My Protector/My Step-Father


My childhood was as fairly normal as anyone else around me with one exception; my mom.   This story only involves my mom as necessary to provide the background so I will refrain from referring too much to my distain for her in person, in memory and in every conceivable way.    As a child on the outside she was involved in my life and friendly to friends, teachers and others; behind closed doors she was abusive and nasty mean to the me and the two of her husbands I remember (neither my real father).   This story about not about those men either.   I was in high school when my mom’s third husband left, finally having enough of her abusive ways.   I hated both these men for leaving me alone in a home with this woman.   After high school I moved as far out of state as possible to be away from my home life situation.   I attended a Big 10 school finishing my Bachelor’s Degree and then stayed on for another two years finishing my Master’s Program.   Now being away from my mother as long as these 6 years I had allowed her back into my life at arms length.  I learned to keep her at a distance where she could not bring me down or do me harm.  
About half way through my second year in Graduate School my mom told me she’d met and amazing man who was young, educated, hard working, intelligent, well spoken and more than anything else kind and generous.   At the time I was 23 years old and not interested in adding a man to my life, I only wanted to look forward to starting my career and– I particularly did not my mom setting me up with any men.   Especially considering her history with men and the fact that I was 400 miles away at school.   To my complete surprise I quickly learned the man my mother was describing was not intended for me to meet, but was someone she’d met herself.    She told me she’d been dating this man for a few months and they wanted to get married, but before getting married he wanted to meet me and have my blessing in marrying my mother.   It would not take my traveling the 400 miles to give my blessing, having my mom pre-occupied with a man in her life and not calling me 24/7 was reason enough to give my blessing.

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    I considered the situation and obliged her.   I didn’t think there would be any problems with her in this situation because she would be on her best behavior with a new man around so I flew home for a weekend to meet Matt.  
What I learned of Matt before meeting him is that he was 34 years old.   A full 10 years younger than my mom.   This was not that surprising though considering my mother’s vanity kept her in great shape.   She often passed for my sister more so than my mom.   What I did not know until getting off the plane and seeing mom and Matt pull up to the airport terminal was how good looking Matt is.   His body is not rock solid, more to the point that he’s obviously strong but big boned.   He’s well proportioned, dark and boldly handsome.   College guys are all about working out and banging a different chick each weekend.   I could see Matt was well beyond that, he was tall and confident in his stride.   It took me both hands to carry my roller bag – when he picked up the bag with one hand and put it into the back of the Explorer I could plainly see muscles moving across his back as he moved.   I was impressed, I was very impressed.  
The weekend home with mom was as expected, we had a good two days together and Sunday evening I was left standing at the airport terminal with my bag headed back to school.   As I finished out my last semester at school my thoughts often turned to Matt.

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    Being only 11 years older than myself Matt knew full well he was not a father figure to me, nor did either of us want that to be the case.   Matt does not have children of his own, due to his extreme focus on being successful in his career.   He told me straight from the beginning he and I could be friends, but he was not a step-father.   Nor did he want that title from me – so seeing what a great guy Matt is I extended my friendship and in return got his.   So now when mom would call the cell phone, I found myself less and less screening calls/sending her to voice mail and more and more answering the call to chat with her knowing that I would also get to have 5 minutes with Matt.  
As the months passed I finished my last semester and found myself having to move another 300 miles from school (further from home) to take my first job working in another city for the same company through which I did my intern work during my Master’s program.   I knew the move would be difficult for me.   I’m a small girl, 5’-2” and 118 lbs.   While I’m describing myself I’ll digress to give the full story; brown hair shoulder length, brown eyes, very shapely hips and ass with 36C breasts.   I called mom and Matt to ask for their financial help to more after graduation.   What I got was somewhat different, mom had taken the opportunity to insert herself in to the situation by saying that they would fly into town, rent a moving van, the three of us could pack up the van and Matt could drive the three of us to my new apartment and unpack there.   I agreed to the situation; 1. I really needed the help and 2. I was looking forward to seeing Matt again.   Our phone conversations over the months had really allowed me to get to know him I was excited about the thought of seeing him again.

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Seeing Matt again was not at all what I expected.   Living with my mom over the past 6 months had completely worn him down.   He was still very handsome, but had lost some weight and I could plainly see the confidence had disappeared from his eye as his face drooped.   He had obviously become the victim of my mother reverting back to her abusive ways over the past months.   I looked into Matt’s eyes and he into mine, without a word between us there was a complete sense of understanding.   We decided on a local college hot spot that offered some entertainment with dinner.   Matt and I played some darts and video games while mom looked on sipping wine at the table.   When the food came mom had had more than one glass of wine which meant Instant Bitch was right around the corner.   Through dinner Matt and I were very cautious of not letting her lead us into a fight at the table.   I was happy when after dinner I dropped them at the hotel entrance.   As I pulled away Matt looked back at me as if to say “Please don’t leave me here alone. ” 
The next day I picked up Matt to take him to the rental store for the moving van.   On the drive he asked me if my mother had ever been abusive to me.   I pulled the car to the side of the road and I started to cry uncontrollably.   He didn’t say anything more (now knowing full well the answer to his own question).

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    Instead he reached across the front seat wrapped his arms around my shoulders.   I felt an incredible sense of understanding in those arms and even more of a sense of comfort.   I suddenly realized that here is a grown man (like my mother’s other husbands) who has no doubt just endured the wrath of my mother’s onslaught probably all night, yet here he is comforting me.   Through my own tears I looked up at Matt and kissed him.   Not a friendly kiss, but an ‘I want you’ kiss.   I did this without even thinking and cannot even now say completely for sure where it came from.   Matt did not kiss me back, but let me go, we both composed ourselves and drove on to the rental place to pick up the van.   The next day we arrived with packed van to my new city and new apartment.   That night mom and Matt got a taxi to the airport where they had arranged to fly home that night.  
I started work a couple days later and worked hard to get into a new routine in a new city.   I found some excitement in being out on my own without classes or homework after a day at work.   But night time was boring and I was alone without the friends and support system I enjoyed at school.   Sometimes I would call home to talk to mom and Matt, other times I would call Matt at his work to talk to him without mom’s overhearing.   Matt never asked me about the kiss I gave him and I came to realize through our conversations that things I told him did not get back to my mom, I had complete confidence and trust in him – being away from him I began to find difficult and it was at that point I realized I loved him.   Not a passionate love, at least not yet, but a familiar love.


Mom and Matt came to visit me over a long Easter weekend one spring.   Mom was in good spirits, but I could see Matt was still on the losing end of the abuse.   He’d lost more weight and I could see his musculature ripple through this continuously thinning skin.   Had I not felt sorry for him knowing the extent of his situation I would have thought more of his appearance, particularly his lean, strong 6-0 frame.   He was like a powerful tower over me even in his dreary state.   But yet I saw past that and knew him as a gentle giant with teddy bear kindness.   I was aware that mom has started drinking again from conversations with Matt.   However not until that night did I know how much she was drinking.   We’d gone to a local restaurant for dinner.   Mom had her usual several cocktails and we decided to call it a night before she started to get mean.   We got back to the hotel and I went up with them to say good night.   Mom pulled out another bottle of wine and as we chatted she chugged the whole bottle.   When she started into her bullshit I said good night and asked Matt to drive me home.
The drive home was not what I expected.   Matt was cautious with his words, but told me that no matter what happened he intended to stay with mom as his wife because he’d never given up on anything and he didn’t feel leaving the marriage was safe for me regardless of the cost to him.

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    I knew that he’d never hurt my mom regardless of whatever she did to him, not because he’s a pussy, but because he’s a real man.   I also now knew this man was staying with my mom to protect me from her regardless of the cost to himself.   I began to cry again, like a 4 year old girl hurt from a fall with a skinned knee.   Matt pulled into the complex parking lot and stopped in front of my apartment door.   I asked him to come inside to get my spare car key to drive back to the hotel so I could keep my primary set with my other keys.   We stepped inside and I gave him the spare car keys.   I still had tears in my eyes from Matt’s kind words as he reached up to use a thumb rubbing away the tears.   I could not help myself I reached up grabbed his hand and kissed the palm.   I then through myself into his arms and hugged him tightly.   He hugged me back, closed the door behind him and returned to the hotel.   About an hour later there was a knock at the door, to my shock it was Matt with the tell tale red cheek from being slapped and scratches on his neck where she’d attacked him.   I opened the door to his face when he said, ‘No matter how much harm she does I just cannot bring myself to hit a woman.   She’s passed out cold and will not remember anything until morning now.   Can I come in and rest with you awhile to calm down?’  I could not have been happier to have him there.   He sat on the couch and I sat next to him in my gym shorts and a sweat shirt.

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    He put his arm out and I curled up into him like a kitten into a blanket.   As we sat quietly watching TV at some point he feel asleep.   Here I was with this big strong man in his arms, truly my best friend in the world at that point.   It didn’t matter to me he was married to my mom, I was overcome with the need to have this man and my feelings overwhelmed me.  
I got up and quietly undressed myself, shedding my sweatshirt and cotton shorts.   I stood there naked in front of Matt when my body shook and I could feel the anticipation building between my legs.   I sat back down across Matt’s lap straddling him.   This had the obvious effect of waking him, when he saw my nakedness he jumped off the couch and I wrapped my legs around his waste and arms around his neck tightly to hold on.   He was trying to get me off him, but I held on tight and I told him how much I needed him and I wanted to thank him for protecting me.   He stood still looking at me just long enough to let me kiss him.   He did not kiss me back.   On my second kiss he told me I was about to cross a line from which I would not be able to retreat.   I looked him in the eye and said only ‘I know’.   The third kiss he reluctantly did accept my lips and wrapped his arms around my back grabbing an ass cheek with each hand to hold me up on him.
I relaxed my grip around his waist and let my legs fall back to the ground.

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    I slid down his tall frame until my face was nuzzling at his chest through his shirt.   I pulled his shirt up from behind as high as I could reach and he took it off from there.   Then stepping back I released his belt and unsnapped the 501s he filled out so nicely.   I was surprised and happy to see his cock pop free when his jeans fell off his waist with no underwear.   He smiled and mentioned underwear was something he hated wearing and purposefully did not wear underwear now because it was something that my mom did not like that was in his own little way a victory of some independence.   I could not help myself.   Sucking dick was not something that I often liked to do with guys I’d been with in college.   Their own goal was to get off themselves so sucking a dick was an option to just getting fucked and getting what I could out of the experience.   However Matt was more than I could control myself around.   I dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth like a baby accepts a bottle.   He tasted good and I could feel him grow in my mouth.   I let my tongue explore the underside of his shaft, around the base of the head of his cock and up to the slit at the end.   It was an incredible feeling for me and I couldn’t stop myself from exploring him in my mouth.   He was gentle and let me have my way not moving or forcing himself in me, but letting me slide back and forth at my own pace.   His cock continued to grow longer than what I could get into the back of my mouth.

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    I tried to get my lips all the way to the base of his cock, but the head went into my throat.   I could have taken the length, but he width of his cock would not allow it to go down my throat further so instead I continued to focus on the head and shaft.   I continued this exploring for about five minutes on not a word was said and until this point he’d not touched me in any other way.  I felt a slight twitch in his cock and looked up to him with his dick never leaving my mouth as he looked down to meet my eyes I knew he was about to cum.   I gave him an approving nod and with that I closed my eyes focused on using my tongue as much as my mouth on him and then it hit me like a cannon shot.   The first shot hit the top of my mouth and I quickly moved down as far as possible so the rest of his 6 to 7 shots went straight down my throat.   I held him there for a long while until I knew he was spent then slowly pulled the head of his dick back past my throat and slid my mouth off his cock.   He collapsed back on the couch watching me swallow what was left of him in my mouth.   I moved between his legs still on my knees and kissed him shooting my tongue into his mouth to share the taste.   He willingly accepted my tongue and kissed me back more passionately then I have ever been kissed in my life.
      If my pussy were not wet and sensitive enough by this point it certainly grew and I felt a little knot of anticipation building in my stomach.   He continued to kiss me and with his strong frame picked me up from the floor in one swoop and carried me to my bedroom laying me across my bed and moving the giant overstuffed teddy bear he’d given me as a gift on a previous visit.   I felt so small as Matt stood over me laying across my bed and I could now more than ever appreciate his strength and size.   He moved toward me laying across the top of me by never quite touching my body with his except to kiss me with the same passion he’s just done on the living room couch.   My body shivered with chills and my nipples hardened until they hurt.

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        He moved from kissing my lips over my chin, down my neck to the middle of my chest then took a breast into his mouth and gently flicked my nipple with his tongue.   I was beside myself and wanted so badly to relieve myself by shoving my fingers in my own pussy to give myself the building release I needed.   Matt felt my anticipation and as if I had said out loud what I was thinking he continue sucking on my breast, one then the other, while moving his hands up to grab my wrists and pin me from touching myself or him in any way.   I couldn’t help myself and as I have never experience before I began to squirm uncontrollably under his body.   He let the weight of his frame slowly down on my hips and waste.   I could feel the head of his cock against the opening of labia and I so wanted him to push into me and spread my pussy lips wide open.   Instead he slowly and purposefully guided the head of his dick up and down the length of my pussy slit from the bottom all the way up past my clit and back down again.   I was going crazy and before I knew what had happened my pussy clenched up and I body went as rigid as a board pushing against his weight and I came – I came hard and deep and long.   When I started to relax I didn’t have the same feeling of being spent and not wanting more (like was so often the case with other boys I’d been with).   My body had not betrayed me and even though I had just reached the most intense orgasm I’d ever felt I was ready for more (instead of the usual clenching my teeth through the rest of being fucked until the guy was finished).  
    Matt released his grip on my wrists and lifted his hips and guided me to roll over onto my stomach under him.   He pulled his knees up on either side and sat up on the back of my thighs.   I could feel the weight of his hard cock laying in the valley formed by my ass.   He leaned down and kissed the back of my neck pulling my hair to the side.  With his hands he rubbed my back hard and with deep massaging circles.


        Where his hands went his mouth followed with kisses down and down slowly until he reached my ass cheeks.   He continued rubbing up once cheek down the other and then pulled my ass cheeks apart and ran his tough the length down my ass until he got between my leg and was licking my pussy lips.   I could feel his nose buried in my ass as his tongue worked my pussy and clit from behind.   He knew my pussy better then I knew myself and with a finger rubbed the clit gently.   When his tongue hit the clit he’d move his finger inside my pussy and rub my g-spot simultaneously.   I couldn’t help myself and I began to once again feel another orgasm coming on.   He sensed this too and kept up the rhythm with his fingers but moved his head and body back up my back until I felt the head of his cock against my pussy lips and moved his finger away.   Slowly, and without missing a beat he moved his cock past the entrance to my pussy moving in an inch, pulling all the way back out and pushing back in an inch deeper each time until I could feel his groin and balls all the way up against the back of my legs and the top of his dick bottoming out inside my pussy.   He was bigger than anything I have had before.   He was more gentle, caring of my needs, knowing of my desires and a man like no other now buried as deep into my pussy as possible.   For the first time since kissing him in the living room either of use spoke when he told me that I made his cock feel so incredibly good inside my tight pussy.   With that he began to slowly move in and out fucking me.   I could not help myself and without any thing more to grab onto I bit down on an edge of comforter clenching my teeth and the orgasm I was so close to finally took over and I once again screamed and clenched down my pussy against the side of his cock.   Matt slowly slid his cock completely out of my pussy and I felt the fire of a thousand torches shooting though my body.   I was out of control and needed more.

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        But now more than what I needed, I needed to feel him explode inside my pussy washing the inside with his cum.    As soon as I felt his weight come off my ass I rolled over and motioned for him to roll off of me onto his back.   I got up next to him and kissed the light hair on his stomach and up his chest.   Reaching his face I had taken the time necessary to rest myself.   I reached one leg over him straddling his waste until I felt his cock at my pussy.   Pushing back I felt his length drive into me until I was at the bottom where I could sit up on him and fuck him for myself.   He tried putting his hands on my ass to guide me but I made him grab the bed covers and rode him myself up and down, side to side and in circular motions.   I wanted his cock to feel every part of my pussy as it had done in my mouth before.   I was purposefully moving slowly although I could tell he wanted me to speed up the rhythm to make him cum.   I denied him this and made him watch me play with my own tits as I rode up and down, back and forth across his pelvis driving his cock into the deepest parts of my pussy.   He loved the show and when his eyes shifted from my kneading my own tits to looking at my pussy grinding against his hips, cock buried to the hilt.   Then I felt it.   His cock twitched and the thrust of his cum moving up the shaft I felt on the walls of my pussy until it exploded out of the top deep inside of me.   I’d never felt so satisfied in myself or having satisfied a partner as I did with Matt.   We collapsed in each others arms, me on top of him leaving his spent cock to soften inside my pussy until it slipped out on it’s own.

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        We slept for a short time until the motion of one of us moving stirred up both awake again.   Matt and I had one more good fucking on the bed when he turned me around and fucked me doggie style.   This time there were no points for style, it was raw animal fucking.   My banging my ass back to meet his every thrust forward, he had a hold of my waist at the top of each hip and was using my hip bone to pull himself deep into me until.   I quickly succumbed to an unprecedented third orgasm in one night no less intense than either of the first two.   However Matt could sense I was overly sensitive inside when he pulled out and turned me over shoving his cock into my face.   I had just wrapped my lips around the head when  I felt the first shot hit my tongue, Matt thrust downward into my throat and finished cuming deeper down my throat than I have ever had anything before that didn’t hit my stomach and get digested.
    Matt and I have continued our sharing in the passion of living in the shadows with an abusive mother/wife.   I have recently gotten engaged myself to another man, but that’s a different part of my life.   I will continue to fuck Matt and I suspect the same will be true through my own marriage.   In our own twisted way it our gift to each other for having to share the life we lead with our common devil.   I don’t expect anyone else to understand or accept the fact that Matt was, is and continues to be the best fuck and most talented partner I will ever have, but for Matt and I this works and as long as we are willing and able we will continue fucking each other this way.

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