direction

I pulled my sleeve back from my wrist and glanced at the dial, “ It should be here in about 10 or 15 minutes, depending on how it is running. “ as I looked up from my watch to her and caught her eyes close up behind her golden colored sunglasses. There was an instant sensation that ran up and down my spine, my feet and toes tingled along with my hands and fingers. I do not want to say it was instant love, but my body could have melted right there. I could feel my body temperature begin to rise. My cock was starting to twitch. I just wanted to grab the two of them and dash away never to be found again. I forced myself to restrain and act casual.

“ Oh yeah, I know how that goes “ she uttered. “ You have no idea how many times I was so close to the bus and they just drove off. I could have touched the bus a couple of times. “

“ Yeah I have had that problem too. I think they do it as a game just to mess with us.

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She chuckled as she nodded in agreement. I was now soaking all the beauty I could into my memory. I was flowing up and down her body gathering all the specifics and feeling “ ol’ john henry “ stirring in my pants. The little girl looked occasionally into my eyes and then just as quick tucked her head down and hid her eyes.

“ I hope the bus driver is going to let me on the bus with my expired pass ? It expired only about 10 minutes ago, but I need to get her to school. She is all worried she will miss her Christmas party. “

I looked down at the little girl as she looked up toward her mommy. I caught her glance at me and smiled. I then looked at mommy and back to the little girl. I reached into my inside coat pocket and pulled out my wallet. I opened my wallet and grabbed a monthly bus pass I had just bought for $25.

“ Here you go. “ I said as I handed the pass to the mother.

“ What’s this ? “ she asked.

“ That’s a monthly pass.

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   It is good for 30 days once you activate it. “

“ Oh my god, I can’t take this. How are you going to get around ? “

“ I have many of them. “ I lied slightly.

“ Oh why thank you so much. Look honey the good man gave us a pass so now we don’t have to worry. “

She gave her daughter a hug, kiss on the forehead, and handed it to her. She stood and turned, and moved toward me at the same time. She opened her arms, gave me a hug, and wrapped my arms around her. I pushed slightly harder than I should have, but I wanted to feel those breasts in my chest. As we pulled each other close, our heads each went left and I gave her a sweet little peck on the cheek as I passed by. She spoke “ thank you again “ in my ear, as I told her “ the pleasure was truly all mine “ in her ear. I held her a little longer then she had expected and tighter then a usual hug. I had my left hand up to the top in the middle of the back and my right just above her ass on the small of her back. I moved my arms up and down her back rubbing her as I pushed her into my chest.

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   I never dropped below the lower back and slid my other hand across her shoulder blades. As we separated, I gave her another little peck on the cheek going away. I glanced down at her face and there was a lovely smile and a pair of wishing eyes.

Her daughter glanced up and smiled at me as I smiled at her. I turned back to momma’s eyes. She was watching me look over her daughter and gave me a slight glance over the top of her glasses so I could see those piercing eyes lance my heart and soul.

We then had idle conversation, through which I found out where she lived, what school Katelyn was in and how her life was going in general.

Oh, I am so sorry; I forgot to let you know the names. Well you know the daughter, Katelyn and the mother is Shirley. Please forgive my ignorance.

Now as I stood there and discovered, Shirley was 41 and Katelyn was 6, no husband and an unexpected pregnancy. This was pretty much her story. Barely making it, hoping, and praying for something to happen. I took a good hard look over Shirley as we chatted. For being 41 her body was in excellent shape.

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   She had very few extra pounds, if any, misplaced on her body. From the hug, I had informed myself of her lovely curves. Her ideal chest was perfect for her frame and the sweep down and in to a slender waist, which than exploded into a pair of hips. Not overpowering, massive, bulging hips, but just the right size that showed you she was a woman and there was no doubt about it. Her face was a bit weathered. There were some crow’s-feet and other little blemishes, but she was still gorgeous to look at every time.

As we glanced down the street to see if the bus was coming, there upon the hill was the bus. Still about a mile away, but in sight. Suddenly the conversation seemed to turn more into a farewell. Like the family reunion where it is unknown when you will see them again, if ever.

A few more words were spoke and then Shirley moved in for another hug. I was a bit surprised by this, but jumped at the opportunity. I quickly moved my arms around her as our heads once again passed on the right. This time I pulled her tight into my chest feeling her tits mash against my sternum. This time my right hand slid down onto her right ass cheek.

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   I squeezed ever so. She did not resist or move in any manner to make me believe she was offended or did not approve of my hand. I leaned into her neck and gave a slight nibble to her lobe and neck. I very slight “ mm mm mm mm mm mm mm “ escaped from her sealed lips. As she began to pull away, ever so slowly, I let my tongue do a little slide along her neck. She gave me that coy little out-of-the-corner-of-the-eye look. As she cocked her head at that little cutesy angle. She let her eyes fall toward my cock and came back to my face with a smile to say “ anytime you want. “

The bus pulled up and squeaked to its usual noisy stop. I let them walk in front of me to board. I just stared intently at Shirley’s ass. Her ass was to die for, so perfect in too many different ways. It did not shake to draw attention to it, but it let you know once you caught site as to how perfect the wiggle was for this ass. The vision of seeing that ass bent over and winking at me almost wet my jeans.

We all boarded the bus.

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   Now my real stop was just two major stops down. I was going to stay on longer though. Shirley and Katelyn were just a little pass that for her school. Therefore, I just stayed on the bus waiting for them to hit their stop. As we approached their stop, I stepped back from the rear doors. I was standing there, as Shirley and Katelyn were just sitting across the aisle from me. They got up to leave as the doors opened. As they were leaving, Shirley thanked me again and gave me a little peck on the cheek. I watched as they walked back toward the intersection and waited for the light to cross.

As the bus pulled away, I reached up and pushed for the next stop. I was in luck as there were several plazas at the next intersection and too many businesses to make it look suspicious. As the bus stopped and the doors opened, I jumped out and just stood there for a few seconds. I looked back toward the intersection of Shirley and Katelyn, not there. I turned looking toward the businesses and saw the other passengers walking in that direction. The black bellows of smoke erupted from the bus as it sped away.

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   I watched as it moved on and then I turned to head back to the intersection, the Shirley and Katelyn intersection that is.

When I arrived at the intersection, they were nowhere in sight. I saw several other mothers, fathers, brothers, grandmas and grandpas all taking the children to school. I perused the abundance of young girls. As I found ones who appealed to me, I glanced up to checkout the mothers, sisters or grandmas who were accompanying them. Some of them were very nice, VERY NICE INDEED. I made a mental note to myself to start finding things to do at this end of the street.

I made my way toward the convenience store on the same side as the school. The school was still another two blocks down, there were kids running in and out of the store getting those last second goodies. I just stood back watching all the “goodies going in and out, waiting and passing by. This was going to be my perch to wait. I went inside and got a small coffee and a muffin. I step outside and scoured the area looking for my most advantageous point. I found it just across the street. It was just right as it made it look like I was coming from the other businesses down the road.

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   It was a small wall by an apartment complex. I moved into position and waited. Casually I just sat there nibbling at my muffin and sipping coffee.

Suddenly there was a loud screech from a car’s brakes and tires. Someone was not paying attention and did not realize that the light was red. Luckily, he had stopped before he hit the other car in front of him. I would guesstimate about 8” to spare. As I looked away from that, I noticed the reason.

There coming down the sidewalk was Shirley. She had removed her jacket now and was walking with it draped over her arm. The true beauty leapt off her as her womanly curves were so well highlighted. She had a skintight sweater that hugged her curves like a skin. Her breasts proudly pushed that material taunt so you could peek slightly through the knitting holes. Her breasts shook just ever so. Not bouncing up and down, just a little quiver letting you know that they were real and not store bought.


   The accentuation of her waist and hip ratio was now stunning. Her proportions were ideal. Her body was as mesmerizing as her eyes. Her jeans hugged her ass, hips and legs snuggly. There was a gap between her legs, which was now visible since the coat removal of about one and a half to two inches. My god she was sexy beyond belief.

I bounced up from my roost and began my move toward the bus stop I knew she was going to be at. I was at the intersection waiting for my walk signal as she was crossing to go to the stop. She did not notice me unaware of all the eyes upon her. Wives were smacking their husbands as they caught them glancing. I even saw some women lick their lips as they gazed upon her.

My signal came and I crossed hiding slightly behind some others so as not to look guilty. I got to the same side as before with the store so it looked as if I had just stopped in there.

I crossed to the bus stop side and caught sight of Shirley. As I moved a few steps closer, she caught sight of me and the biggest smile flashed across her face as she turned and moved toward me.

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“ Oh it is so nice to see you again. What brings you here ? “ she said moving closer.

“ Well I just dashed down to see if my order had come in yet at the hobby store. “ as I slightly turned back down the street as if looking back at the businesses down the line.

She spied the coffee and muffin, stopping abruptly, as I turned back in her direction.

“ So did it ? “

“ Did what ? “ I played

“ Did your order come in ? “ she looked somewhat irritated.

“ Oh, no, it hasn’t. “ She was glancing down at the muffin.

“ Would you like the rest ? “ I asked as I lifted the muffin towards her. There was still the majority of the muffin left. I had only pulled a small wedge from it. It was blueberry.

“ Really ? Are you sure ? “

As her eyes slipped up to look at me, I locked on to her eyes and melted. I just nodded and pushed it toward her. I was in love or was it just this witch with a curse over me.

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   As she reached up and across with her right hand to grab the muffin. She casually brushed up against the slight bulge in my trousers. Again, she gave me that little slight turn of the head as she gazed up from the top of her eyes. Grabbing the muffin, she leaned forward and gave me a peck on my lips.

Suddenly my cock felt like a million volts of electricity were racing through it for stimulation. I felt my pants tighten on my ass, as my cock was moving into new territory. Shirley glanced down and then back up to me after a few seconds. Our eyes locked and she gently moved in position to block the bulge from other’s sight, but placed her super fine ass right up against its rigidity and did a little slide. As she was sliding up and down ever so subtle, she glanced back over her shoulder and seductively placed a piece of muffin in her mouth.

A look of panic must have come over my face as I could feel the precum oozing from my port. Shirley stopped her slide after the third run and did a little giggle. I don’t know for sure if she knows about my precum, but I’m willing to bet she does. I feel she has done this many times before. I just stand there thanking everything for letting me be her little adventure this time.

I handed her the coffee.

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   She took a sip and almost spit it out.

“ OH MY GOD NO SUGAR !!!!! “ as she lunged the coffee back in my direction.

“I’m sorry, I just put one vanilla creamer in there to take a little of the edge off the coffee. No matter what they say, the coffee is always old. Otherwise, I usually drink it black. “ I informed her as I took the coffee from her hand leaned down to give a little kiss on the top of her head.

She turned to me, “ Do you live far from here ? “
This was music to my ears. I can’t believe she is asking to come home with me. You know how they always say ‘ careful what you wish for ‘ it was just causing my heart to beat a million miles a minute.

I stuttered slightly, “ Just a couple of stops down or we could walk also. “

“ You know I think I would like to walk. “ as she half-turned toward me.

“ Would you like a coffee or something before we go ? “ I lean and point in the general direction of the store.

“ I’m fine, but I may take you up on that something else. “ a devilish smirk crossed your face.

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   As she turned in the direction we would be going, she reached back with her hand and gave my bulge a slight squeeze, before taking her step. I was caught off guard by this move and stumbled slightly as I tried to gain ground on the slight advantage she had given herself. I swear she was giving her ass just a bit more movement to tease me. I got next to her and grabbed her jacket.

“ Are you sure you’re warm enough ? “ as I draped the jacket over my arm to carry it.

“ I am much hotter than you may think in this sweater. “ she seemed to slightly lift her chest to show me the sweater. As I glanced down my eyes were locked on her magnificent two globes. Through the stretched fabric of the sweater, not only did I make out the smooth mounds of flesh, but also the laced bra barely keeping them retained. I thought I noticed the erection of nipples or was it just the morning sun playing games with my eyes. I took my arm and placed it up so she could slide hers through and we strolled on down the sidewalk. We chatted along the way. She let me in on the surprise, Katelyn and the useless father of hers. I just kept telling her how beautiful, gorgeous, lovely, sexy, tantalizing, just pick any positive adjective. We were walking with her head resting against my shoulder and her two arms locked around my one.

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We got to the street where I lived and we turned. I had told her about my divorce and how I had this big two bedroom apartment. The ex had the house and the car, etc. She stood up more erect now, not clinging to me as much. We continued walking arm in arm to my door. I opened and beckoned her through…………………

Any questions, comments or inquiries write . . . . . . . . . .

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