My Sister Lee and I Find Lust with Friends


During that summer, we would go to the local public pool with a few of our friends. I would usually get to take a friend or two, as well as my sister. Despite the fact that I acted like she and her friends were a major pain to be around, I really liked the attention that these younger girls gave me. Seeing my sister with her friends, and looking around the swimming pool that summer, I truly began to notice how pretty and sexy she was becoming. She was a few inches taller than most of her friends, she was very active in sports, so she was a rather tall and lean girl. She really hadn’t started to develop much for hips, but I did seem to think her butt was not quite as small. It seemed to be getting bigger, just like her small boobs. They were so pretty in her small swimsuit. Mom had bithched about her buying something that "barely covered a thing. " But once my sister showed her the suits that all of her friends had bought, and took out the catalog from the department store that she had bought the suit from, mom must’ve decided it covered as much, or more that the others, and allowed her to wear it. Toward the end of the summer, my family decided to take a one week vacation, to stay at a cabin by a lake, in the northern part of our state. It was 2 weeks before the beginning of school. The middle of August, it was very hot. My folks explained that we couldn’t spend a lot of money on this vacation, so we would just take a short trip, not too far from home. They also told us we could each bring along one friend. I asked my friend Tom to go with me, and to my surprise, my sister decided to ask his sister Sharon.

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   Tom and Sharon lived just a few houses down the street from us, and spent quite a bit of time at our house. My sister, Lee, was a year older than Sharon, but they had become good friends. Tom was my age, and often talked about how "hot" my sister was starting to look. I acted like I hadn’t noticed, after all, she is my sister. Tom's sister, Sharon, had long strawberry blonde hair. Despite being very fair skinned, she seemed to tan very nicely in the summer time. Her breasts were just little buds, barely noticeable in her swimsuit. They actually seemed to be just large nipples, without any real breast. I found her very cute, but too young to do anything with. My sister, on the other hand, was 5’ 5" by this time, with short dark hair, and by this time, beginning to show some curves. When the day finally came for all of us to head up to the lake, we were all ready to get away for a few days. We had a station wagon that was pretty well packed in the back with all of our gear, so the 4 of us kids had to sit in the back seat together. My mom told my sister and I that we should sit in the middle, so that our friends could be by the windows, this meant I would be sitting right next to my sister, who was wearing her swimsuit under one of her t-shirts, and Sharon had dressed the same way for the trip in the car. It would only take a couple of hours to get there, so I guess they planned on heading straight to the beach. As we were driving, we were all talking and getting along well.

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   It was about halfway through the trip that my sister decided to turn around to get soda’s for all of us from the cooler in the back of the station wagon. As she turned to get them, she had to strain, and planted one of her breasts firmly against my arm. I don’t think she realized she was doing this, but each time she turned to get a soda for one of us, she pushed her tender, young breast into my arm. This happened six times, as she turned to get one for everyone in the car. Each time I became even more excited, and felt my dick getting harder with each time she rubbed her tit against my arm. I guess Tom had noticed the small bulge in my shorts and whispered, "What’s up with you?" I really blushed and told him I would have to explain later, not wanting to bring any more attention to what was causing my arousal. On the final time that my sister turned to get the last soda for herself, she had to reach even a little further back, as she pressed her tit even harder into my arm, I pressed back to get a better feel, and noticed that her shirt had risen above her swimsuit bottoms. I got a perfect view of her slender, muscled leg, but even better, I could see just the side of one of her pussy lips and a small wisp of sparse, dark, curly hair. I guess Tom noticed this at this time too, and kind of whispered, "Oh, now I see what’s happening!"I was glad when we finally reached the lake and we could get out of the car and Tom and I could talk about what had happened. He told me that he wished he had been the one sitting in the middle and had been able to feel my sisters tit pressing into him. I told him it did feel great, but I was embarrassed that it was my sister. It was then that he told me he had felt his sisters tits a couple of times, when she had fallen asleep on the couch late at night. He told me that he just couldn’t resist, because she was wearing a her nightgown, and as she had rolled over, after falling asleep watching a movie together when his parents had gone out, he had seen that one of her tiny nipples and small boobs were exposed through the top of the nightgown, as the v-neck had slipped over and down. This story really got me aroused, as I thought of what it would be like to feel Sharon’s small boobs. As expected, the girls had gone straight to the beach, and Tom and I were left to help unload the wagon.

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   We put our stuff in the room we would share, and carried the girls bags into their room. Both of our rooms were identical. They were not too small, and had a set of bunk beds in each. As we placed the bags in the girls room, Tom opened the duffel bag his sister had packed and pulled out a pair of her panties, and then one of her small training bras. He laughed and told me how he thought it would be funny to take all of his sisters underthings, so that she wouldn’t be able to wear any for the entire trip. He said she would probably think she had forgotten to pack them. I just laughed, and left to use the bathroom that divided our room from the girls and that we would be sharing with them. It was then that my mom called us to go get the girls and that we were going to a local pizza place, and then we could get a movie for us to watch while our parents went out to meet some old friends from the area. We ran down to the beach and told the girls our parents plan and that they needed to head back to the cabin. The girls had a change of clothes in their beach bag and told us that they would change in the beach house and be right there. There contrasting bodies looked pretty hot as they ran toward the changing house. Tom and I began to head back when he said he needed to take a leak, and we decided to head into the men’s room. As we entered we noticed two guys, who were probably a year or two younger than us, laughing by one of the walls. Tom asked them what they were doing and one of the guys said, "Come on over and see". As the guys stepped back, I could see a very small hole in the wall.

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   One of guys said to me, "Go ahead and take a look through here". The next thing I knew, I was starring right at my sexy sisters beautiful tits and pussy, and Sharon’s pointy little titties, her pale pink nipples, and the few little blonde hairs that were beginning to grow between her legs. All I could do was say, "Wow". I felt Tom push me aside as he wanted to see what all of the commotion was about. The first thing he said was, "Dude, your sister has great tits, and a hot looking pussy, my sister isn’t so hot though". This must have frightened the two other guys, because they took off running from the changing room. Tom looked for a couple more minutes and then said, "You have to look at this". The next thing I know I am looking at my sister and Sharon in the shower, rinsing the sand from their bodies, and running their hands over their breasts and between their legs. I had an instant hard-on. I was just thinking how sexy they looked in there how I would love to join them. It was about that time that they finished their showers and Tom asked to look again. We took turns watching as they dressed, and headed out of the men’s room just before they came out. We made sure to walk in front of them so that they wouldn’t be able to see the bulge in either of our shorts. We made it through the pizza and were able to maintain our composure around my parents and the girls, even in the video store, but I couldn’t help to think about how hot my sister looked and how Sharon was beginning to develop also. After we got back to the cabin, my parents told us they would be gone until late, and not to wait up for them.

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   They told us just to watch our movie and go to bed so that we would be rested for the next days activities. The girls had picked out some chick flick, they wouldn’t agree to watch any of the movies that Tom and I had wanted to get, so we excused ourselves to our room and told them to watch the movie. The girls began to watch the movie, and Tom and I went to our room to talk about what had happened that afternoon. I guess we both had enjoyed looking at our naked sisters, and the more we talked, the more we both decided we would have to do something about this. We talked about how we would have to get to the beach house to watch them change on a daily basis. It was then that Tom told me he was going to have to jack off to be able to sleep tonight. We had talked about jacking off in the past, but we never talked about doing it before we did it, only the usual stuff about how it felt. I then told Tom if he was going to whack off there, that I was going into the bathroom, it just seemed to weird to jack off in the same room. So I headed into the bathroom, and left Tom. I removed my shorts and got some tanning oil from under the sink. I leaned back on the toilet with the seat down, and began to think of my sister’s sexy pussy, tits, and curvy ass. I also thought of Sharon’s nearly bald pussy and pointy little titties. I could feel my cock getting really hard and figured that Tom was probably about to cum too. Then, suddenly, I heard the door from the girls side of the bathroom open. I guess I had forgot to lock it, and there stood.

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   She was pulling her top off over her head, and didn’t notice me at first. I jumped up and tried to run out, but tripped on my shorts. So I am laying on the floor with my oiled cock throbbing, and here is Sharon, topless, holding her nightgown in her arms, while I look at her pointy little tits and panty covered pussy. To my surprise, she didn’t scream! She stood there for a moment and just stared at me, and then my now shrinking dick. To my shock, she turned her head and said, "Lee, will you please come here and talk to your brother!" I was terrified. My sister stepped to the door as I tried again to stand and leave the bathroom. Then Tom opened our door and looked in. Well, there I was with my cock all oiled up and shrinking. Tom with his dick hanging out of his briefs and covered with his own cum. Sharon is standing there in her panties and sweet little tits, and my sister just staring at all of us in her baggy t-shirt, with no bra, hard nipples, and probably with no time to put her panties on yet, just staring at us. Well what I thought was the most embarrassing moment in my life, was soon to turn into the best time I ever had!Chapter 2My sister Lee just stood and looked over this scene. She appeared to spend a considerable amount of time gazing at my oily, flaccid cock. I was very embarrassed by my current situation. After a few moments, Lee broke the ice by stating, “You know Sharon, I think our brothers have nicer cocks then the ones we saw at the beach today, when we looked through that small peep hole in the changing room. ” Sharon then glanced from my cock to Tom’s cum covered cock and briefs, replying “They do look very nice! But my stupid brother has been playing with his dick so much that he has wasted his cum on himself.

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  ” I think that both Tom and I were shocked to hear these words coming from this sweet, young, girls mouth. But I think I was even more shocked by the fact that the girls had known about the peep hole in the changing room. As I looked up from Sharon’s pert little breasts, I noticed that she also had the look in her eyes that I had watched on the lusty girls in the music video’s that were beginning to come out. I looked at my sister and noticed this same look in her eyes. I then asked, “So you two knew there was a peep hole in the changing room. ” My sister replied, “We overheard two boys talking about it at the beach. We thought it might be fun to give them a little show, and then we hoped that you two would have to stop in there while you were waiting for us. It was Sharon’s idea, since she had pretended to be asleep a couple of times and knew that Tom had played with her boobs. I was kind of jealous because her brother had touched her boobs, but you have never tried to touch mine! I just looked at her in awe. Was my sister telling me that she thought that I should have felt her sexy breasts by now. Lee asked, “Don’t you want to touch my breasts? I try to wear clothes that make you think about me. I even made sure I pressed them into your arm today, hoping you would decide you want to really feel them. So did you like our show in the changing room and shower. Was that enough to get you to want to feel my breasts, Jack? I was still in shock as my sister began to slowly raise her nightshirt up over her naked pussy and began to reveal the small, pear shaped breasts that I had always lusted for. I instinctively walked toward my sister and placed both of my hands firmly on her breasts.

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   I had a feeling that this wasn’t right, but she had asked me if I wanted to touch them. My hands didn’t move as I looked down at her curly, dark haired pussy. I was thinking of how very sexy she looked and was totally amazed that she was completely nude in front of me, and that I was holding her breasts in front of our friends. My cock had become instantly hard again when she had removed her shirt. “Well Jack, it’s about time you touched me. Tom at least has felt his sisters boobs, so now I don’t feel so left out. Do you like them. Your handsome dick really seems too. Lee then pulled me close to her. My cock was pressed against her slim, muscular stomach, just above her sweet pussy. My hands then began to massage her firm B-cup breasts and I noticed that Sharon was now slipping off her panties to reveal her sparsely covered pussy. The few strawberry blonde hairs around her slender legs, gave me a clear view of the little bud between her puffy pussy lips. Sharon told Tom to take his wet undies off and touch her boobs again, now that he knew she wasn’t faking sleep. As Tom began to feel his sisters tiny little breasts, her nipples became really hard an stood straight out. This made her small breasts even look smaller, but her long erect nipples were a so pale and sexy against her pale white breasts.

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   I noticed Tom had gotten his erection back, and it to was pressing against his sisters tanned stomach. Lee reached down and wrapped her hand around my throbbing cock. She whispered in my ear, “It’s only fair that I get to touch your nice penis, while you touch my boobs. Look how hard you have make my nipples. I looked down to notice that her nipples had become tiny pebbles and that her areola’s were wrinkly and tight. She began to slowly stroke my cock and I could feel my scrotum tighten, my balls beginning to pull up into my body, like they do before I cum. Lee then said, so that Sharon and Tom could hear, “Oh, Jack, is this clear sticky stuff your cum? Or is this just some of the tanning oil you used on yourself. I really like your hard cock. I just want to take it and slide it up and down in my wet pussy slit, but you can’t put it in me. OK? I nodded my head yes, as I was unable to speak. My sister then pressed her lips against mine, kissed me deeply, and lowered my hard cock to rub against her moist pussy slit and sweet clit. I saw that Sharon was now doing the same to Tom. Her slender legs were slightly spread and she was rubbing his hard dick around her puffy, pussy lips, against her hard pink clit, and up and down her sopping wet young cunt. Lee said, “Sharon, doesn’t this feel nice. Shall we take these two brothers of ours into our room and get out of this bathroom?” “I think we should.

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   I want to lay down so that Tom can suck on my boobs while I play with his penis. He is starting to breath really fast, so I hope he doesn’t shoot that stuff all over my wet cunny” “If Jack will suck on my boobs, I just might let him cum on my pussy. You guys can watch him cum on me. If that is OK with you Jack. ” I still was unable to utter a word, but I wasn’t about to tell my sister that I wouldn’t to cum on her. She was tugging lightly on the short hairs around my cock, as she continued to lead me into the room the girls shared. “Sharon, you and Tom can have the bed so that you have a better view of my brothers dick and can watch him shoot his hot cum on my boobs and face. That is, when he’s ready. ” Lee lay back on the floor and pulled my face to her tender breasts. I began to suckle her tiny, hard, nipples, as she guided my hard shaft to her steamy wet slit and hard clit. She spread her legs wide and placed her knees up against her arms. Tom and Sharon both had a clear view of my sisters wide open pussy. The sticky strands of pre-cum were strething from her hot slit to my throbbing cock. It was then that I felt my sister pull hard on my cock. I felt the most wonderful sensation I would ever know.


   The tip of my cock was now inside of my sisters wet pussy! Lee whined in my ear, “Jack, I want to feel this hard cock all of the way inside of me. Will you please slide it into me until I say stop? I want you in me!”I was finally able to say yes. I tried as gently as I could, to slip my hard cock further into my sister. Lee gasped, and uttered a small cry, as I pushed the entire length of my cock into her tight, wet, hot, pussy hole. Her fingernails dug into my back and she sobbed, “Stop for a second Jack. This is the first time I have had a cock in me, and it hurts a little. ” I looked up from my suckling to see a tear rolling down her face. I was afraid I had hurt her, but suddenly, she began to move her hips and began writhing. I took this as a sign that I should begin to do the same. My sister was scratching at my back, and suddenly rolled over and was on top of me. She began to grind her tight wet pussy into me. She started to rapidly slide up and down on my throbbing shaft. I watched as my cock would be withdrawn, nearly out of her pussy, and then dissapear back into her tight cunt. My sister was giving me the first and very best fucking I could imagine! She was panting and I could feel the sweat fall from her and onto me. Each time I slid further into her, making a loud popping sound as she landed down hard on top of me.

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   She was still sobbing, but I think it was now because she was having an orgasim on my cock. She was nearly screaming, “Oh yes, Jack. I know this isn’t right, but your cock is so good inside of me. Please let me fuck this hard cock until you are ready to cum. ”I opened my eyes, trying hard to make this last. I knew that I was going to cum soon, but didn’t want to disappoint my sister by cumming inside her pussy. She had asked me to cum on her tits and face, and so I was just about ready to tell her I was ready to shoot my cum in her if she didn’t slow down. I saw that Sharon was alternating between rubbing Tom’s hard dick on her long nipples and sliding in and out of her mouth. Who would have known that a girl so young would be able to take so much of his dick into her mouth. Lee looked over to Tom and Sharon, and said, “Do you two want to see how hard I can make my brother cum on me. He feels so good in my pussy. I can feel my pussy squeezing him tight. I know he is going to cum after I put him in my wet mouth and stroke his cock, so that he shoots his hot goo on my boobies and face. Now watch. ” There was a small popping sound as my sister slid her pussy off of my cock.

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   She then lowered her mouth onto my dick and I felt the cum beginning to explode out of my tight shaft, after only a few kisses from her mouth. My cum exploded out of me like I had never been able to do in my jacking off. The gooey streams of cum splashed against her face, and she began to rub the tip of my cock over each nipple and pear shaped breast. I moaned loudly as the climax my sister had given me subsided. I lay with my eyes closed. I was then brought back to life as I felt a steamy pussy move over my face and a warm mouth wrap around my cock. To be continued….

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