My loving Aunt


It all first started about when I was 20 and in college and my aunt was 45.

My Aunt always been the adventerous type, never cared what society would say about her actions.   For several years I lost contact with my Aunt. She was like my second mother, promised my mother if anything should happen to her that she would take care of me.   Well back in 2000 my mother sent me an email saying that she found my aunt and I was happy to hear that.  
My Aunt was 45, married with 2 kids (very attractive daughter to bad nothing ever happened) and lived in Arizona. My aunt is 5'5 brown hair, brown eyes, petite with 36 C cups, about 120 lbs and an ass that won't quit fucking.   I on the other hand am 5'8 black hair, hazel eyes, athletic built 175 lbs with an 8 inch cock.
We started off keeping in touch online and then I moved it to webcam chats then the phone.   We started talking and catching up on lost time, what was going on in the east coast, what was I doing with myself and so forth.   The normal bullshit chats you would have.
After awhile we got into my sex life.   I was telling her that I was attracting older women and some where married but never girls my age.   She told me not to worry and that its all in my head and I should stop chasing hot older women.   Which its true since older women love younger guys and would fuck you up, down, left, right and sideways.  
One day she told me that on my webcam that I look like Deter Jeter (I think hes gay though and I find that to be insulting but if that gets me laid fuck it I'm who ever you want me to be).

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    She logs off after our normal chat and comes back on later in the evening telling me that she fucked her husband like there is no tomorrow cause she was thinking of Jeter. So I was like hmmm thanks for the info didn't need to know that. But after that chat we started getting real deep into sex life.   She was telling me in her younger years she would get involved in orgies or sometimes not invite the girls and just have a gang bang.   I don't know about anyone else but I was getting hard.   I didn't care if she was my aunt I haven't seen her in years.
One day she told me that when she said she was thinking of Jeter she was actually thinking of me when she was in a doggy style position getting fucked in the ass. I almost blew my load in my boxers. Then she would tell me she would blow her husband while hes sleeping and thinking of her sucking my dick and having my blow my load on her face.   Once I heard that I turned on my webcam and showed her what she was doing to me.
Of course I had to respect my elders since thats what my mother taught me and my aunt instructed me to start stroking my dick while she watched and wanted to see the amount of cum I would shoot.   Needless to say after a few minutes talking to her about how she would let me fuck her ass and blow my load in her ass and the she would suck my dick clean dry. I shot my load all over my stomach.
From that point it progressed. We found ourselves on the phone when ever we had a free time to have phone sex.

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    She would go on her lunch break into her car and call me and I would leave my class and go into the bathroom and we would make eachother cum hard.
Well one day my mother tells me my aunt is coming to the east coast for 2 weeks and that shes gonna see her ex boyfriend cause her marriage was going throw the toliet. And the best part shes staying in the guest room.   I get on the computer and tell her that we have to fuck big time. She was cool with it.
When she arrived we hugged and kissed eachother on the cheek. We sat around talked and had dinner. I was in the kitchen and she was helping me out do the dishes and from time to time i would brush up against her letting her feel my dick and I would lift the skirt up to see if she was wearing any panties.   She was a bit nervous with my family in the living room I kept on telling her not to worry.
Finally everyone goes to bed she comes downstairs to my room and we were hanging out. And I remember her telling me that she wanted me to grab her by the head and slam my cock in her mouth.   Now keep in mind we chatted and fooled around on the internet and had phone sex but I didn't know if I should do it or not.
So I grew some balls and dropped my shorts and stood in front of her grabbed her by the hair and slammed my soft cock in her mouth. At first she pulled away telling me she can't but now the thrill of getting caught is getting me hard. So i pushed her back on the couch and climbed on top and started to mouth fuck her.

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   Shes over there gagging and spitting up spit all over my dick and I'm pulling it out and slapping her face with it and smearing her spit all over. Then go back to the normal routine of shoving my dick all the way back to her throat while shes squeezing my ass as I'm pounding away at her mouth.  She told me before she can deep throat but wasn't sure and she took it like a champ.
I told her constantly I was gonna eat her pussy and asshole out but I was so horny that I figured that can wait. So I lifted her and bent her over doggy and saw how wet that pussy was. Rubbed my head on the clit and slowly started pushing my dick in her pussy. Once I had the whole meat inside her I held her tight brought her up and started to kiss her, tasting myself out of her mouth. Then I bent her over and grabbed the hips and started to slam into her watching her spit on my cock mix with her pussy juice. I can hear the suction of her pussy everytime I would pull out and shove it back in.
Now I'm thinking she told me that she wants me to blow my loud in her ass and have her suck me dry. So while I had her doggy I pushed my first two fingers in her ass.   Then she couldn't take it anymore and she wanted to fuck me and not me fuck her.   She threw me in the bed and climbed on top and demanded to stick my cock back in her pussy and I better put my fingers in her ass. Shes bouncing on my dick, I'm sucking on her tits, and I have two fingers in her ass. Shes moaning and screaming telling me I fuck her better then her husband ever has.

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   I'm thinking to myself of course I would I have been fucking married women for awhile.
Then the moment came she took me out of pussy, she sucked me dry making sure that I was not wet anymore cause she wanted my dick to be dry as it goes into her ass.
    I thought it was gonna hurt but she loved the pain. She got off me and layed down on her stomach while she spread her ass cheeks apart and told me not to be to gentle.   I was done at that moment when I heard her telling me to rape her ass.
    I positioned my head right on her asshole, leaned forward kissed her for a few seconds and just drove my dick deep in her ass. She screamed so loud and started to cry I was scared. She told me not to stop.   I started to fuck that ass watching it stretch and pounded the shit out of her.   My dick felt in heaven, I guess watching her cry and hear her screaming I loaded my hot sticky wad in her ass. While I'm fucking it hard, I'm cumming at the same time.   I pull my dick out and shove it in her mouth have her suck me dry as I finger her ass and watch the cum drip out.
    She laid in my bed, I walked away to have a smoke and get a drink.   By the time I came back and show what I did, I got hard again. This time I went down on her eat her pussy out.

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       Smelling the sweet odor of fucked pussy and smelling my cum on her ass.   So slide my tongue deep in her pussy sucking her jucies.   She was so excited she started to hump my face while I ate her out.
    I climbed on top of her with her legs on my shoulder and ready to give it her again. But she decided for me to put the condom on. I was like no more then 20 minutes ago I fucked you with out it and she told me as long as I don't cum inside then we are fine. I agreed. I started to slam my dick back in with her skirt hiked above her waist and her tits hanging out boucing everywhere.   Just hearing her moan, feeling that pussy suck my dick, and feeling how wet she was getting. I knew I was gonna cum inside her.   So I whispered in the whore of an aunts ear that she needs to cum cause I'm getting close and she told me she cummed several times but warned me not to cum inside her pussy and spray it on her face.
    Just hearing her say that I held her down tight and started to force my dick back into her pussy as deep as I can get it in. With out any warning I started to pump my hot wad into her pussy.   She screamed at me to pull out and I pulled my dick out held it tight and shot the rest of my load in her mouth while she was yelling and watching her gag and spit my cum out.
    She ran to the bathroom right away to get the rest of my cum out of her pussy.

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       When she returned she was upset at me but I told her to get back into bed and sleep it off.   When morning arrived and I realized what happend I started to get in the mood.   So instead of fucking her sloppy pussy and ass again. I figured I would jerk off and while she slept I would cum on her face as a morning wake up. Right before everyone got up I felt the urge and stood up and shot my load all over her face and hair and watch it drip.   I leaned over and gave her a morning kiss and jumped in the shower.   When she woke up she noticed that I gave her my wad and she started to licked it off herself.
    We went into the kitchen and greeted the rest of my family like nothing happened.   That was the first time for us.   She told me later that day she was gonna see her ex and a few of his friends and that I better be ready when she gets homes. . . . . .

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      . . .
    *I will write what happened next time. I hope you guys enjoyed.   This is my first any comment on it would be apperciated if its good or bad no matter I will just improve on it next time. *


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