My sis had grown up.


I had joined the Army after getting out of school at 18 years old and when I left my little sister (call her Janice) was just 10 years old. I was always her "big brother" and we got along great. I had never thought about sex with her at all.
When I arrived home I was supprised to see this very sexy young girl run out and jump in my arms and give a kiss on the mouth. She said "oh it's so good to have you home again, I have missed you so". I just stood there and looked at what was a well rounded young girl of 13.
We went inside and she wanted to know all about what I had been doing and to my supprise she ask if I'd been getting lots of pussy. I told her she was to young to talk like that. I could see her nipples sticking through her "T" shirt, but she pulled the shirt up and exposed two of the most beautiful tits I had ever say. She said, "do this look like a little girl to you"? I could feel my cock start to get hard just from looking at her wonderful tits. I told her she better stop before Mom and Dad come in and saw her like that. "Oh I forgot to tell you they have gone for the weekend, and we have the house to our selves"
I was setting on the sofa and she walked up and wiggled her tits almost in my face and said "Do you like them? I told her they were beautiful. "You can feel them if you want" I was almost in a trance as I put my hand on her perfect rounded tits and squeezed them. She pushed back and before I knew what was going on I had one of them in my mouth sucking on it. She was moaning and saying "suck them big brother suck both of them". By this time my cock was as hard as a rock and bulging in my shorts.

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   She sat on my lap and started rubbing my cock through my shorts. "You have a nice big cock there brother, let's take it out so I can see it" I pulled down my shorts and briefs and my cock sprang up. She let out a little scream and grabbed it and started pumping it slowly. I couldn't believe what was going on. Here I was with my 13 year old sister and she had my cock in her hand as I sucked her tits.
She stood up and pulled her shorts down and threw them away and said "take my panties off brother". I reached out and pulled down her panties to see a small patch of hair on her pussy. I rubbed her and slid my finger into her little slit to find that she was very wet. She got down on her knees in front of me and opened her mouth and started sucking my the big head of my cock. "Oh Janice we shouldn't be doing this, you are my sister and besides that I'm much to old for you". She just looked up at me and continued to suck and jack my cock.
Here I was home for only less than an hour and I had my little sister sucking my cock and enjoying every minute of it. I had laid back on the sofa and my 8" cock was sticking straight up as she sucked the head and licked it. She pulled her mouth off and said "I need you in me, I need you to fuck me" and before I could say anything she was on my lap with a leg on each side with my cock touching the hair on her cunt. I was totaly out of control by now and all I wanted to do was get my cock in her sweet little pussy and fuck for dear life.

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   I guided my cock to her small fuck hole and rubbed it up and down a couple of times and then it happen, she lowered her self and I had the head of my cock in her pussy. She was so tight and wet I wanted to just ram all of my cock in her but thought better. I ask her if she had ever been fucked before and she shook her head yes as she began to ride my cock up and down going deeper with every stroke. I looked down and watched my cock slowly disappear into her tight little cunt.
After she had buried all of me in her she started to bounce up and down and I shoved my cock up to meet her every stroke. She had her eyes closed and was moaning " Oh Oh Oh" with every stroke. She was so tight I knew I wouldn't last long and she bucked up and down on my cock. "Oh fuck me big brother, fuck me the way I've always wanted you to fuck me. " Oh shit sis I'm about to cum should I pull out"? NO keep fucking me and shoot your cum in my belly" She made about three more bounced and she started with a low moan that keep getting louder until she almost screamed out "I'm cummmmmminnnnngggg" With that I started to pump a full load of cum deep into her pussy. We slowed the pace and I unloaded every drop of cum I had in her. She leaned over and kissed me and said "I have dreamed of this for a long time and it was just as wonderful as I ever thought it would be" I told her that she was the best fuck I had ever had and we decided that there would be much more of this before the week end was up.