My Sister - Asleep on the couch


I came home from the bar just after midnight. As I walked past the living room I saw my sister sleeping on the couch in her nightgown. I stopped and turned back to get another look. She was laying on her side with her bottom leg out straight and the other curled up towards her chest. Her nightgown was hiked up enough that I could see all the way up her legs to where her thighs pressed together. My hand reached down and grabbed my semi hard cock through my jeans. I started to rub the head of my dick as I stood there looking at her smooth legs and the bottom of her cute little ass.

I walked into the room and sat down in the recliner next to the couch giving me a perfect view of my sisters exposed thighs. I unzipped my jeans pulled out my hard dick and started stroking it slowly.

My cock grew harder as I slid my hand steadily up and down my shaft. I starred at my sister thighs wishing they were just a few inches further apart so I could see her pussy. Her smooth hairless thigh s looked like they were begging for me to squeeze them. I wanted so badly to get up and take advantage of the situation. My sister was laying in the perfect position to get fucked from behind. I could straddle her on the couch kneeling just behind her ass. My cock would come to rest between her plump ass cheeks.

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   I’d push forward and slide my dick between her thighs inching closer with each pump. When I felt the hot moisture of her young pussy I’d thrust my dick deep into her pussy. As soon as she screamed I would wrap my arm around to cover her mouth with my hand.
Fantasizing about my sister and jerking off looking at her made me extremely excited. Precum leaked out of my dick letting my hand glide up and down nice and smooth.

With my hand over her mouth to stifle her screams I would pump my dick in and out of her pussy as fast as I could go. I imagined how tight her young pussy was and squeezing my dick to match the sensation.
It wouldn’t take long before I’d be ready to blow. I’d bury my dick so deep in my sisters pussy making me cum harder than I ever had before. My throbbing dick would fill her pussy with hot thick cum.

I leaned back in the recliner stroking my dick harder and faster as I pictured her pussy stretched tightly around my cock. I wanted to get behind her on the couch and jerk my dick as I looked down at her sweet ass. It would be so hot to jerk off so close to her and shoot my cum all overher ass. I knew it would be way to risky, but the drunk pervert inside me knew this was a golden opportunity and would make the most of it.

I got out of the chair walked over to the couch and stood looking down at my sister as I stroked my cock over her face.

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   I held my cock right in front of her mouth. I felt her hot breath blow over the head of my dick and almost lost control. I pumped my hand up and down my shaft as fast as I could just inches from my little sisters mouth. I aimed my cock at her soft rosy cheek held my breath and closed my eyes knowing I was close to painting her sweet little face. A colossal jolt shot through my body as I reached my peak. A huge wad of thick sticky cum spewed from my dick and splashed across my little sister’s cheek. My cock twitched shooting load after load of cum onto her face, across her lips, and down her neck.

I looked down to see her sweet innocent face dripping with cum and grin ear to ear as I rub my cock back and forth across her slick cheek. I stood there for a few more minutes to admire my work before gathering myself and heading upstairs to bed.
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