My sister: Chapter 1


keep in mind this is my first erotic storie and I hate english so dont look at the damn grammer :)
It was a hell of a day that had passed. I had failed two important tests that would determine my grade and at age 17 my high school education mattered. I had stayed after school for a dance and since it was late i thought to be the only one home. I was drawn to the house tired and sweating, but upon entering the house I heard moaning noises. . .
So I had crept up the stairs slowly and silently to try and figure out what it was that was making this strange noise. "Huh, I thought so" My mind had whispered. When I cracked open the door open, my sister laydown on the computer chair legs spread to where her wet shaved pussy was exposed. . . Her lips were drenched in her own love juice being of just 13 she was new at this but also was loving it. Her fingers soft and pink were shoved up her own mound again and again when they were pulled out she sighed and started again.
 She was masterbating to a hentai series I've seen many times before. It was called cool devices. It was a series of Japenese hentai that involved capture bondage and fetish along with s and m.

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   It was from there I could not move my eyes off her I just stared and almost automatically unzippered my jeans to reveal a 8 inch dick that I began rubbing at my own will. I thought she had heard me, so wanting more I ran in and grabbed the panties from the floor and stuck them up her mouth to be used as a gag. I had lost control of what I was doing I was now Controlled by my penis. . .
Her lips were still wide open and wet so I ramed my pointer finger in and out of her pussy then added another finger in and what I thought was going to happen indeed did her unheard scream was replaced by a deep moan. She itseems was confused plesure or pain and was this real. To bring her back to reality I Jammed two more fingers in her pussy Hell had struck my mind once again as she squirted out another load of cum. There laid my sister uncouncious and barley breathing I needed to relax, I needed to calm down for if i didn't the police might here me. when I thought I was hurting her I came to my sences pulled back and started crying unsure of what to do.
Then unexpected part had come to happen she had pulled the gag out of her mouth and grabes help of my dick and kisses it she looks at me and says, "Ill love you no matter what" Tears begin running down her face too and to my surprise she has been waiting for this all along she starts to come close and with that gave me passionate kiss I will never forget.
    . .
    She gets up and unbuttons her blouse to show me her now totally naked body. her face looked at mine we both stood there naked staring and with that she took my cock and led and guided it into her natural blound pussy It felt great I was in a state of aw when this happened and I realized that She was My sister I immeaditly got dressed and left crying as I slammed the door.

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       I then feel asleep just wondering about her.
    To be continued
    Thanks for reading my storie remember this is my story I have ever written so give honest feed back but can u be kind ya know (not like simon on American Ideal)tell me if u want to know what happens

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