My sister Marlene


There was a knocking at the door. Paul lifted his head from his pillow and sat upright. “Yeah, come in” he answered to the knocking. The door creaked open and his young sister Marlene stood there shyly. She was wearing a dainty pink night gown that went to her thighs, revealing those cute little legs. She was small, but not overly so, her flowing long hair was as black as coal and she was thin but not an unhealthy thin, giving her an overall delicate appearance. Paul had always felt the need to protect her when he was around her. He had even saved her from a mugging but was too modest to admit it. However she knew he had saved her and that caused her to grow strange feelings about her brother that made her uneasy around him. “How long do you intend to stand there for?” Paul asked. Startled she blurted out “Can I use the shower?”

“Of course you can, I told you to make yourself comfortable and that includes having a shower whenever you feel like it. ”

“Thank you” She gave him a warm, loving smile but removed it after she realised her expression seemed too loving. Marlene left quickly and Paul could hear the bathroom door close. Paul was having trouble sleeping lately. Ever since he let Marlene stay at his house, there was this air of uneasiness. Marlene was living with their mother recently.

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   Tragically their mother became deathly ill and passed away. It was a long, sad time as Paul was overseas at the time and their father had been missing since Marlene's birth. All the company their mother had was Marlene. She tended to her, always staying by her side until she passed away. Marlene had nowhere to stay so Paul let her stay with him. She had been living with him a few days now and they have not had a full conversation with each other yet.

Paul decided he should check his messages for work so he stood up and reached for his mobile and was surprised when it wasn't there. Normally it would be on his bedside table but Paul realised he left it in the bathroom on the sink table. He walked to the bathroom and remembered Marlene was still in there. No matter, he thought, I'll just go in quietly and she won't notice me. He opened the door slowly and quietly entered. The shower was mostly fogged up but he was able to catch glimpses of his naked sister. He was impressed by how good her body was. Her small ass was nice and round and her small breasts were cute and perky.

Paul found himself staring and shook his head.

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   He grabbed his phone and turned to leave but the shower turned off. Marlene opened the shower door and reached for a towel. She noticed Paul and froze. “Sorry” he said as he covered his eyes and left the room. He sat down on his bed with his hands covering his face. He felt bad. His sister was going to think he was a pervert and going to get his phone was a pretty weak explanation. Paul didn't notice Marlene was standing at his door watching. She had a towel wrapped around her breasts to her thighs. He took his hands away from his face and saw her standing there. “Marlene, I'm sorry, I didn't mean. . . ”

“Stop” She cut him off. “You're the first man to see me naked and I want to know.

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  . . Am I attractive?”

The conversation had become strange and Paul became uncomfortable. “Yes, you're very good looking”

“Then why haven't I caught you before, looking at me the way you did in the shower?”

“Because you're my sister” he answered, becoming more uneasy.

“Oh. . . ” A slight blush began to build on her cheeks.

“Come sit next to me” He invited with a smile to try and break the tension.

Marlene moved towards the bed but her towel became undone and fell to the floor. Her cute body was exposed and her bare pussy was visible. She quickly tried to cover up to no avail. Paul stood and hurriedly embraced her, his urges taking control. He could feel how soft her skin was and she smelled clean and lovely. Marlene hugged him back with tears building up.

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   Another urge took control of him and he pressed his lips against hers. She didn't try to move away from this kiss and he noticed her eyes were closed and she seemed to enjoy it. Paul ran his hands down her back and felt her nice ass. She began to push her lower body towards his and they both felt incredibly turned on. They parted their lips and looked into each others eyes, both filled with longing.

“Brother. . . ” She whispered, “I want you to be my first”

Paul was not going deny her now. He stripped off his night attire. They both stood looking at each others body. Marlene stared at his hard member and watched it twitch. She grasped it with her hand and delicately began to stroke it. Paul let her continue for a moment before he lifted her up and lay her gently on the bed. “Are you sure you want this?” Paul asked. 

   “I'm more sure of this than I've ever been” she said with a smile. He leant down in front of her gleaming, wet pussy and slowly, tenderly began to lick it. Marlene lifted her hips in reaction and tried to push it closer to him. She tastes wonderful, thought Paul. He flicked his tongue over her clit and she let out a brief squeal. She was very sensitive and he licked up and down her pussy lips. She arched her back and let out a moan. Paul could taste her while she orgasmed. He had never felt so turned on before. When her orgasm finished he stood up and began to lightly tease her pussy with his dick. Marlene instinctively tried to push back onto him. Finally he slowly began to push it in. He watched her face as he pushed, her eyes were closed and she was biting her lower lip. When it was the whole way in she let out another squeal. He didn't move for a while, letting her get accustomed to him inside her.

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   Marlene slowly opened her eyes and saw he was staring back with a smile. Tears began to fall from her eyes and Paul leant forwards and kissed her. Their arms wrapped around each other, they lay there together. Eventually they parted lips and Paul began to gently move his hips. His hard shaft went in and out slowly and steadily. He built in pace and began to thrust harder. Paul grabbed her soft breasts and massaged them tenderly. He brought his lips to her chest and began sucking on one of her nipples, swapping over to the other one when it became hard. His thrusting became harder she began squealing after every push. He took his lips away from her breasts and placed them on her neck, kissing her softly. Marlene became more vocal as she built closer to climax. Just as she was about to scream he placed his lips once again on hers and she closed her eyes with tears streaking down her face.

Once she finished he motioned for her to roll over. Marlene was on her hand and knees with her ass sticking out. He placed his hands on her heavenly ass and guided her pussy back onto his dick.

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   He thrusted harder than ever and she began screaming. Soon enough he realised he was going to come. “Marlene, I'm cumming”

She pushed back harder and her pussy clenched on his dick. He pushed all the way in, in one final thrust and fired his cum deep into her pussy. Paul pulled out his dick and embraced Marlene once more. The effort was too much for them and they both fell asleep in each others arms. Pauls sleeping problems were over it seems.


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