My little cousn


On a cool winter night my family was at the house my mom, aunt, and uncle were leaving to goto a casino. i knew tonight would be the "night" because my little cousin Christy-changed for reasons had been asking curiously about guys and their bodies when i came out of the shower and i had my mornig wood still, she had asked why and how it works i told her and explained to her that i thot about haveing sex with her and her tiny little tits. i had started fantasizing about her a year or two ago when she had joined gymnastics and she was strutting around the house in her tight one peice it hgged her butt and showed off her tiny boobs soo well. that night i went into my room and began thining about her. . with her shoulder lenght blonde hair her beatiful hips how they pop out so well and her boobs. . how they are soo small like bumps and her little bubble butt. fianally when our parents left i got myself a hard-on and walked out into the livingroom in my boxers. . and she askes about my boner just lke i was hoping she would so i took them off and i told her to touch it and stroke it, as she did i pulled off her pants and told her to pracicaly sit on my face so i could eat her out she began moaning and moaning, after her first orgasm i put her on her knee's and put it in her tight little hold slowly at firt to pop her cherry and she screamed i started to fuck her she was getting wetter by the second.
for the next ten minutes we were in this position finally i came in her pussy and she said that she wanted to give me the the same pleaser i gave her so i got us in the 69 and i told her to suck it like a lolly pop while stroking the base with one hand she has the softet lips i have ever tasted i licked her clit and had a finger in both of her tight holes i shot my load into her mouth and she came again in mine we cleaned up and took a shower together and got dried off and dressed we looked at eachother and knew it would soon happen again. . . .
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