My Sister, A Comic Book Babe.


My bedroom door was cracked open. That wasn't good that means My Lil Sis had been in there again. I went in to investigate what she had got into. Nothing seemed to be out of place, till I noticed my box of comics missing. This was bad, because I had some rare ones in there and she was a notorious slob. I'll kill her if she spilled anything on them. I rushed out of my room and headed down the hall in a furry. I opened her door and stopped in my tracks, I should have knocked. All anger left my body and I could see my face turn red.

I had just got out of the shower and was trying to think what to do. It was so boring home alone. I wrapped my towel around my head, to keep my wet hair up and out of the way. I pulled my favorite lime green panties up around my slim hips and started hunting for my converse. I hated walking around the house bare foot. I found them under my bed and put them on, who needs socks. I looked at my self in the mirror and pinched my nipples they were always so hard after taking a shower.

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   I turned around pretending to check out my ass but I was really just turning my body to face the hidden teddy bear camera in my room. My dad didn't know that I knew that he hide the camera in my room. After a few minutes I left my room still topless, my girls needed the fresh air. I tried to watch some T. V. but like usually I found my self in my big brothers room. I went to his dresser and looked for his hidden vintage porn mags. I loved touching my self to them knowing my brother had beat off them, maybe even rubbing his hard dick all over it. They weren't there anymore, maybe he knew I looked at them. I spent awhile looking for them but couldn't so I just laid down on his bed. I wonder if my brother ever thought of me in the dirty ways I did about him, probably not since I was just a tiny chested freshman. I was getting wet, and I didn't want to get my underwear dirty already so I pulled them down. I touched my smooth bare mound and then my tight vertical smile. I wanted to grow a bush like the woman in my brothers old playboys. I didn't waste time and went straight for my erect clit.

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   It only took a few hard rubs for my sensitive cunt to reach orgasm. I took my brothers pillow and pressed against my slit. I humped it like a dog on a leg. After a few minutes I returned to normal and put his pillow back and smiled thinking about him sleeping with his face in my dried juices later tonight. Thats when I noticed his box of Comics. Oh well there was nothing better to do.

My jaw must of hit the ground. My 15 year old sister was laying in the floor on her stomach with almost all my comics sprawled across the floor. That not what made me stop in my tracks. She was topless and her tits were pressed against some of my Amazing Spider-man issues. Her cute panties clang tightly to her round ass and she kicked her legs back and fourth as she read. This was like a wet dream come true. I could feel my dick grow at the site of her squished breast. She looked up at me and smiled big enough that I could see almost all her teeth. "I hope you don't mine, that I borrowed your comics", She told me.

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   It wasn't fare, How could I be mad when she was so cute and half naked. I shifted trying to hide my boner. She brushed her short red hair out of her face, it always fell into her eyes. "Its okay", I could barely get it out. I had been with girls before so I shouldn't have been so shocked but this was my baby sister. I couldn't even begin to tell you how often I had jerked of to dirty ideas of my underage sister or used a pair of her panties or sniffed a dirty bra.

I had planned to have his comics back in his room before he got home. At first a just took pics of them and me on my camera phone, you know covering my tits and pussy with comics. Sexy ones I might send to my boyfriend. Then I began reading some of them, and they were a lot better than I expected. Soon I was half way through the box, when I heard him coming home. I figured since it was to late to put his comics away without getting caught then maybe I could throw him off his guard. It worked better than I thought It would. I could see his wood before he could adjust himself, I could feel an itch between my thighs. Maybe I could take this further if i played my cards right.

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"You want to read with me", she asked me leaning up a little so I could almost make out a nipple. If I played my card right maybe I could have some fun with her. "Sure", I replied and plopped down next to her. I looked her up and down again and I grew a few more inches in my pants. She buried her face back into a comic and I picked one to and pretended to read. After a while She turned around to look at me and asked a question. It took all my will to look up from her now exposed side boob and answer her. She had small 36 A tits and pointy pink nipples with small brown freckles all over. She turned back and I almost pounced on her. I reached out and rubbed her back. She pretended not to noticed. Her skin was so soft and intoxicating. I rubbed her shoulder blades before I got braver and moved to her sides. She let out soft purrs as I stroked the sides of her tits. I can't believe she was letting me feel her and rub her down.

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   I moved down her back and kept going lower until I reached her panties waist line. I slid my hand under her waist band and slid my hand down her crack. My other hand was grabbing at my cock inside my jeans. I squeezed each butt check before I pulled my hand out. She didn't look back she just widespread "don't stop". I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock, it stood straight up, enjoying being out. I stroked my self as I grabbed her pussy mound. She gasped in surprise and went rigid, as stiff as a board. Her panties were thin enough for me to feel her damp pussy lips. I could feel more of her juices flow out of her slit, I must have made her cum. I pushed her panties to the side and slipped a finger into her. "More you dirty pervert", she moaned. I can't believe she was talking so dirty. I almost blew a load right there. I pushed another finger into her tight slit, her juices made it a little easier.

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   She took her ass in there and I started working my fingers in and out of her. "Oh, yeah! Fuck my wet cunt, my cuuuuuunt!", She kept moaning over and over. I was now pumping my fingers into her as fast as I could and she was moving her hips, trying to hump my hand. She pushed herself up and forced my hand down so that she was sitting on it. I'm not gonna lie, it hurt like hell but I had never seen anything hotter than my whole life. She grind her pelvis into my hand so hard you could hear my knuckles banging on the floor. "Mhmmm, Thats it you fucker, make my pussy cum. Right there, right there, right here!", She repeated in a high voice that boarder screaming. Luck for us we were alone. Her pussy gripped my fingers hard and sucked them as deep as I could go. She leaned back, looking up at the ceiling and opened her mouth wide, making a load "Oh" sound, her petite breast shook with the force of her orgasm. I grabbed one of her tits and pinched her rock hard nipple. Her cunt burst with juices and they ran down my hand for about three minutes.

My whole body fell like jelly and I went limp. I was on cloud nine and was out of it.

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   He took me in his strong arms and laid me down on my back, I could feel my juices on my back where I came like a fucking lake. I could feel him taking my panties off and I know I should say something like, no, your my brother, or please not inside me but I I really wanted his long hard cock deep inside me and thats exactly what I got. He slide his cock up and down my slit, flicking my clit every time, teasing me. "Need some help finding the hole, or is your dick so small your already in?", I teased him. It seemed to get the job down a little to well because he shoved his cock in my cunt so hard that when his balls smacked against my ass he erupted, shooting his hot seed deep within me. I could feel his prick twitch and my cunt got warmer, thats how I knew he was getting off. He picked me up off the floor and took me into a bear hug. He kept pumping his dick into me so hard that it was lifting me up and my ass would fall back down, making a loud wet slapping nose. We were both breathing insanely hard. Man, he was a good fuck, even though he didn't last long, He better last longer next time. As we caught our breath his dick shrunk and slid out of me. I got up and put some fresh panties on and a loose white top. "I'll be ready in a few minutes", He called to me. "I bet you will be", I threw my dirty lime green panties at him, "and you can borrow this if you want", I laughed at him. "Maybe we'll "read comics" together next week, give you some time to build some endurance".

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   I joked with him. He got dressed and we laid on my bed and looked at more comics. He would periodically grab my ass or tease my pussy but I didn't like him get anymore that day. I kept wondering what daddy was gonna do after he saw the tape me and my big brother doing the nasty, hopefully he'll punish me, If I played my cards right.

Pictures of my sexy comic book geek sister by request, sent to email