My sisters perfect present


True Story with the names changed

"Happy New Year!! Happy Birthday!!"
New Years in our house meant a double celebration with it also being my younger sisters birthday so it was a night filled with music and booze even more than any other family celebration of new years.

"I'll be back in a minute I'm just gonna grab another few bottles of cider from the outside fridge" I shouted to no one in particular as I left the room. I was on my way back when I saw my sister making her towards me looking alot less drunk than I expected she would be by now. I should tell you my sister is most guys fantasy, she's 5Ft 7 with shoulder length blonde hair, slightly larger than average breasts, an ass to die for and legs that seem to go on forever.

"You haven't given me my hug or my present yet" she said to me quietly. I grabbed her into a tight hug feeling her amazing breasts pressing on me (she's only an inch shorter than me at most). Before I knew we were both kissing deeply, I wasn't sure who started it but neither of us ended it. Then I heard my Dad shouting from the door and we quickly pulled apart and she whispered "I'll come get my present later"

At about 3 everyone made their way to bed and we all said goodnight. I was half asleep when I heard someone come in my room and sit on my bed "Wake up sleepy head" my sister said as she prodded me to wake me up. "Hey I thought you'd forgotten totally about your present I'll grab it for you", "Hang on James we need to talk first that kiss earlier did you want it?", "If I'm honest I've wanted that for a long time now" I leaned forward and kissed her again pulling her down to the bed with me her slipping under the cover as I pulled her night top over her head revealing to me her amazing breasts for the first time.

I began playing with her hardening nipples with my right hand while removing her thong with my left feeling how wet she was getting. I was sleeping naked and my cock was more than telling her where it wanted to be as she slid back onto it moaning slightly. I then felt something I never expected, I felt her hymen breaking and what I knew was blood on my cock but even though she was making small painful noises she carried on and we were fucking like animals but still being as quiet as possible so as not to wake anyone up. "Cum inside me I want to feel your cum inside me. I'm on the pill and all I want to feel is my big brothers cum deep in me. " With this there was no way I could hold on anymore and as I felt her climaxing I came deep in her just as she had begged a few seconds earlier.

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We lay together hugging and kissing for about an hour before she said "I better go back to bed as we are a little old to sleep together now I think". "Grab some of my tracksuit bottoms and pull your top on and no one will worry and if they do we'll say some excuse babe your not going anywhere tonight. " "mmm I was hoping you would say that" she whispered and kissed me as she grabbed the clothing pulling it on whilst throwing me some bottoms as well before climbing back in next to me and kissing me deeply. "That was a way better present than any other you could have got me. "

This is just the first of a few very horny days.
I will write more but would like some feedback on it so far.
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