My modest mum pt.2


So! I thought our moments on the beach was where it would end. Mum was back to her modest self. Dad was his usual miserable self and I spent much time wanking over what had happened on the beach. Most of the week had gone by when dad advised mum, - advised her,not consorted with her - that he was away for the next couple of days. He was off doing his own thing with his equally selfish mates.

Mum seemed elated at this and made no complaint about his absence. I soon found out why! The very next morning after dad had left,mum suggested the beach again. Agreeing I headed off to shower and having soaped my tackle - the friction raising my penis in wild expectation of getting wanked - I was shocked as mum pushed the door open and walked boldly in on me. Her absence of modesty caught me off guard as she uttered, - "Don't mind me,I just wanted to watch you as you shower,you don't mind do you? I needed to compare you you see. Remember our fun on the beach with the'Ass cheeks poser'

"Mum! you've caught me out a bit,I'm at the delicate point of washing. - Her eyes were clamped on to my half hard cock - "Yeah, I can see. That things to big to be delicate,in fact it looks like its in need of being treated roughly" - "M-U-M that's so crude,I'm your son remember!" - "How could I forget,the way you got rid of my hang up down on that beach last week. You were right and all,I have got a dirty streak hidden away. What would you say if I continued your washing of that thing?"

I couldn't believe what was happening. Before I could respond,mum had dropped off her robe,moved in close and was lathering her hands ready to wash my balls and cock. I just stood watching her as all she had on was a flimsy pair of knicker's that immediately became transparent on any parts splashed by the shower water cascading off my shoulders and more to the point,her breasts were exposed completely.

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   No bra' just hard nipples atop two not over firm pert breasts.

But as I said in the first part,she was really stacked! I was able only to look up at the ceiling as mum's fingers wrapped around my half hard penis and made it clear she intended to complete its hardness. In a word she was wanking me off. Her other hand cupped my by now firm ball sac and she remarked, - "Yes,I knew it,its bigger than the poser's, Your balls are magnificent,your cocks still growing in my hand,I should have brought my measure,its all of eight inches I'm sure of that!" - Recovered slightly and enjoying now the attention mum was giving me, I interjected - "Only just about eight with a push" - Giggling - "Like this?" Her soapy fingers pressed hard against my asshole and it made me push my groins forward involuntarily.

"Its a beauty,this one" As the water quickly swilled the suds from it,she kissed it right on its eye. - "I know what I'd like to do with this young fellow - while peeling my foreskin off its helmet - I'd like to take it to a secret part of the beach and us it as its intended to be. but the beach is no place for my modesty, - her eyes looked tormentingly up at my own - what's say you shower me and we stay home this morning and do some explorationary work first?" - She squeezed up the length of my rod and took account of the tear of precum as it dribbled from its end - She'd shrouded the head from the shower water to see this stuff come out.

Talking directely to my cock now. - "I can see you approve,come on my darling son,remove my inhibitions,get soaping mum's tits and pussy" - She stepped right into the shower which immediately made her knickers transparent and stood as I stood soaping her over her breasts. Each time my hardon poked at her,be it belly or bum cheeks,she giggled saying, - "When are you going to pull my panty's down?" - I was reluctant to oblige because I was sure it would make me cum in so doing and felt embarrassed at the possibility of my cum shooting all over mum's body.

She on the other hand seemed to be relishing our showering. Hooking my fingers into her waistband of the knickers she encouraged me to strip them down her body. Now in the flow of things I re-directed the shower away from our bodies and took the opportunity of pressing my now soap covered hands between her legs with the bar of soap firmly gripped as I slid my hand past her opening. The effect was mum bending her knees outwards and gasping quietly as the soap ran across her clitoris and over the cunt hole. I only knew this because she was giving me a running commentary of where I was pushing it.

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"Mum! Talking that stuff is affecting me,please stop or I'll, I'll. . . " - She finished my sentence - "Cum over me?" - It was fatal,she just gripped and wanked my cock making surge after surge of my cum spew out on to her belly and pubes. - She obviously relished seeing me shoot my cum as she watched unblinkingly as the cum drooled from her hairs. Crudely now she said, - "That was a lot of spunk you shot at me,is it always as much as that?" - Looking down at my offering I nodded dumbly. - "More sometimes!" - Do it too me now,she took my hand and placed it into her slit at the clitoris, - "Turn the shower off while you're doing it,we'll put it on again after I cum"

I swilled the nozzle up into her pussy before switching it off so as to rid her slit of any suds,then I started to play with her properly for the first time. As her knees appeared to be about to give way I took a chance and bent,no crouched down between her legs and put my mouth on to her pussy slit. Gasping and jerking her knees and pussy forward while clasping my head,she came off as I heard her saying, - "Lick deeper,D-E-E-P-E-R-R-R" Her whole body seemed to be dropping on to my tongue as she whimpered her orgasm into my face.

"We're going to have too make love,you and me" I felt elated as I realised she'd put her hands into her pussy and was holding her lips apart as she'd cum to my licking at her. Now releasing the lips she said, - "Stop now! Put the shower back on,we really enjoyed doing that,but its for only us too know about mind"

Shower ended,I wanted too ask when we were going to make love,but I waited for her choosing. We have all the weekend and I wondered if our first fuck would be here or on the beach! I,having stepped from the shower stood wiping and looking at mum's gorgeous body,while wondering what it would feel like to feel my cock up inside her pert pussy when she made my day by bending down with her ass towards me to retrieve her discarded panty's. - FUCK! No wonder those old bastards drooled over the view. There before me was the most beautiful puffy vulvas with a pair of peeping tanned labia,just open enough to show the pinkness of her slit. I just wanted to ram her full of cock right there and then.

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But perhaps in the next part eh!