My Sister and Me


my daugher and I lived in new orleans and we had to flee the city and drive north,as the hurricance was comming to louisiana my daughter was pretty upset,her mom and I devorced 3 yrs ago and we have really become very close.while sitting in long lines of traffee my daughter wanted to sit by myside in my truck, now the good part, my daughter is 19 and shes 5'7 long blond flowing hair "stright" and she flips its over in the front and its very sexy when she does that,now the rest,shes about 115lbs about a 34b or c breasts and has to be a perfect 34-24-36 or very close, my daughter loves to wear clothes that show her body in a classy and sexy way,her blue eyes are very deep when she look at you and you would have trouble looking the other way!!, as we were trying to go north she fell asleep  with her head onmy lap in the truck,while driving over 400 miles we stopped for gas which was hard to find and somthing to eat. after getting that we started looking for a place to stay,we wound up in nashville tn, we got a hotel room and we found out that there was one one bed and it was a queen,well i said well i guess we have to make the best of this,, while undressing into my shorts my daughter went to the bathroom to change and when she walked out the bathroom I was stunned,she was wearing one of my tee shirts and just panties,see I am about 5'5 my tss shirts are not that long, well its showed her panties,we were watching tv and seeing where the hurricane was going, i told her i was going to bed i was beat from all the driving,as i fell alseep o felt her come and lay down next to me and snuggle close to my back while spooning me,as we fell asleep we were out for a long time we got up in 12 hrs her and I were so tryed,that morning we got up and took her showers and my daughter yelled at me saying that she slipped and fell in the shower, well i ran in there and saw her sitting in the tub and holding her leg,so i picked her and naked of course and carried her to the bed,then i got her a blanket to cover her which was very hard to do looking at her shaved and very virgen pussy, she cover up and said thank you daddy .i looked at her leg and she just twisted it a little so the whole day we stayed in the hotel and got room service and watched Tv, while sitting there about 530 that evening she wanted to go out and do somthing i said are you ok to walk, she saod yes daddy, i told her to get dressed and  then we left, we went all over had a great time, one thing that she did not put on was a bra she had no panties on with her short skirt was very sexy looking, i was getting hard all over again, well we got back to the hotel and after looking at her sexy body for the last 5 hrs my cock was staying longer then it should have,we got to the room and I took off my shirt and then pants getting under the covers while she was in the bathroom, when she came out she was wearing my teeshirt but still NO panties,WOW i though, how sexy,we layed there in bed talking and her head was on my shoulder as my arm was around her rubbing her back,I was soo hard and trying to hide it know that my daughter was almost naked next to me in the bed,as we were talking my daughter asked me if she knew that i was still a virgen, I said baby I was hoping you still were and saving that for that one special man in your life,well as she looked at me,she leaned up and kissed me on my lips telling me that she loved me and would never sleep around just becasue,after saying that i leaned over and kissed her back on her lips and while kissing her she slipped her toung in my mouth and then i did the same in return while kissing my daughter her hand slowly slipped under the covers and started to feel my very very hard cock, my daughter was softly jurking me off and it felt so good, I started to moan and i told her that this was in no was what we should be doing becasueI am your father and your my daughter,, she told me that it was time that she felt what it was like to make love and wanted this to be special,well thats all i needed to hear,after sayng that she took off her teeshirt and there she was very sexy naked and wet and horny,while kissing me she rolled on top of my riding me,I was not in her just sitting on top of my legs rubbing back and forth and running my cock the lenth of her pussy lips. I was so hard to and could not wait to feel her insides with my hard cock, as she was sliding back and forth she told me that she was not on the pill and she did not want to use a condom,not that i had any,,, so anyway she rose up and grabbed my long and very hard cock and put it at the opening of her lips and slowly started to push it into her,as slowly pushing down on my cock she was looking in my eyes and i was feeling her nipples and sucking them also,while going deeper in my daughter she got to the point where it got very hard to do and she said here goes daddy i am no longer a virgen as she pushed down kinda of hard and she let out a yell, saying ohh my god, that hurt,,,, after that she slid all the way down on my very hard cock and started to ride me for all it was worth,and ohh my god was my daughter tight, I told her after about 20 mins of fucking and sucking and kssing I could not hold off any longer and she said as i was about to cum i asked to to rasie up and she said no daddy I am all yours and i want your baby inside of my belly and i want to feel your seed deep inside of me I want to fill me with all of it and I want to have a baby and i want it to be yours daddy,as i was shooting my very big load of seman deep into my daughters womb sending her  over the edge almost for 30 seconds,after we both clamed down and were laying there she told me that if she was preg she would love that, and I told her well baby what if i did not do the job right she pulled me on top of her saying as my hard cock slipped back into her very tight pussy saying then lets make sure as she wrapped her long legs around my back as I was fucking my daughter again and my balls were slapping against her ass I was soo horny again knowing that my seed was inside my daughter and I was getting ready to shoot off another load inside my daughter and while pumping her for all it was worth my daughter was cumming and I felt her pussy squrtting all over my cock and it was soo wet it was like she was peeing on my cock, as i shot my load deep in her and giving her my love deep inside her,well now some 6 months later my baby girl has a little bigger belly and our baby will be a very nice outcome from the hurricane,we named it after the hurricane saying that mother nature made this happen and now I make love to her almost ever morning shooting cum deep in her and she tells me that shes wants at least 2 more babys from me and that she will never find a man like me ever,we are still living in Tn but moved around a little and my daughter want to try anel and told me that she hopes she likes it,becasue my cock is very specail and want me to cum in her ass when we do that, wow,now Iam writing this and shes  laying down on the bed naked smiling at me know as soon as i finish I am going to lay on top of her shooting more cum deep in her belly again and again,Hope you liked,
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