My Mom Is A Real Piece Of Work


My mother is a piece of work, as well as one helluva fine looking piece of ass. I don't know exactly when she thought she could play little teasing sexual games with me and I would not react, but she learned there is a terminal limit on BS before it's time to put up, or more accurately, put out or shut up.

I moved out last year and mom sold the house and bought a neat little condo. I went over for meals a couple of times per week and to hang out with mom some, as I am the only one of the three of us kids that did not move halfway across the country, so I sort of ending up taking care of mom by default.

Last month I was at her condo eating dinner and she asked me could she model an outfit she wanted to wear on a date with a guy one of her workmates set her up with. I buried my face in my pasta and finished eating while she changed. When she emerged from her room, I was gobsmacked to say the least. My mom is one hot 51 year old woman for sure, but even this outfit was over the top.

The tight blouse was low cut, revealing days and days of cleavage, and the skirt was so tight I can't believe she could actually walk in it. As well it was slit up one side almost to her hip. To round out the effect she wore very high heels. I was severely conflicted - I wanted to rip her clothes from her and fuck the living shit out of her. I told her it was a bit much for a woman her age and she took umbrage with that conclusion on my part. I tried to make amends by telling her she was hot but it was too revealing. She called me a prude and we dropped it, although she was not pleased with my appraisal.

A couple days later I was back at mom's and she was wearing some very tight shorts and a halter top.

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   I had never seen my mom like this and I told her so, asking what was getting into her, to which she replied "Nothing, that's why I am dressing like this, hoping to change that sad reality. " Then she shot me a very evil smile and winked knowingly. "You didn't know your mom was a woman as well as a mother?" "No ma, I know you're a woman, but it is a whole 'nother thing to see you display that side of you," I replied.

"Well, get used to it. Your father left me son, and I am not going to sit home and waste away pining for him," she informed me. I looked at her and shook my head. "Don't worry, no new man is going to cause me to stop being your mother, ya know. " "Well, that may be ma, but you have already changed, so don't be so sure of yourself. " I cautioned her and dropped it.

Then last week it came to a boil. I was at mom's hanging some pictures in her new condo. She was really pouring on the sexy tease act. I don't actually think she wants to have sex with me but Jesus she is acting like a kid in a candy store. I asked her if her outfit she modeled for me worked out for her on her blind date. She acted like I was being nosy for asking.

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   I confess I was mad and perhaps jealous at her reply. "You are impertinent Tony!"

"So you make a big production out of wanting to be sexy for men and then act as if asking you about it is out of bounds? Bullshit mom!" She glared at me. "Well mom, you did model your sexy outfit for me, right? You did want my opinion, but when ya got it ya got mad. " What did you think your son would say?

"I was hoping you'd tell me how sexy I looked!" "Mom, how am I, your son, supposed to see you as sexy? Am I supposed to walk around with a hardon wanting to poke you with it?" "Don't be smart Anthony!' she warned. "But you could have told me how sexy I looked. " "Yeah, I could have, but seems to me since the divorce you're more of a woman on the make than anyone's mother. "

"What is your problem with me dating men? Am I supposed to waste away to spinsterhood?" "No, but ya ain't supposed to be a slut either!" I shot back in anger. She crossed to me and went to slap me, but I caught her hand and held her wrist tightly. "Don't ever raise your hand to me, or I'll treat you like an adversary and not give you a break as a mom!" I loudly hissed at her. Our faces were inches apart and if looks could kill I'd have been dead for sure. "Let go of me!" "Are ya gonna take another swing at me?" I asked. "I'll do as I wish! I am your mother!" "Well then, I will do as I wish! I am your son!" She cocked her head a bit to the side in confusion and I reached out and fondled her right tit. "Like that?" I guess she didn't cause she swatted me with her free hand.

That's when it was Katie bar the doors. I threw her onto the couch and I jumped on her pushing her legs apart whit mine as I did so.

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   To my odd amazement, my cock was hard and I was grinding against my mother's pubic area. She did not say another word, but still struggled, but I was way too powerful for her to do anything except squirm. "Go ahead mom, keep squirming against my cock! Ya want me to fuck ya with this big hard cock of mine? Is that what my slut mother wants?" She stared at me but oddly she did not look fearful.

"Get off of me now!" she screamed at me. I took my free hand and covered her mouth and seethed "Shut up! You’re lucky I don't rip those Daisy Dukes off that fat ass and fuck you right here!" She decided to challenge that assertion with "You don't have the guts!" "Oh contraire, bitch!" I announced as I let go of her mouth. I held both her hands above her head, pinned to the arm of the couch and with my free hand I began ripping at her t-shirt. The flimsy material of the old "t" gave way with one good pull and there were her heaving tits held in place by a black, low cut bra.

"Yeah, those are sure some fat tits. Goes with that ass of yours!" "Get off of me now!" she seethed. I was still grinding my now totally hard cock against her pubes and she was grinding back on it. Sure, some of the grinding was trying to squirm loose, but it was too rhythmic to be just that. "Oh, so you like grinding that lonely pussy against my hard cock, do ya?" I began to basically dry hump her. I leaned down and started licking and biting at her tits, but she was fighting so hard I had to use both hands to keep her pinned, so I used my teeth to pull at her nipples underneath the frilly front of her bra above the under wires and cups. I finally grasped her left nipple in my mouth and pulled on it with my teeth through the material.

As I did so she began to squirm less, but her hips kept up the grinding back on my cock.

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   I held her with one hand again and ripped at the center of her bra between her breasts. I pulled both of her tits free from the cups of her bra and buried my face between them. God her tits are awesome I thought as I did this to my mom. When I ceased my hungry search for big, fat nipples I looked back into her eyes. The expression was no longer one of too much resistance. It wasn't one of gleeful acceptance, but it damn sure was no longer determined resistance either.

I began to lick her face as I held her down with one hand and held myself up over her and pulled my shorts down. It was actually rather easy to slip my shorts and under britches past my hips, then my knees and kicked them off with my foot. Now my fat and hard cock was grinding directly against her jeans shorts and crotch as well as her naked inner thighs. It was the feeling of my cock against her bare inner thighs that really drove me to complete my intended rape of my slutty mother. Before that I was about to let her up and leave and never return, but once my cock felt her hot and soft thighs, well, my plans changed.

I was trying to figure out how to fuck her without knocking her out when I figured at the very least I would keep her pinned and jerk off on her. I used my knees to keep her hips pinned and held her hands still above her head with my left hand, my right hand stroking my hard and full cock. I leaned up as far as I could without letting her hips free and I slapped her chin and neck with my cock.

Amidst all the squirming, I detected something.

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   As my cock plunged between her inner thighs at the crotch of her short shorts, I could feel her crotch was wet and I could smell her juices as she was getting wet. As I slapped her tits and chin with my cock I started talking trash to her. "Your cunt's wet mom. Horny? Want this big fat cock in you, dontcha? You're loving this, aren't ya? You get to be fucked half to death and you can claim it wasn't your fault! Well it is your fault, so don't congratulate yourself just yet!" I slid back down and slid my cock back between her legs and I pumped her soft inner thighs. It felt great, and but for the lubrication of her pussy, felt pretty fucking good!

I leaned down until my face was inches from hers. "Want this mom? Ya know ya do! If no one ever found out, would you like it?" I could tell her expression had softened and she was considering my words. Oh, she still acted like she was against it, but her face showed different. "Ya know I will have to kiss you, dontcha? Will ya bite my tongue off?" I asked more thinking out loud than actually proposing a truce, but her eyes told me all I needed to know. She softened and muttered "I would never hurt you Anthony," she quietly admitted. I leaned in and parted her lips with my tongue and not only did she not resist in any way, but she kissed me back.

I let go of her hands, still ready in case this was a ploy, but when I did she pulled me to her even harder and began to really grind back against my cock. I broke our kiss and pulled back to look at her. "Don't stop now! You started this. Let's see what ya got! All talk, are ya?" That was it for me. I climbed off of her and she thought her calling my bluff was an end.

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   She looked shocked and sad at that thought, but I quickly disabused her of that notion. I grabbed her hand and pulled her to her feet. She looked up at me and I pulled her bra from her shoulders, and then pulled at her shorts clasp and pulled them down. She wore skimpy panties - green, I believe they were.

And now she was naked before me and there was not a trace of shyness or regret. "C'mon mom. I am going to give you what we both so desperately want and need. I reached out for her hand. Instead of taking my hand she looked down and gasped at the size of my cock and reached for it. "Oh my God Tony Honey!" she cooed as she hefted my cock in her little hand. She pulled on it with both hands, and as she did her upper arms cupped her big tits, smashing them together. I took a fingertip and teased each nipple. She looked back up to me and I pulled her to me and we kissed again. The passion was incredible. She was almost climbing me as we kissed naked in the living room.

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Mom then took the lead, as was my secret hope, for raping my mom was not my intention. She broke our kiss and gently pulled me by my cock toward the stairs and her master bedroom upstairs. When we reached the stairs she dropped my cock and took my hand and led me up the stairs. She shook her ass to and fro, my face inches from her phat ass cheeks. I released my hand from hers and put them on her ass and hips, holding her in place on the steps. I put my mouth on her ass cheeks and took one hand and pushed on her back to bend her forward a bit. She complied naturally and I buried my tongue and lips in and on her ass cheeks, asshole and her cunt lips. I sucked her large labia in between my lips and bit and sucked on it and she came right there on the steps.

As she squealed she huffed and released fluid all over my chin, That fueled me no end. I turned her to face me, still on the stairs and I pushed her to a sitting position on the middle steps. I knee walked up the step to her and slid my arms under the backs of her knees to hold them up and her cunt open. She, almost if by magic, took both her hands, leaned forward and slapped her own cunt with my big cock. I slid my cock into her wet pussy. But the best past was her expression and her filthy mouth as I did so.

"Oh fuck Mommy Baby," she whimpered as my cock penetrated her cunt.

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   "Want this cock?" I teased her. She nodded, her mouth hanging agape as she stared into my eyes. She put both her arms around my neck and locked them behind me and pulled herself onto my cock even more. I arched my back and she buried her pubic bone onto mine. She squealed again and her nipples were swollen, wrinkled and very distended. Then her mouth sought mine and she engulfed my lips and mouth in hers as she ground her cunt on my cock.

The whole deal was too much for me and I could feel my cum building. "Oh fuck ma. . . I'm gonna cum. . . oh fuck!" "Cum in me baby! Shoot into mommy Honey. " I wrapped both arms behind her back and pulled her to me as I lifted her from the stairs and straightened up.

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   I leaned against the side wall for balance and she let her weight go, sucking my cock into her cunt deeper. I began to shoot into her. "Oh God Baby! I feel it! Cum in mommy! Cum in your slutty mommy's tight little cunt Honey!" I released my grip on her and put her back on the stairs and pumped her for all I was worth. She held onto me as if her life depended on it.

As I finished spurting into her She began chattering in my ear. "Oh God Tony! Fuck mommy again Honey. " I smiled at her insistence, glad my instincts about this little slut were dead on the mark. I slid my cock from her swollen pussy and helped her to a standing position. She turned and shook that phat ass at me again and said "C'mon Baby. Show mommy what you can do in a proper bed. "

We ran to her room and before I could cross the threshold she had turned and was pulling me to her. She turned me til my back was against the bed and she pushed me back playfully. Then my mom bent over, shook her tits in a very alluring manner and looked into my eyes as she began to swallow my cock. She put both of her little hands on my pubic bone at the base of my cock and slapped her own face with my cock. She opened her mouth and slid her tongue out to try and corral my cock as she slapped her own face with it.

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The she engulfed my 7. 5 inch cock and stared into my eyes as she did her best to gulp down better than half it's almost hard state into her warm mouth. She never let her gaze leave my eyes as I stared wide eyed at her. When I was totally hard again, which took no more than a minute of two, she climbed up my chest and slid her cunt down onto my cock. Her pussy swallowed all of it in one plunge. Then she fed me her tits, one then the other, then both at once as we fucked again.

After a minute or two I was feeling ready to bust again, so I rolled her off of me and mounted her properly, holding her legs wide open. She lifted her head from the pillow and looked at my cock and alternatively into my eyes as I drove into her with abandon. She began to cum and cum and basically rolled through numerous orgasms as I built to another load. Sweat dripped onto her from my face and chest and she was so sexy looking to me as the beads of sweat ran down her body and pooled in her belly button and down her sides.

She came with an explosive release as I joined her. She pulled me to her and kissed me deeply as my cum was filling her cunt once more. Then she began a steady and adamant narration as I spent the last drops in her. "Oh God Tony! You fuck your momma so good! Jesus Honey! You are the sexist man I have ever been with in my life!" she squealed. My pumping slowed and died out all together.


   I rolled from her and lay on my back in a sweat as I regained my breathing.

Mom turned toward me, threw her right leg over my belly and began to rub my chest as she laid her head on it. "Oh God! I can't believe it! We made love! It was incredible" she sincerely added. She looked up and planted a kiss on my chin.

"Maybe if mommy is nice, will you do that to her again?" she purred. "Anytime ya like!" I added. She started kissing me again and added, "Can ya do it again, right now?" I smiled at her. Yeah, if afterward this time ya put some food in my belly. All this fucking the hottest and sexist woman I have ever seen in my life can fucking sure make a guy hungry!" Mom squealed her delight and whispered "Whatever my Baby wants. Now fuck mommy again, and real hard this time. I'll bet ya can't cum so quick this time, so fuck me like I need ya too Honey!"

I pulled her to me and we kissed. She turned her back to me, lifted her left leg and slid her ass back against my cock. Her hands reached between her legs and fondled my still half hard cock and squirmed until the head pierced her cunt again. She purred her delight. "Maybe," she huffed as I slowly pumped her and she had another orgasm building, "Later you can fuck me in the ass.

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   Betcha ya never thought you'd hear your momma say that, did ya?" she teased. As I pumped her soaked hole for all I was worth I smiled to myself. I was fucking my slutty mom! Victory!
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