My mother, my lover 3


That summer when my mom, Betty, and I became lovers, clothes soon enough became a rarity. We would most of the day in bed together. We only wore clothes out of the house which we didn't do often because where ever we went, would couldn't keep out hands off each other.
One morning, while I was eating out my mom, she told me she wanted to have another baby. What shocked me even more was that I was to be the father. Now I know my mom and I have been fucking like rabbits for over a month now but she's been on the pill and inbred kids could be. . . well, there could be problems.
When I stopped going down on her, I sat there in silence. Mom came over to me and held her tits up to my face and gently stroked my cock.   "Come on Jimmy. I quit the pill a while ago. I'm thirty years old, I want to have a family with the man I love. "
As I sucked those enormous DD's and ran my hand through those red curls, it didn't take much convincing. I layed back and mom mounted me.

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   She guided my cock into her pussy and started to ride me gently. I grabbed onto her hips and slid my hands up her gorgeous body and pulled her down on top of me. Her tits mashed against my chest and I brought her lips to mine. I sank my hand into her meaty ass cheeks as we passionately made love. I kneaded her ass and my mom brought my right hand to her mouth and sucked on my index and middle finger. My hand returned to her ass and I slid my spit covered fingers up her butthole. Her sphincter clenched against my fingers and mom let out a loud moan and started fucking me harder.
I continued to finger fuck her ass before I told her I wanted to stick my dick up there. Mom dismounted me and got on all fours. She presented her round ass to me and wiggled it back and forth. I ran my hand along her pussy and smeared some juices along her crack. I slapped her ass and watched the flesh jiggle. I started spanking her repeatedly, each one sending jigglng flesh around her hips and down her thight. She would yelp each time my hand smacked her. I didn't stop until there was a pink hand print and her right cheek.

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   That was when I started licking my mom's asshole. It had become a fetish of mine and she loved it almost as much as I did. I spread her hole open and stuck my tongue in as far as I could get it.
    Mom squeeled with pleasure and giggled. I kept licking her ass until she begged me to fuck her.
    "Please baby, fuck my ass. Please, ram that cock up my ass. " I didn't want to keep her waiting and slid my cock into her. "OH. screamed as I slid in and out of her butthole. I started out slowly and built up some speed. I started fucking her like mad. Like I never fucked her before and never would again. I forced my cock in her as hard as I could, slamming it into her ass, enjoying the sound of our bodies slapping together and the feel of her soft, tight, warm ass wrapped around me.
    It felt like my dick was wrapped in silk.

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       I fucked her for several minutes before I emptied a load in her ass. I shot stream after stream after stream into mom's ass. I fell out of her and she layed on her stomach next to me. I was covered in sweat and was having trouble catching my breath. "So, do you want to have kids or not. "
    "I told you before. You can have anything you want. "
    A week later, I started going back to school. It was agonizing. All I could think about was getting some so I could fuck mom. At the end of the first week I came home and mom was dressed. "Mommy's got a surprised for you. " She said and handed me a small plastic stick. It was a pregnancy test. "You're gonna be a daddy.

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