MY MOTHER (a true story ) T he finale


I can't believe two weeks as pasted so fast. The first sunday mom had her period and bad cramps. She said" its lucky for you young man that I didn't get knocked up went you came in her cunt unprotected. " She told me young guys like me  have to much sperm.
 Mom said" hurry up and get dressed its sunday morning and I told you we were going to Joe's house,hes cooking out. " "Do I have to go,can't I just stay home " I replyed. " No, you are going and you are going to be nice. " Moms voice was in the form of an order. As I dressed I knew I didn't like Joe. All I could think about was mom sucking his cock and fucking him. He surly couldn't be paying her that much money.
We arrived at Joe's house right at noon. To my supprise the house was very nice. All on one floor with 3 brs. and 2 bathrooms,a nice yard. Joe was cooking steaks as we pulled up.

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   He said " I sure hope you two are hungry. I have enough food for an army. " His next door neighbor came over and they had a 14 yr. old daughter. She had a great smile and I liked her right away. We sat togeather and eat until we couldn't hold another bit. It was the best meal I have eaten sense dad had left. I realy missed not having a large family,like at grandma's house. We listen to music ,played horse shoes,drank a special lemonade that Joe made and had a great time. I was sorry we had to leave.
 On the way home I put my hand on my mother's leg,She said "just what are you doing?" "Oh nothing much" I replyed. She said " I'm driving keep your hands to yourself. " So I put my hands between my legs. She started laughing and then I started laughing. It only took about 15 minutes to drive home.

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   Needless to say I had  a hard -on all the way home. As we walked up the stairs  to our apt. mom said " go in and shower. " When I came out she had on her robe and was headed in. I was on the couch in just my boxers and my hard-on.
She came over to the couch and sat down faceing me. Slowly she began to speak " I think you are in love with my pussy. What do you think?"" Mom,I love you, not just your pussy but it sure is nice" wondering if she believed me. She asked if I thought Joe was nice. I answered " hes an alright guy, I guess. " I couldn't wait any longer as she turned her head away I slid my hand in the robe and grabbed her breast. She smiled saying "you sure are a horn dog. "She didn't remove my hand so I began to squeeze her nipple. Instantly it got hard. " Mom, can I suck it? "She laid back on the couch I put her tit in my mouth.

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   I switched from one tit to the other. I know she liked it because she moaned. I started to move down her stomach I could see her hair line. I knew if I started eating her cunt she would not be able to stop me from fucking her. That was the real prize.
 I slid off the couch and kneeled on the floor between her legs and slowly started licking her crack. It was so good I just loved the taste. As I licked she opened her legs a little wider. She spoke and told me to start at the top of the of her cunt and lick the little prick that was hiding there. I opened we slit with my fingers and there was a little prick there. I took it in my mouth and started to suck it. Mom went crazy jamming her cunt into my face and saying "suck me,rub your tongue into my cunt,make me cum in your face. " I did as I was told and mom realy loved it. She was moving faster than my tongue could keep up. She screamed " eat my cunt I'm cumming right now, YYYYeeeesss,suck mom's juice,son, suck every drop you cunt eater.

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 She just lay there and I just staired at her body she had lost her robe and was very naked,I just loved her so much. She opened her eyes and said "son you are the best,I have never had my cunt sucked and licked like that ever. come up here and sit beside me. " She lowered her mouth onto my hard cock and began to suck it. I tapped her on the shoulder and said " mom,I want to fuck you!"She took my cock out of her mouth and replyed "I know you do son,just relax and enjoy and don't cum it moms mouth. " With in just a few minutes the head of cock starting growing and mom took it out of her mouth. Smiling she said" I think you are ready to give me a good fucking. Aren't you ?" I started to get on top on her. She said " go to the bed and wait. " She walked into the bathroom and sat on the john with her legs spread. I could see her putting something into her cunt from a tube. Did she think that I would not make her wet. What was she doing? I thought to my self. When she came out she said " I'm ready for your beautiful prick. "Mom what were you doing it there ?" I asked.

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  " Putting in something to stop all those millions of healthy sperm from making me pregant . Now do you want to fuck or talk?"she said. She lay on the bed with her legs spread just for me. I loved her so much I just wanted this moment to last forever. I positioned my self between leg legs and slowly started to enter her. I was no longer nervious,I knew this was going to be the fuck of my young life. She told me to push as much of my prick into as I wanted to. Before long it was all the way in. She moaned low and said" your big prick feels better than any that have been there before you. " I replyed " mom I don't want to think about anybody ever having a fucked you  like this,you are all mine. She said "use me, use your mother's cunt take all the pleasure you can from it. " I could feel my prick swelling up and getting ready to cum. Mom said " you are getting ready fuck me harder son. Fuck my cunt it belongs to you. "" Ooooohhhhh mom here I ccccuuuummmm, oooohhhh it feels so good .

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  " I could feel streams of cum flying out of my member burried deep inside my mother's cunt. She started yelling " I'm cccuuummmingg to,ooohhhfuck me don't stop, drive your prick right thru me,yyyeeesss. We lay there for a long time. I would not take my prick out of its resting place. I guess I thought it would get hard again and I could keep fucking her all night. We sleep that way all night in the morning I awoke when mom moved. I had a hard -on but she said" you are going to have to wack it today. "
 As we sat at the breakfast table she looked at me very serious and said " this will not happen again and i'll tell you why. Don't get that long face. You will get a lot of pussy in your life. The reason we can never have sex again is because Joe has asked me to marry him . " I was crushed how could she do this to me. She contuined " this maybe my last chance for real happines, you will have a lot of chances. Don't hate me, I love you so much,but I am going to marry Joe. I guess as I thought about, if I realy did love my mom I would want her to be happy.


    She married Joe and we moved out of that beautiful apt. (HA HA ) Into his nice house where I had my own room. I would start a new school with the cute girl next door,but thats another story. . . . . . . . . . . .

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