My Sister, A Comic Book Babe: Part 2


I couldn't believe what I was seeing My little girl was getting fucked by her brother. At first I couldn't help getting jealous of my own son for doing what I longed to do for so long. I shut the video off, and walked around trying to calm down. Finally my perverted mind got the best of me and I found my self back in front of the T. V. My jealousy turned back into lust and I pulled out my cock and started enjoying the home video.

I stood in the kitchen with my legs spread apart and my ass pushed out. I had to hold on to the counter to keep my balance, because my knees were weak. He was up to three fingers now and moving them like a jack hammer. My brothers other had was occupied grouping my bare chest, paying special attention to my sensitive nipples. "Fuck my wet cunt!", I screamed as I reached the climax of my orgasm. My knees gave out and he held me up, gripping me by my pussy and a arm around my waist. He kept fingering me till my pussy stopped contracting and loosened its grip on his hand. I regained my balance and turned around leaning on the counter. He lifted his hand to his mouth and sucked my juices from his hand. God, I loved it when he sucked my cum.

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   I started looking for my shirt.

"What cha doing? I thought we'd go again", I asked her as I pointed out my new hard on. "Dad is coming home early to take me out for some daddy/ daughter time, she told me. I sat back in a chair and slowly stroked my self as she dressed. She pulls her new form fitting green top down over her small tits. There was a faded picture of The Incredible Hulk's face on the top and her nipples made his eyes pop out. She pulled herblack shirt up, hiding that perfect pussy from me. "What, no underwear", I ask. "I would if a certain person didn'tdirty all of them with his tasty cum", she laughs. There was a honk of the horn out side, from dads car. "Hurry, before you leave, let me shoot in your mouth", I added "pretty please". She rolled her eyes and got on her knees. "You sure know how to sweet talk a gal", she said as she stuck out her tongue and let the head of my cock rest on it as she jerked me off. I was already there so as soon as she started to pull on my dick, I shot off like a rocket, each stream of cum made my dick jerk a little. Shelooked up at me and showed me her mouth full of cum before she swallowed it all.

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   I watched her run out to the car and give him a quick peck on the lips before they drove off. I wonder if he could taste my cum on her lips.

Her lips tasted funny, a little salty but still a electrifying. She didn't know what effect she on her old man. Her out fit was absolutely amazing. Her top was so tight and her skirt was so small, that I instantly had an erection. "So you seen any good tapes, I mean movies lately daddy?", she asked me. It was a little unnerving, like she knew about the teddy. No, She couldn't or she would be so naughty in front of it, would she? "Can't say I have, Peanut". "So what do you want to do today, honey?", I ask her. She looks out the window and strokes her chin thoughtfully. I steal glances at her when ever I can afford to have my eyes off the road. I can't stop imagining her nude. With those perky tits I would suck on like a baby and a shaved pussy that eat for hours. I knew I was a bad father for having such bad thoughts and I felt guilty but I knew if given the chance I'd fuck her for all I was worth.

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I could feel my father's eyes on me and I loved it. I knew he must have watched my sex tape by now and he probably was hoping to get some if he got me alone. We'll his was right but I wanted to make him sweat first. "Lets go to the mall, There's a comic shop I've been wanting to check out", I told him. It was a short drive to the mall and it didn't take long for us to find a parking spot. I had my seat belt off before we parked and as dad turned the car off, I hopped over onto his lap. "What are you doing", he asked me in a surprised voice. "You parked to close to the car on my side and I can't open the door". My pussy pressed against his huge bulge in his jeans. I bounced on his lap and he grunted. "Oh, I didn't hurt you, did I daddy?", I asked pouting my lip. "No, Peanut" he mumbled. I loved it when he called me by his special nick name for me.

I could feel her moist, damp mound on my hard on and then she kind of bounced on me to move closer to the door. It didn't hurt but I almost came right there.

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   "Today's gonna be fun daddy", she whispered so low that I almost she imagined it. She opened the door and hopped down and without thinking I patted her on the butt. "Ohhh", she squeaked and the giggled, giving me a sexy grin over her shoulder. Why, did I do that, it was just an impulse I couldn't stop. . . wait was she not wearing any panties. My mind was racing with thoughts of her that I forgot that I needed to get out of the car. When we walked into she grabbed my hand and we walked like that till we got close to the comic shop.

My dad slapped my ass, he was about to blow and that's when I knew that my idea to come to the mall today was a great plan. We were close to the comic shop when I suddenly pull my dad to the side and into a tattoo/ piercing shop. "What are we doing in here", He asks me. I leaned into my dad, pressing my chest against his. "I was thinking we could get my nipple pierced", I said. I had been wanting to get it don for a while but I needed a parents signature and ever since I found out about daddy's teddy hobby, I've been waiting for the perfect time to use it to my advantage.

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   "I don't think s", I stopped him in his tracks. "Daddy, I know about your special teddy bear". He looked at me for a while, mouth open and shut but nothing came out. "Your mom doesn't find out about either okay", he said to me in a stern voice. I nodded to the cute guy behind the counter, I had talked to him about this a couple of times before. The guy led me behind the curtain. I went back out and took my dad in, he was shocked, he didn't think he'd get to see the show.

I was pulled into the back and was amazed that I was about to get to see my daughter's tits. The worker handed me the papers to sign and left the room (I found out later to lock up and put the closed sign up). I put down my john cock and then put them down on a table. She got up on the chair and then pulled her shirt over her head. They were small and beautiful. Her nipples were little and pink. "Better in 3D?", she looked at me and smiled. The guy came back in before I could answer.

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   He picked up a clamp and pinched her nipple, he put a needle through there and then it was all over. My dick was as hard as stone. I didn't bother to hide it.

My father was enjoying this and the fun wasn't over yet. The worker slid his hand up my skirt and found my pussy soaking wet. "You ever think about getting this wet cunt of yours pierced", he asked as he pinched my clit. I arched my back as I felt the pleasure shoot through my body. "I don't know, do you think it would look good daddy?", I moaned. The guy pulled my skirt off and my dad came closer to get a better look. The guy had slipped a finger in my cunt and was feeling around. "You got a tight cunt", he told us as he started playing with himself. "I don't know, I might need to see what it looks like with a fat cock in it, first", I was surprised by what my dad was saying and was turned on. He pulled off his pants and let his cock out. It wasn't much bigger than my brother's but it was a lot thicker. I got up off the table and my dad replaced me.

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   I got up and straddled him. "You ready to fuck your little peanuts cunt?", He stroked his cock and replied "Your about to find out". His cock tickled my pussy lips as I positioned my self. He reached up and grabbed my hips. I took a deep breath as he harpooned me with his dick.

All my fantasizes and more was coming true. My little girl's mouth made a big "O" as my cock pushed her lips further and further apart to make room for my dick. "Your daddies little slut", I moaned as her lips touched the base of my dick. She sat there for a minute adjusting to my size. She started sliding up and down my pole, she'd go all the way up to the top and then slam back down. "Tell me your my dirty slut", I told her in passion. "I'm daddies dirty slut!" She alternated between that and "I love daddies big cock in my pussy!". It didn't take long before I felt her pussy grow tighter around me and suck my cock deeper. She stopped bouncing up and down but I kept humping her. Ohhh, daddy, I'm cumming on your cock!" She leaned forward and I sucked on her newly pierced nipple, I was careful not to hurt her.

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   She gyrated her hips in small circles as her warm cunt juice poured down my cock and made squishy sounds. It was music to my ears. "Your daddy's little cum slut now peanut", I whispered in her ear as she came to a rest on my chest breathing like we just ran a mile. I felt her ass slide up a little and I could feel the guys dick against mine as he forced his way into my little girls ass hole.

His dick felt awesome in my tight ass. I didn't hurt as much as the first time I let my boyfriend in. I bit into my dad's shoulder as the pressure increased in my ass. The guy kept slapping my ass checks. My moans came sharp but was quieted when my dad stuck his tongue in my mouth. We mad out as the guy started plowing away. Me and my dad laid still as his dick slammed into my ample ass, I felt my dad's dick twitch and he was moaning. He bucked his hips and my pussy felt warmer. He was planting his seed in my cunt. The pill would keep us from getting in any trouble but it still felt trilling knowing the same sperm that made me and my brothers dick that fucked me, was coating me deep within. The guy was louder than both of us and it took him a half hour in my ass before he blew his load.

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   I got up and everyone was getting dressed. Both of their cum seeped out of my holes and ran down my milky thighs.

She was bent over her bed and I fucked her doggy style. The new little green piercing above her clit felt great against my dick as I slid in and out of her. Her nipple studs shook with each trust. "Fuck my hot cunt, hard!" She moaned almost as loud as our mother was down the hall in our parents room. The new comics her and dad went and got today, were spread out all over the bed, we didn't get far in reading them before we had to take a break. It sounded like our parents had the same idea. "You like it hard, don't you slut", "Yes, YeS, YES, YES!", she screamed. I couldn't help wonder as I cummed inside my sister, if my mother's cunt felt as good as the velvet one I was in right now.

Again if you didn't get any photo's of my sexy comic book geek sister, then I'll send them by request to your email. If you already got the pics from the first one, I'm sorry there isn't ant new ones.
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