My little Princess: Finale.


It'd been three years since I'd first come around to fucking my daughter. . . She's eighteen, her hair is still the same, fashion sense, still the slutty skimpy clothes, her figure. . . Slender, plumper, longer, harder; she has the body of a Goddess. She isn't tall though even though I said she's longer, 5'5" and 1/2.

We live alone now, fucking freely whenever we please; early morning suck-off's and hard core fucking at the end of a rough day. We nearly matched every porno we ever watched together, even topped most of them by her squirting orgasms. Our love for each other. . . immeasurable, immaculate, eternal.

On days like today, when the boss is pleased with my work and I get to go home early, I stop off at the drug store and pick up an extra bottle of lube for her tight little pussy. More condoms.

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   Even check out some porno's later at the X-Rated rentals.

She really likes those porno's with the girl's getting fucked hard and fast to the point their big titties bounce around and later gets titty fucked. I pick out her favorite hard-core fucking porno and because I'm more into her squirting than anything. I think it's time we try out additional options, I buy one of those vibrators for the ass hole.

On the way home I think about that look on her face when I present her with the anal toy, then I think about offering my cock instead, would she take it? I think of that tight ass squeezing around my hard cock. I'm hard all the way home, the thick stem of my rod lining down my leg through my black slacks. I think about all the cute noises of pleasure she will get around to making when I start pumping harder.

Pulling up to the house, the garage door is already open, she probably called work so she could finger herself listening to me and found out I was able to come home early today.

A slow deep bass sort of song plays loud enough I hear it in the drive way when I pull in and I think to myself the things my daughter is doing to that music. I half imagine her lowering her shoulders, bending over in a sexy pair of pale jeans, so low the crease pokes between her pussy lips.

I don't even bother closing the garage door behind me, when I step inside the music vibrates through my chest, my limbs and aches in my ears. Removing my jacket and loosening the crimson tie, resting it along my jacket with the brown paper bag of goodies, suddenly I'm weak in the knees with the heat rising and the heart racing like it were my damned first time.

I'm feverish as I turn the corner. She's not waiting in the living room but the music owns me now, I'm trembling while I see her bikini top trailing out in the middle of the sliding doors the thong not far from that.

I see the water rapidly overflowing the pool and I see her fucking Old man Greyson, our next door neighbor.

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   She's going buck wild. Her head leaning back and bobbing up and down while her arms wrapped around his shoulders, nails digging into his skin.

. . . For some reason I don't interrupt

. . . though I maybe fucking enraged

. . . most likely about to kill this old fart

. . . but something made me back up and watch them around the wall.

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She's getting louder, her voice rising above the music, she leans back and lets the water hold her weight while she pinched and massaged both tits. Which are 40C now. She let's one hand slide down her hard body and down between their bodies. She's rubbing her clit and by the water flicking and splashing around lightly I can tell she's rubbing vigorously fast.

Old man Greyson comes hard, he's fisting the water, growling like a beast and even his body turns beat red. My baby is still aching to come, I can tell, she's shivering, trembling, and hot with each time he touches her, kisses her, and pulls out of her pussy.

She watches him step out of the pool with fierce daggers in her lovely grey eyes, never leave a woman in the midst of a climax. She pulls herself out of the pool too and storms straight into the changing room for a towel. Old man Greyson comes around the corner, I'm standing there with my arms crossed, leaning against the wall and glaring at him. He looks like he is about to drop dead, suddenly all that red my little girl made him fill with had drained, and he's looking even older.

I'm not ripped like a wrestler, but decently toned especially for my age, and I wear my girl’s favorite style of shirts. She says they accent my arms. So as I flex them through my black work shirt and grit my teeth to tell Old man Greyson to beat it, he nearly stumbles over himself while stuttering through his apologies. He's grabbing his balls and rushing out the front door.

I myself am already half way to the changing room where my baby is drying off, most likely, yep, as I turn the corner I hear that distinct sound of her fingers meeting and slapping against her pussy.

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   She's whimpering for me, saying how deep my cock goes in, and hell I nearly forgot why I was going in there.

I flung the door open and she's leaning against the wall, her tits pushed together and jiggling around with both arms trailing down her long, hard body, one hand shooting in and out of her pussy while the other hand is rubbing her clit. She stops seeing me and before she could say anything I cup my hand over her mouth and work my pants around my legs with my other hand. She fights to free her mouth and she tells me.

"Mr. Greyson is still out there!"
"Quiet. "

I shove my hand back over her mouth.

Pushing her thighs apart with my knees while holding onto her waist with my other hand, she is eager to be filled, she quickly inches her legs up around my hips and I slip my cock into her sopping wet pussy. It soothes the ache of my cock before she tightens and I break into a series of hard thrusts. Her ass is banging against the wall, which is made of black fiber glass. Most likely viewable through the other side, pulsing and bending with my thrusts.

She's sliding her mouth open kissing the palm of my hand which is loose around her lips now as she moans and grunts into it. I let go of her waist and she's clamped onto me like a fucking magnet. Using the wall to stable myself, bending me knees and pushing her back into the wall so rough she yelps into my palm and her pussy balloons around my cock before she comes on me.

I'm pinning her little body against the wall, it dents and bends outwards.

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   She's shuddering; she's releasing juices between our bodies with what could escape around my cock plugging her up. Her legs limp on either side of my waist and her hips still rocking out the last bit of her orgasm.

I step back, let her body drop, her pussy juices splash onto the grey pavement as I pull out from her and she's trying to stand up straight but her body is against her with gravity. She's trembling all around, her legs shaking, and her eyes shut as she gasps for air. She uses the wall for support.

Waiting for her to meet my glare of disgust, she sees it and I walk out the room pulling up my pants and fasten them properly.


Her voice broken like a sheep’s, shaking, and weak beneath the music.

I go back into the living room and she doesn't bother putting a towel on while following me. She's angry I left her like that and it was my intention. She forces her arms around me and I push her away while grabbing the brown bag I was so glad to have a few moments ago and now had been disgusted by them.

With my height, the strides it takes from the entrance of the living room to the music player are few. I shut off the music and then I go into the kitchen and dump the bag in the garbage, she tries to force herself against me again, trembling still as she dropped to her knees and sucked the head of my cock through my pants.

It takes everything I got to tuck my dick away from her precious plump lips that so easily invites me, but it's something that had to be done, she wants another man.

Another. Man.

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   Older than me. A pain in the ass for a neighbor too.

She stands up, her last resort was a slap to the face, I don't react, she goes for another but I grab her wrist tightly and push her away from me. The shock on her face almost broke me, but she's mine and no one else’s. She must have seen I was fighting the forgiveness when I pushed her, the hurt in my eyes while I tried to look away from her shocked expression.

My little girl drops to her knees once more and I don't have what it takes to push her mouth away from me again. She unzips my pants and takes my cock into her mouth. It slides in and out while I grab a fistful of her hair and then shove my babies head against the cupboards. I make sure I trespass that gag reflex and she's choking on my dick. I pump deep into her throat as she gags but does everything in her power not to bite down. She shudders and before I start cumming, I look down and see her watery eyes staring up at me.

Now she knows. She understands that she belongs to me. She's mine. My little Princess.

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   I pull away from her, releasing her hair, my knuckles throbbing from banging against the cupboard doors. I let go of her hair and as I pull out of her throat she leans forward her mouth still attached to the head of my cock and she sucks me back in and down her throat again. She wants me to come down her throat.

I'm angry, all I want is for her to know she's mine, so I shove her head back onto the cupboard door as I thrust my dick down my daughter's throat. She does something with he whole body, tensing up so much that her face is red, and suddenly I'm in paradise. I feel like I'm flying and dropping with each move I make. My body is draining of it's energy. She's sucking so hard that I don't quite remember saying it but as I opened my eyes, I'm curled into my daughters arms like a fucking infant. She's hushing me, someone may hear me.

Biting her bottom lips, she crawls to the garbage can and pulls out the lube.

"Oil based? Mmph daddy, you shouldn't have, you know how wild I get with this?"

She opens it up and lathers her pussy with it and I have to move to lay on my side as I lift my head off the floor. She looks amazing, her bare pussy and asshole puckered as she moans while she squirts more of the oil onto her pussy. She has so much lube on her that it drips from her pussy onto the floor, her knees are shaking as she stands up and walks over to me and I lay on my back again.

She starts yanking my pants fully off and I have to raise myself up so she can get them off my hips. She takes a handful of oil and starts stroking my cock erect again.

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   As she does, she starts talking.

"I know you were watching us, I saw you, I just wanted to let you know that we can't be like this all the time, we can't be together out there in the real world. Not like this. "

She's stroking faster and fingering herself.

"So to avoid the heat of being caught, instead of being the deer in headlights with your dick eight and a half inches deep in my pussy, I decided to take steps. I only fuck older men, boys my age?" She shakes her head, "They get clingy too fast. " Her eyes roll shut and I sit up erect again. I brush some hair aside her face and kiss her while taking the bottle of lube from her hands and squirting a load into my palms. She beams, but I don't go directly for her asshole.

I work my way there and by the time my fingers are working the hole she looks around nervously. She knows what I want. She's trembling more now as she parts her legs for me, and I guide her gently on the kitchen floor. I start working her asshole faster, squirting more lube around my hands every now and again to make sure she was good and wide enough for me to make it inside her.

A couple of years back I tried to take her ass but she wouldn't have it, she said my dick was too big and knew it would hurt too much. Another man took her pussy, another man took her deep throat and a woman ate her out.

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   She was a virgin in every hole but this one.

She lifted her knees up to her shoulders and looked at me through her parted legs, her grey eyes soft but worried. I got my dick lathered in the oil and slowly worked the head of my cock into her ass. She takes a deep breath and her brows raise together while her body tightens. I give her a warning glance and she loosens up a little. I make my cock reach past the head and she starts pulling away from me by her hips.

"OWwhh! I told you your cock is too big daddy!"

I pin her down by pressing her knees against her shoulders, my cock trapped in her ass and she's trying to get away. Her head bumps the fridge and she's trying to grip onto the floor as I push slowly into her tight virginal asshole. Her face squishes and she whimpers as well as squeaks a lot. She slaps the floor with one hand as the other is around my wrist, her nails digging deep into my flesh.

I make it balls deep. She's got tears streaming down the sides of her face, but she smiles up at me.

"Wasn't so bad. "

She said her voice tremors. I press deeper while I rest my body against the back of her thighs, she adjusts herself with soft moans following each move while she clings her knees over my shoulders.

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   We hold onto each other, knowing the truth in her words earlier, I would have to get a girlfriend too. Can't always play this wounded soul. She barely meets her hands over my shoulders. We lay there together for a long time.

I start kissing her, nuzzling my face into her neck, rubbing my hands along the sides of her body and curving around the plumpness of her ass cheek, up her thighs and holding onto her small feet. I get up on my knees and she's grunting with each move. I kiss the bottom of her feet.

"Please go slow daddy, please-please-please. "

She begs, so I start pulling out of her ass and she's letting out a long moan. Her mouth is open wide so I lower myself as I pull out and shove my tongue into her mouth. She tries to return the kiss but ends up moaning into my mouth. I make it so that it's just my head and slowly dig my cock back up that hole. Her eyes roll shut and her face reddens. She slaps the floor again with one hand and I pull out slowly again.

"Oh-daddy" she pants rapidly and squeaks "daddeeee!"

I pick up pace, not fast, no.


  . . but not slow either. I cup one of her tits and she's moaning.

"Not-fast-not-fast-noh-assst! Oh-whoa-ooOooOh!"

She wines between her moans and starts talking as she pouts.

"Your co-aw-wah-ock is sho deep, daddy. "

I plant my hands beside her shoulders and start pumping, each time I dig my cock into her ass she squeaks and moans each time I slide out. Losing control, I start pumping faster, her ass clamping tighter around my thick cock I can't hold in my grunts any longer.

"Oh fuck! Fu-huh-ck baby!!! OH SHHHIFF! Feels good, you like it?"

"Not fast! NO! OWIE Owe-Owe! Oh my God! Oh-God-oh-God-oh-God!"

To me this isn't a fast fuck, it's a normal pace, the kind of fucks you give during the first time. I guess to her it was fast. She was going insane trying to enjoy it but the pain kept intruding her pleasure. She looked up at me as I looked eagerly down at her. Her eyes widening, she flexes her legs and I have to pin her down.

"Fucking hell it hurts! Oh God! EMEEK! AH-huh-HAAH!"

Her legs drop off my shoulders and kick around, she rips my shirt off and before I could swing it off she's tugging her ass away from me and slipping my dick into her lubed tight pussy. As she's impaling herself onto my cock her eyes roll shut and she presses her body tight against me.

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   Her heart fluttering through her tits. She moans loud into my ear.

"Oh God! Fuck me Daddy!!"

I pull out and slam my dick back into her asshole, she shudders and bites into my shoulder hard. I groan out and sit up with her locked onto me. I start thrusting as hard as I had been when I fucked my little girl outside in the changing room. Her body releases me and she's on the floor clasping her hands between her thights tightly while she grinds her clit against her wrists.

I watch her for awhile until she realizes I'm not going to react. She opens her eyes and she looks up at me.

"You belong to me. "

I tell her and gave her another warning glare. She doesn't say anything. Sweat beaded down from her forehead and she nods.

"Say it. "

"I belong to you, daddy. "

I grabbed her by the legs and shoved my dick into her pussy, she moans out in relief.

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"Say that you're mine!"

"I'm yours, daddy, always yours, always!"

She sobs into my shoulder while I thump against her body hard and fast. She's trembling and shuddering against me. I slide back into her ass and she yelps. Giving long groans and grunting hard.

"Muh-muh-muh-pu-huh-huh-ss-eee-hee-hee-heee. "

I ignore her request and continue pumping hard into her ass. She's crying out, her voice carries around the house and so does my body slapping hard against hers. Then the sloshing of her wet pussy being entered again, my balls slapping against her open asshole.

"Plea-hease fuck my pussy da-had-had-ee! Please-please-please. "

She begs into my throat and pecks along my adams apple continuously, her lips smacking open with a soft moan following. I slowly stop and push myself up to get a look at her, she's got makeup smudging along her cheekbone and her pink lipstick smudged all around her mouth, even staining the part where my hand was earlier. She looked up at me and I smiled.

"Say it again. "
"Please fuck my pussy daddy. "

I smile, she said it so innocently, but that wasn't what I meant for her to say.

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"No, say you're mine. "

Her eyes soften and she practically beams up at me.

"You know I'll always be your little girl, daddy, always. I'm yours whenever you want, and if ever you don't want me I'll still be yours. "
"I could never; you’re my baby girl, your mine. I won't ever not want you sweetie. Not in my life. "

She looks at me so sincere and wraps her arms around me. We rock slowly together for awhile, whispering our love for each other. Her legs wrapped around my waist and her "I love you's" were replaced by "Fuck me's" so fast that I couldn't resist the animal inside me. I started fucking her hard again, this time no sign of stopping, this time I wouldn't stop to put that condom on like I always did. I grit my teeth and she sees the determination in my eyes. She starts clenching her pussy for me, so tight, I loose balance and I'm on my elbows thumping into her. She's panting in my ear.

"Y'gonna-cum-in-me? Yes! OH GOD FINALLY!"

Finally? I find it hard to hold back my laughter, she really does want me.

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   She giggles to, I feel the tremor of her laughter pulse around my dick. She slides two fingers into her mouth and gets them good and wet before sliding them between us. She wants me to cum inside her. I start pumping as hard as I can, her knuckles knocking against my lower abs like butterfly wings as she rubs her clit.

Her body tightens, the walls of her pussy collapse and I reach my hands around her waist one hand making it to the small of her back and she jolts into a rough orgasm. I'm sitting up on my knees now and she's squirting her sweet juices all over the place. I wait for that last bit so I can plug her fuck hole up and continue fucking before I can get a few good thrusts she's squirting again and doing her best to keep from getting too loud. She doesn't know whether to clasp her head with both hands or keep her hands clamped over her mouth.

I slip my dick back inside this time her pussy traps me, I start cumming hard, I have to push my body onto hers. I use her neck and shoulder to muffle my groans. My balls pushing against her asshole as I rock slowly. My cum is shooting inside her pussy, load after load, for awhile I thought this had been an eternal load.

"Don't-push-baby, don't-push-it-out. Keep it in. "

I whisper breathlessly against her neck.

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   She's got her arms and legs wrapped around me so tight that when I scoop her up, there's little effort to keeping her in my arms. I carry her to my room where I lay inside her until she falls asleep.