my little holiday 2


. . . . . . . . . As I come up the stairs, a million thoughts are running through my mind. Did what just happened, happen ? or was it just my imagination fucking with me, as well as the weed. It was as if I was a crook in my own house. I slowly turned the knob on the door, trying my best to be as quiet as possible. Letting it pop open just a bit to glance in and check out the situation.

It had opened about an inch as I gazed in the familyroom and saw all the children chatting and playing video games. As my eye rolled left to right to scope peoples positions, I spied Miyah on the couch, laughing and yelling at the video players.

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   She looked so sweet. Suddenly the door yanks open and my wife is standing right there.

My arm gets yanked as I briefly hold on to the knob. I look of terror and shock flushes my face.

" Well it's about time you got your ass back up here. I wish you would quit that shit. A man of your age. "

" And I love you too, dear "

As I glance over at Miyah, as I come through the door. She and several other children are turned towards from my wife's comments. I kind of give a forceful nod toward Miyah, but looking as if to the entire room, with my eyes locked on Miyah. I hope she understood that we were on for tonight.

I had rejoined the men with the football games as the women were yakking and clearing away some of the dishes. Small chatter amongst the men, but mostly about the game. The women spoke of sales and what they were planning for the christmas holiday and new years.

My thoughts were off in another land.

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   I just couldn't get the picture of those massive tits, on such a small little girl. I could feel my cock begin to twitch. Then Barry smacked me on the shoulder to wake me up and asked, " So What do you think ? "

I just gave a quick glance at Barry and the scanned the rest of the guys. " I'm sorry guys, what was the question ? "

" What's up with you man ? "

" You're like in another world. "

" I think you need to stop that shit. "

If only they knew the real reason for my spaciness. As they flipped their hands and a few rasberries, I caught sight of Miyah peeking around the corner. Our eyes met and she gave me that"come hither " look. I excused my self as I got up from the couch and moved to the corridor. As I got to the hall and glanced down, I saw Miyah slip into the garage. I casually walked down the hall, all the kids were playing, laughing and yelling. None of them noticed me sliding into the garage.

Just after I quietly close the door and turn, I get assaulted by Miyah who jumps up and locks her arms around my neck and slams her tongue deep into my throat. I thump slightly against the door as I reach my arms around her. One goes and holds her back as the other goes and gets a firm grasp of her sweet little ass.

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   I start kneading my hand frantically into her firm, young cheeks.

" Oh grandpa, I want your cock so bad !! "

" SSHH SSHH, keep it down " I whisper.

She lets go of my neck and bends back over my arm letting her massive tits stand tall to the ceiling. She spreads her arms out wideto her sides pushing them even higher. I can feel the heat of her pussy against my belly. My cock is straining to maintain salvation in my pants. she unwraps her legs and lets them fall to the floor, as my hand lifts her dress from her slide down. She rubs past my cock and looks up smiling. Feeling her pussy, stomach and tits slide over my cock was wonderful. I knew my precum was wasting away on my boxers.

I grab her hand and lead her toward the side of the garage. There is a slight alcove where you could stand and hide if someone came in an just looked around to see if anyone was there.

I swung her around and pushed her back into the alcove and undid my pants. I let my boxers and pants fall to my ankles as my cock, covered in precum residue, stood tall, proud and thick. I didn't even need to ask.

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   She dropped down and began licking my residue from my cock. This girl was not new to this in the least. She masterfully knew just where to slide her tongue, how to touch just the right spots under and around the rim. The feel of her tongue sliding up and down the bulging veins was just beyond belief. I would have never thought that my grand-daughter was a cock and cum whore.

This time I grabbed hold of the sides of her head. Pushing the hair back over her ears exposing that angelic face. She gazed up at me with those stunning eyes. A smile washed over my face as I stared down and saw her corners of her mouth go up as she opened to take me in.

Her mouth stretched far and wide as I held her sides of her head as she placed my head in her mouth. She paused again as the head moved and locked in behind her teeth. She again looked up at me as she adjusted herself to get a better position. I took my hands and squeezed slightly on her head as I slid a little more in her mouth. Her cheeks were bulging. As i slid another inch in she gagged slightly and gave a little cough as saliva sprayed from her lips.

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   Her eyes were filled with water as in began to trickle from the corners.

She backed off just a bit, locking the head back against the teeth. It felt pretty good having the rim of my head rub against her teeth. She grabbed a breath and slid back down. Without me even assisting her she pushed two more inches in then had to release as the gaging started along with the choking and coughing.

I looked down at her, " Miyah are you going to be able to handle this ? "

" Grandpa, please just grab my ears and fuck my face. I want this cock so so so so so bad !! "

She moved back to my head and I grabbed her ears and pushed. I mashed my cock as deep as it could go. I felt it lodged in her throat cutting off all chances of breathing. She gagged and coughed. Tears were pouring from her eyes. I pulled back, where she grabbed as much air as she could before I slammed back in. I started to visciously continue my assault on her mouth and throat with reckless abandon. She was just trying to hold onto my legs for stability as I pounded her face. The saliva, tears and all the others juices were beginning to puddle on the floor.

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   It was all over her face and chin, my thighs and genitals and splashing my pants. I was geting really into brutalizing my grand-daughter's mouth. She was just making all kinds of different noises. Suddenly my balls tightened.

I took one hand and grabbed the very back of her head as the other moved toward the top. I pushed her head forward and down. I was pumping straight to her stomach. My cock was wedged in her throat a good forty seconds as I unloaded such a salvo of shots, flooding her full of my cum. As I pulled back she gasped for much needed air. Little shots of cum were still spraying her tongue as she panted and I started getting weak-kneed. Her face was dripping with saliva and tears. My cock was just starting to sag.

" You are going to be grandpa's personal little cum and cock whore. You will be spending much more time with grandpa. I will make sure that we see each other at least once a week.

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She looked up and smiled as she began to lick my falling cock. She was like a mind reader, knowing just where to lick and how to lick it. What to suck and how to suck it. She went down and tried to get one of my golfball sized balls in her mouth. Shewas a master and at such a young age.

As she comforted my cock she said, " Grandpa, I will always do any and everything you ask me to. I wish I could stay with you always. I don't know if once a week is going to be good enough. "

I could feel my cock begin a new life from her masterful tongue.

" Miyah, where did you learn to do all these things ? Does your father do this with you ? Do your brothers, uncles etc. ? "

" Well in reality it all started when I was a bit younger. i just happened to walk into a men's bathroom. "

I stopped her and put my finger to her lips. The garage door had opened. Someone came in and opened the frig, got what they needed and left.

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" Okay we need to get out of here " I said quietly.

She looked at me pouting.

" Don't start that shit now. We will get together tonight, I promise. I want to do things to you like you don't know. "

A smile beamed from ear to ear. I found a towel and wiped her face. I cleaned the floor. I let her get up and enter first. After about ten minutes I made an entrance. All seemed normal and it was like I was never missed. I glanced at Miyah, her nipples were pushing the dress to the limit, as I swear I saw a small glow appear around her. As she looked at me she smiled and gave me a little wink. I could only imagine tonight. .

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