My Night With My Cousin Pt 1


 ÂÂOk so lets start off. Im going to call my cousin"Mary"Not her real name. So lets see I was on vacation going to the beach get a massage eat out. (you know the average Vacation). Well one night I was sitting in my aunt's Living room watching T. V. My cousin "Mary"
 went out with some friends and my aunt and uncle and other cousin went out to eat sushi and at the time i didn't like sushi not until i met Nicole (but thats a different story. ) Well i knew my cousin would not be home for a good 2 -3 hours. So i started looking through her drawers and private stuff. After 5 minutes of searching i found a never before used vibrator. I was Shocked at first that she had one. She has never had a boyfriend and looked to me as someone she can tell anything to. Afterwards i found a picture of me in her diary. The diary note said this. Dear,Diary i am so horny . I need a cock i want someone to break my hymen.

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  I don't trust anyboys here. I Trust one person who is here now. That one person is my cousin. I was so turned on i grabbed the sexiest picturn and started stroking my cock. About five minutes later my cousin walks in the house and im there in her bedroom masturbating. She comes up to her door and peers in thinking it was a robber most likely. My heart Stopped when i saw her looking at me. She said what are you doing!?!?!?!?! I was like what do you think im doing im masturbating. She was freaking out until she saw that it was her pic then she got turned on and jumped at me. She hit me on accident which knocked me out for 2 mins. I woke up with her naked ontop of me. i noticed she wasn't the only one naked i was to!She said she wanted to have sex. I was so horny that i didn't care and iÂsaid ok and flipped her over onnto her back. Isaid this might hurt and you might get pregnant. She said No i wont i have a pill.

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  After i heard the word pill i jammed my penis into her which made her cry. The pain was so much for her because she wasn't ready that her ankles wrapped around my butt and pull me deeper into her. i let her get used to my 8 1/2 -9 inch dick in her. after she was ready i started humping her slowly then picking up pace. By the time made a pace she was screaming her guts out saying Yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK The Living hell out of me Do it Do it Do it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wasCumming and i forgot to tell her and right as i came she was at her climax after i shot all my cum into her she was going into another orgasim. She was so warn out that she Just collapsed on top of me. We sleep there for an hour then we hear the front door open.

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