My Mistake (How I accidentally fucked my mother)


Mom and dad’s divorce had just been finalized. Since Mom was almost fifty and finding a good job to care for herself at her age would be hard, my wife Kimberlyn and I decided to let Mom come and stay with us. At first I thought it might be a little uncomfortable having Mom under our roof, but everything was great.

While Kimberlyn and I worked, Mom stayed home and took care of the house. She cooked and cleaned. She grocery shopped and took care of the laundry. She stayed out of our hair unless she and Kimberlyn had their girls day which I loved. Mom did everything while my wife and I took care of all of the bills and provided her with a loving home.

In the beginning we thought our sex life would suffer with Mom being in the house, I mean really, who wants to fuck with their mom right down the hall? But even that wasn’t a problem. At night, Kimberlyn and I could fuck like rabbits and be as loud as we wanted to because Mom was a deep and heavy sleeper. Once she was out, nothing could wake her. My wife and I could run through the house like kids, fuck in every room, moan and scream as loud as we wanted to and my mom would never wake up or hear a thing. We had Mom and we still had our privacy. It was a family made in heaven.

About six months after Mom moved in, my wife’s sister was getting married. Since my wife was the maid of honor, and she had to be there, she left a week ahead of time to get there and help out with the last minute stuff.

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   I couldn’t go because my Law Firm was sending me to Japan to gather information on a case. Kimberlyn and I were scheduled to arrive back home on the same day so we bid my mother a farewell, told her to enjoy having the house to herself, and promised to see her in a week.

True to my word, my flight landed back home one week later. It was a Monday night about midnight and I was anxious to get home and see my wife. I had been so horny for her that I had been stroking my dick the entire week and couldn’t wait to have my dick wet with her pussy juices. I was so anxious that the second I entered my home, I dropped my luggage and headed straight for the bedroom.

It was really dark in our bedroom which was unusual. Kimberlyn usually slept witha night light since she had been afraid of the dark since she was a kid. The only time she ever slept in total darkness was when she was dog tired and just too tired to care about the dark. I guess the jet lag that came from flying from Wisconsin to our home in Oregon, was enough to exhaust anyone.

As I stood there in my bedroom, I could just barely make out her form in the black room. From what I could see she was stark naked which is how she usually slept and it was alright with me. As quietly as I could, I eased my clothes off and slipped into bed. My dick was as hard as nails. Since Kimberlyn was lying on her back, it was very easy for me to indulge in my hot wife.

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Once in bed, I slowly spread her legs, eased my fingers down to her pussy and slipped my fingers into her wet slit.

“Mmmm,” she moaned softly, but didn’t wake.

Slowly I spread her pussy lips and began sliding my finger up and down her slit. I wanted to get her good and wet. Gently and firmly I began to caress her clit, slipping a few fingers into her silky hole and soon my wife began to spread her legs wider for me. Slowly, deliberately I eased a finger into her as I eased my face toward her apex. It smelled good. My dick thumped with the need to mate but I held my needs at bay while I slid my tongue out in snake like fashion and tasted her love hole. She tasted good. Delicious. Different.

“Aaaah,” she moaned as I flattened my tongue against her core and applied pressure to all of the right places.

She tasted so good. Almost like creamy vanilla ice cream. I licked her deep.

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   Slurped on the juices that were beginning to drizzle from her cunt. Something about her pussy was new, different, exciting. She was hotter than normal, more creamy, more silky. My tongue seemed to gravitate toward her, wanting more and more. I gorged on her, becoming addicted to her new flavor.

Slowly she began to whimper like a little kitten. Her hips began to gyrate and she thrust her pussy forward, almost fucking my tongue. Eagerly, I slid my pussy licker into her fuck hole and devoured. She raised her hips a little and she reached out to grip my head and hold me in place as she rode my tongue hard and fast, smearing my face with her delicious juices. But she never woke.

My wife was having an erotic dream in which I was the star! I loved it.

She moaned and whimpered again and I dug my tongue deeper into her cunt, lapping up the juices like a greedy animal. Then I felt her pussy contract on my tongue a few times. She dug her nails into my head and pumped her hips furiously until at long last she exploded in my mouth. Suddenly it felt as if my dick would burst and I had to get it in her.

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As fast as I could, I eased atop her, slipped between her sexy legs and lined my hard, hot, thick eight incher up with her juicy, slippery pussy. For a few seconds I teased her while rubbing my dick up and down her slit, applying the slightest pressure each time I hit her clit. She gyrated her hips, wrapped her hands around my ass but still never woke.

Now I was really aroused. I wished I could see her face through the darkness, see what expression she wore as she dreamed of being fucked. When I had had enough of torturing us both, I slipped the tip of my dick into my wife, pulled out just a little, then plunged forward with all of my might.

“Aaaah,” she screamed out, moaning in ecstasy.

That woke her, and she gasped loud and hard at finding her dream to be reality.

I really wished I could see her face when she realized that she was being fucked good by her loving husband. Better still I wished she could have seen my face as her pussy gripped my dick tighter than it ever had, sending me into a fucking frenzy.

Her pussy was so tight, so silky, so juicy as her walls gripped me and sucked me in as deeply as possible. I was in ecstasy. After not fucking my wife for an entire week her pussy had tightened up and I felt as if I was fucking a virgin. I thrust hard and fast, deep and faster still. It was like new pussy gripping my dick and sucking me in deep.

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       So deep.

    “No, no, no, no,” I thought I heard her whispering. But I was so caught up in how good, how tight, how different her pussy was that I gave hr words no real attention. I just kept on pumping and pumping my dick into her, fully indulging in her creamy goodness.

    Until the lamp on the bedside table came on and I looked down into the face of my mother.

    “Oh shiiiiiiiiiitttttttttt!” I yelled out as loud and as hard as I couldwhen I realized what and who I was doing. “I’m fucking my mom! Oh fuck! I’m fucking my mom!” I screamed out. Then just like that my dick began to fire out round after round of my hot cum, splashing the hot walls of my mom’s pussy.

    And I couldn’t stop. I just couldn’t stop. It seemed that the realization that it was my mom turned me on even more, just as the fact that Mom was fighting hard to get me off of her seemed to turn me on even more.

    “I’m fucking my mom,” I kept chanting and thrusting. “…fucking my mom!”As I pistoned in and out of her sweet pussy, pussy that was even sweeter than my wife’s, Mom had her hand on my shoulders trying her best to push me off of her. But I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t bring myself to pull out of her.

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       “I’m sorry Mom, I’m so sorry Mom. Oh Mom your pussy is so good! So good. So good. ” I chanted as I kept fucking her. Still she tried to get up but I pinned her arms over her head and pumped my hot dick into her even more. “I’m really sorry Mom. So, so sorry Mom. "I whispered roughly as my dick swelled achingly and I thrust harder and harder. I could feel the head of my dick slamming against her steaming hot womb.

    Then Mom’s screams of protest slowly began to turn to moans of ecstasy. She began to writhe beneath me. Raising and lowering her hips to take more and more of me in. Quickly I released her hands and she hastily used them to grip my ass and shove me deeper into her.

    “I’m fucking my son,” she began to moan as she allowed me deeper into her. “My son, my son, my son,” she moaned with each of my thrusts.

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       “Oh Robby, fuck your Mommy baby,” she told me. “Fuck your mommy good” she moaned as she whipped her head viciously, violently from left to right.

    In a hurry I lowered my head to her breast and began to nurse on her like I did when I was a child. I sucked hard, bit gently still plunging my hips into the depths of the woman who had given birth to me.

    “Ohhh Mom,” I began to moan out as another orgasm began to tighten my balls.

    Suddenly Mom began to whip her hips up and down at lightning speed. Pelvic bone to pelvic bone we fucked hard, fast, and primitively.

    “Ohhh Son,” she called out as she arced her body in a painful bow then dug her nails into my back. “I’m cumming Son! You’re making Mommy cum!”

    “Ohhh shit Mom! Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. ”I grunted and groaned as my movements stiffened and my thrusts became jerks. Then with a final plunge, my piss hole opened up, my cum flew through my steel shaft and my hot, thick cum filled my own mother once again as her body shuddered and shuddered as she received my life giving cream.

    Then it was over.

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       And as we lay there looking at one another, we both knew that it was now time to face the music and the consequences of what we had done.

    If you want part two, email me at ErotiqueWriter@yahoo. com title the email My Mistake and let me know what you think.