My Mom's Surprise Part 1


The following story is an erotic account of the events over a few days.   Ifyou are offended by lesbianism, exhibitionism or incest then I suggest youhit the back button now. My name is katie.   I'm basically a lesbian but I have been known to get awild hair up my ass and worship a cock or two.   I'm 25 years old.   I'mabout 5'6" 100 lbs 35b cup breasts, dirty blonde hair and ice blue eyes.   Itan 3 times a week after my work out at the ymca, so I am well taned. Distinguishing features of mine are that when my nipples get hard so doesmy whole areola.   It's quite sexy to see the whole end of my tits get hardwhen i'm horny or cold.   That and I have quite a large clit.   My clit isabout an inch and a half long when erect.   My lips are draped over it andare nice and big as well due to my large clit.   I have my clit and my bellybutton pierced.   I also have a tattoo on the small of my back between mydimples.   It's a sun/moon tattoo.   I also have a peacock tattoo.

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    The headstarts on my hip, wraps between my legs and the tail feathers rest on myround bottom.   Yes you heard me right, I have my pussy tattooed.   Not thepart you would lick on, but the skin part.   The last time I had sex with aguy my pussy lips could wrap around a good couple inches of cock. Enough about me.   My other family members are my mom and older sister.   Mymom is 50 years old.   She's 5'8" 110 lbs.   She has jet black hair and blueeyes.   She works out with me 3 times a week.   She, however, doesn't tan. Her milky white complexion looks just as good on her hard body though.   Ihave seen her naked but until recently never stared or noticed anything inparticular.   My sister Andy is 28.   She is 5'6" also and about 105 lbs.

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  She has dirty blonde hair and green eyes.   She has both nipples pierced andher navel pierced.   Oh and did I mention that the three of us are alllesbians?  Well mom and andy are diehard lesbians and I'm the only girlthat has had contact with a man. I never knew my father.   Mom told me that they split up when I was little. She told me she started seeing a girl she worked with and dad didn't likeit.   When i asked her if it was ok to sleep with another woman she said itwas perfectly fine.   It wasn't until I graduated college that I actuallydid anything with a guy.   Anyway, onto our story. I was 14 when I started to get curious about sex and started to mess aroundwith my best friend Jennifer.   It wasn't until I was 18 that my momactually caught me doing it.   It was a couple months into my freshmansemester of college.   I decided to live at home the first semester to savesome money.   Jennifer and I were still intimate but I wanted to expand myhorizons. I woke up and started getting ready for my first class at noon.

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    It wasstill pretty warm outside and I didn't have any shorts clean.   I lookedthrough my closet and found a pair of plain low rise khaki's.   When I putthem on I remembered just how low cut they were.   My hip bones were abovethe wasteband.   Anyway. . . I really didn't want to wear jeans.   It was stillwarm out and I like to be as legally close to nude as possible.   So I tookof the khaki's and layed them on the floor.   I measured about an inch awayfrom the crotchline and took out a pair of scissors and started cutting. When I was done I put them in the wash to curl up the ends and get thatfrayed look.   I don't wear panties unless i'm on my period and I usuallydon't then either, I just use a tampon.   I put them back on and they fittightly against my bottom.   I had cut them so short the bottoms of mybuttcheeks hug out the back of my newly made shorts.

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    That was just finewith me.   I picked out a white see-through babydoll tank top.   It wastransparent enough for my nipples to show through the shirt.   Next would bea pair of sandals and then a bracelet, matching necklace and a couplerings. When I was done I headed downstairs to get something to eat.   Andy wasalready at the table eating a bowl of cereal.   I went to the cabinet andgot a bowl out.   Andy looked my way and said, "Jesus, Katie, you look goodenough to fuck!  Plan on doing anything wearing that?"  I grinned at herand said, "Maybe and winked at her. "  I poured my cereal and milk and thenstarted to sit down.   Andy looked down at my crotch and then said, "God,those shorts are hot.   You need to make me some like that.   Oh one thingthough. "  She noticed that I made them too short and you could see my pussywith no problem.   She got on her knees in front of me and adjusted my pussylips so that they stuck out either side of my shorts.   "There.

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    Now that'sperfect. "Once I was done I got into my celica and headed to class.   I got theirkinda early so I just sat away from my table and spread my legs a bit. Mike walked into the room.   I flirt with him constantly because it driveshim crazy.   He walked up to me and rubbed his hand over my crotch andwhispered in my ear, "Damn you look hot today, katie. "  I just coylygrinned at him.   "What's a matter mike.   Want some of this pussy, do you?"I said and shoved 2 of his fingers into my pussy.   Just then my teacher,Ms. MacIntosh came in and said, "Alright you two, I don't know what you aredoing but wait until you get home. "Class went by slowly.   Boring as usual.   Finally Ms. MacIntosh said wecould go.

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    Everyone started to leave but Ms. MacIntosh made me stay afterclass.   When everyone left she said to me, "I saw Mike with his fingers inyour pussy.   Why you lead that boy on for?"  I told her, "Well. . . I haven'thad any in a couple days and besides. . . I'm saving myself for you. "Ms. MacIntosh was leaning against the front of her desk at first.   Butafter my comment she sat herself on the desk, leaned back and spread herlegs.   In doing so she revealed that she too wasn't wearing any panties andthat she shaves herself totally bald.   Her protruding lips were glisteningwith moisture.

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  "Looks like you are a bit excited there, Ms. MacIntosh" I said to her. "Call me Nikki, hon. . . and yes. . . I am a bit flustered.   I've been staring atyour soaked shorts over there. "  I looked down and noticed that my clit wascompletely erect and was sticking out the bottom of my shorts.   That on topof the fact that the entire crotch was soaking wet.   "Why don't you comehome with me so I can put that colorful pussy of yours in my mouth. "  Nikkisaid to me.   "Ok.

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    Just let me tell mom where I'll be.   Don't worry, she'scool. "  I said back to her.   I picked up my cellphone from my desk anddialed home.   "Mom.   It's Katie.   Nikk. . . I mean Ms. MacIntosh wants me togo to her house to study for her test friday. "  "Baby.   If she wants tofuck you, then just say so.   It's ok. " Mom said to me.

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    "Ok mom.   Nikkiwants to fuck me, so if I do come home tonight, it won't be until late. "I hung up the phone and then Nikki told me to follow her to her house. Once we got there, I followed her inside.   I followed Nikki back to herbedroom and she said, "Get naked and lay on the bed.   I'll join you in aminute.   She undressed revealing a large tribal tattoo that went from herright butt cheek down to about the back of her knee.   She then went to hertop dresser drawer and pulled out a 20" double ended dildo and some kyjelly.   She layed down on the bed next to me and slid her finger between mypussy lips.   She then started to stroke my rock hard inch and a half longclit.   "Oh.   You have quite a nice clit their.   Like a dick but on a girl. I like that.   Actually, you wanna go outside and do this?" Nikkie said tome.

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    "Uh. . . . where exactly?"  "The backyard of course.   We can get it on onthe swing back their. "  "Ok. then.   That would be sexy. " I said to her andfollowed her outside.   We walked out her frenchdoors and I noticed that acouple next door was in a hot tub facing where we would be.   "Shit.   Thatcouple is outside. " I said to Nikki.   "It'll be ok.


    They watch me fingermyself all the time.   It'll be cool. "  So we both walked naked over to alarge 3-seater swing.   I sat down and layed back a bit.   Nikki got on herknees in front of me and started to suck on my girlly-cock.   After a fewminutes of this I was really into it.   I totally forgot about that othercouple.   I was moaning and grinding my pussy into Nikki's face.   "WHOOHOOO!!!!! You girls eat that pussy!!" I heard from next door.   I justyelled back, "God she's good.   It's great to have another girl eat yoursnatch!"  Nikki sucked and licked my girlcock for another 15 minutes untilI had a rocking orgasm. Now I've been known to have up to 7 orgasms at one time so it wasn'tanything wierd for my clit to still be throbbing.   We switched to a 69 andstarted eating each other's pussy's.   Just then Nikki shouted, "You guysreally ought to see how big Katie's clit is.   It's huge.

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  "  So, the couplecame over and Nikki stopped licking my pussy long enough to show them.   Theguy said, "Look honey.   It has to be 2 inches long.   Ok. . . enough talk. . . weneed to go home and get laid. "  We continued our pussy eating all afternoon until we just couldn't take it anymore.   We both went inside and Nikkisaid to me, "So. . . .

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  if you want we can do this again. "  "Of course, I'venever had so many orgasms in my life.   As long as you don't mind me gettingin bed with other ppl once in a while. "With that I left and headed back home.   It was about 8pm and I didn't thinkanyone would be home.   I walked in the door and quitely shut it so Iwouldn't disturb my sister if she had a girl over.   As I headed back Iheard my mom moaning.   I thought she was just masturbating or something.   Iwas still kinda in the mood so I decided to take a peak and see what shewas up to.   When I looked inside mom and Andy were both naked on mom's bed. Andy was laying flat and mom was eating her pussy.   Now at this point I newAndy was into pussy but had no idea about mom.   And what I saw next wouldshock the shit out of me. . .

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  but turn me on more than i've ever been turnedon before.   I noticed something hanging between mom's legs but I couldn'ttell what.   I got in closer and noticed that it was her clit.   It was morethan double as long as mine.   It had to be at least 3 inches long. . . maybelonger.   Her lips were long and hung down also.   Just then Andy said, "Heywhat's up sis?  Have fun at your teacher's house?"  "Uh. . . I, uh. . .

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  was juststaring at mom's clit.   Jeez, mom. . . that is fucking hot as hell.   That hasto be the biggest clit I've ever seen!"  Mom then said, "It's about 3 and ahalf inches long, baby.   Where do you think you got your huge clit from?"She then turned around and got on her knees at the end of the bed.   Herclit was totally erect and looked like a thin cock with pussy lips wrappedaround it.   "You gotta let me suck on that. "  So she motioned for me tocome over and I sucked on mom's clit.   Just like sucking a small dick, onlymoist.   I then asked, "How long have you guys been fucking?"  Andyanswered, "Since I turned 17 Katie.   Mom taught me how to eat pussy. "It was then that I knew that things would be interesting with mom basicallyshowing that she was into sex with any girl including her daughters.   Thatand Nikki would keep me occupied for a while.

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  The story I just told you guys is totally true.   Every detail.   If you haveany questions or just wanna chat email me at  cool_desi1@hotmail. com   Ihoped you liked it.

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