My Older Cousin Ashley


I was feeling so horny images of Ashley flashed through my mind and I decided to check some porno magazines and started to run my raging hard on. I was there laying on the couch jerking off with images of Ashley flashing through my mind and saying her name out loud. I put the magazine down and jerked off with my fantasy with my eyes closed. I open them and I saw Ashley standing in front of the couch staring at me shocked. “A. . . Ashley!” “Were you supposed to be at Hollywood, what are you doing here?” I said shocked”“I. . . . I didn’t want to go so I stayed home, what are you doing?” She asked shocked and still staring at my face and quickly getting glimpses of my cock. I quickly came into sense and covered my self up with a pillow. “Please don’t say anything of what you saw” I said in panic. “Why were you saying my name?” She asked. “I was just I don’t know I was remembering when you threw the ashtray at me” I said and blushed.

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  “Derick you are a bad liar you know that don’t you” “I’ve seen you staring at my tits” “but that’s wrong Derick, you and me can’t do anything sexually” she said angry. “I am not that stupid Ashley I know that, you are not gonna tell anyone are you? I said. “I won’t, why don’t you get yourself a girlfriend?” she asked. “It’s not that easy this days” I saidShe sat beside me and said “Derick I wish we weren’t related. I always have liked you. Why do you think I never lasted with any of my boy friends? But we can’t do” I interrupted her“Why? Who cares what the people say I want to be with you. ” I said“We would not even be able to have children out lives would collapse” She said. “No I can’t live like that with out you life is not worth keeping. . ” I said sadlyShe turns around and kisses me on the lips, at first I was in sock but my lips responded and started sucking hers. Our tongues were playing each other, exploring each other’s mouth. She broke the kiss “Derick please let me have you let me have your body” she demandedThe pillow fell on the floor and my cock was touching her belly. “Ashley I love you” I said “I love you too Derick I have since you were 12" she said. She took her shirt off and as usual no bra her tits bounced and I felt like I was about to shoot the biggest cum shot of my life. She started taking off her pajamas and her panties.

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   She was wet and was dripping come. I bent over and started sucking her clit, it was so warm and juicy, I loved the taste of it. She made a slight moan and I noticed that she was still a virgin. I continued to suck her and suck her she started breathing hard. “Derick stop, I want to lose my virginity to you” she saidShe said to lay on the floor and I did. She got on top of me and said “I hope this doesn’t hurt much” she said shaking. “Let me put my dick in direction to your pussy and start sitting down slowly and each time it hurts stop and rest”She started going down and now the tip of my 6/2 inch hard cock was touching her pussy”She moaned heavily and continued to sit down. She was so tight and a little deeper in she screamed. “DERICK! That hurts!” She stayed in that position for a few secs. To be continued!.