My Son The Inventor - Ch1 - I need some volunteers


Maria was proud of her son Barry. The two of them had been abandoned by Barry's Father soon after he was born. Being a single Mother was tough, money was always hard to come by even with double shifts at the dinner.

Maria did get a break as her sister Becky would babysit Barry when she was working. Maria felt if it as not for Becky she would have had to give Barry up for adoption. That would have killed Marie as Barry was the most important person in her life with her sister a close second.

When Barry was seven things changed for the better. Maria was at Becky's to pick up Barry she was asked to come out to Becky's husband's extensive workshop. Becky showed Maria a toaster and blender that Barry had repaired. She said he even fixed her washing machine. This was the first time that Maria recognized that her son had a special talent for all things mechanical.

Marie was happy and thought Barry's talents could come in handy around the house but nothing more. On the way to work she passed by a used goods store. They sold washing machines, radios, hairdryers . . .

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Marie wondered who repaired the things that the store sold. On the way home she went in and asked how the store got the items they sold. Marie was a MILF and so the kindly old proprietor Mike took the time to tell her. Mike thought that nothing beats the boredom of waiting for customers like talking to a good looking women.

He said well some items they get from yard sales while other they get just from people trying to sell the item or barter for some other item. Maria asked if all the items worked when they were acquired.

He shook his head saying some cannot be repaired which means he looses money while the others he contracts out for repair. Mike asked what all the questions were about.

Maria told him she was a single mom with a son who had a talent for fixing things and she needed some additional income. She asked Mike if there was anyway they could come to an arrangement.

Mike was kind hearted especially for a cute women but he was also sympathetic as he had struggled in his life. He said well lets see, I have a box full of items that I was going to throw away. You can take one at a time and if your son can repair three different kinds of items you get 25% of what the item cost me when I bought it.

Maria said that was good at least until her son proved himself after that they will need to renegotiate.

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   Mike shook his head but understood how people were when money was tight. He thought that Maria could make a fine business women one day. Mike went to the back and returned with an old hairdryer giving it to Maria and said good luck.

To make a long story short Barry repaired everything in Mike's through-away box. Marie got some much needed cash and Barry was happy doing something he liked plus he was helping out Mom.

By the time Barry was ten he had a reputation that he could repair anything including design and build new items to solve problems for his customers. Marie was able to cut back to only one shift because of Barry's contributions.

When Barry was fifteen Aunt Becky had a nasty divorce from her philandering husband. She hired an excellent lawyer so in the settlement she got the large house including the extensive workshop with its contents plus ample alimony. Good thing too as it would have been a disaster for Barry's contract work.

Becky did not have any children and did not want to be all alone in that big house so Maria and Barry moved in with her. Apparently a lack of children was the issue that caused her husband to seeking greener pastures.

By the time Barry was sixteen they were doing so well that Maria quit her job so she could handle the business side of Barry's contracting. This allowed Barry more time to indulge his passion for inventing mechanical devices.

Maria did not have anyone except her sister mainly due to her annoying habit of incessantly talking about her son the inventor.

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   After a while they would start avoiding her.

Aunt Becky was in a major funk missing male companionship, but having Barry around helped a lot. She often caught herself checking out his tight butt or his muscular chest. More than once naughty thoughts crossed her mind about what she would like to do with her nephew.

Barry had no time to date due to home work and the responsibilities of his repair/invention business. This did not help a normal horny teenager especially when he lived with two sexy women. As happens from time to time he would catch glimpses of both of them in various states of undress.

A few times when he came in from the workshop and passed Mom's or his Auntie's bedrooms he heard moans and buzzing. Barry would stop and listen while rubbing his cock through his pants. Occasionally he heard his name clearly used by both of them in their climatic mutterings.

Barry thought about the two women he lived with and decided he may know a way to make them all happier. He pored his limited spare time into a new project. So much so that his Mom and Aunt began to worry as he seemed to always be in the workshop.

They knew something was different when he padlocked the workshop door, which he had never done before. Barry told them that he was working on a project for a customer that wanted privacy.

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   The women thought it seemed odd but accepted Barry's explanation.

One night at supper Barry told his Mother and Aunt that his latest project was in trouble. They were shocked, Barry had never failed to fulfil a contract. He said he lacked volunteers to test his invention and unless he got some he would loose all the money he had invested in the project.

Maria and Becky asked what kind of volunteers did he need? He said healthy women. The answer seemed strange but they asked what ages? Barry said well his client was around Mom's age so within ten years plus or minus.

Immediately Maria and Becky volunteered. Barry said well you need to see what I will be asking before you agree. Barry said meet me at the workshop door at 8:00PM when my home work is done.

He got up and went to his room. Maria and Aunt Becky talked between themselves trying to figure out what the heck the mystery was all about. They couldn't help but get excited by the time 8:00PM arrived.

Barry met them already standing by the workshop door. He said please do not get shocked by what you see. He undid the pad lock and opened the door.

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   The women's curiosity had got the better of them and they burst into the room.

They looked around and saw an array of contraptions some with rods attached to wheels others with ropes and harnesses attached to a ceiling beam. There was a large metal tub with what looked like water nozzles. Several more totally defied any explanation.

After walking around the room checking everything out they returned to Barry and said they had no idea what any of this was. In the way of explanation Barry put a closed box on the work bench and said open it.

Maria opened the lid and both women almost fainted. Aunt Becky reached in and pulled out a packaged dildo, a rather large one at that. Maria reached in and pulled out a vibrating dildo of a different design. They looked inside and there must have been 10-20 kinds of womens sex toys.

Barry said this was why he needed volunteers as he could not tune the sex machines unless they were tested on real women. They both gasped with Maria asked if this was legal. Barry said these are only machines and non-customized ones where sold on-line so everything was on the up and up.

He explained that his customer had used the on-line ones and found them lacking. These sex machines were supposed to resolve the issues with the ones she had used.

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Barry said as this is likely a big shock so Mom why don't you and Auntie reconsider volunteering and we can discuss it at tomorrow's supper. He said that the workshop would remain unlocked so they could check out the equipment without him around.

He warned them that under no circumstances should they try any of the sex machines without him being present as they were unproven. Barry left the two women standing there.

Once they were sure that Barry was out of ear shot, Maria looked at Becky and they smiled at each other. Becky was the first to speak and said well it would sure add variety to their current sex life with a vibrator and the occasional sisterly muff dive. Maria giggled and said it looks like a whole lot of variety.

They walked around the room again trying to figure out what each sex machine did and if they thought they would like it. Eventually they returned to the box and pulled out each sex toy commenting on the ones they thought would be the coolest assuming they even knew how it would work with a machine.

Finally Becky grabbed Maria's arm. Maria looked up and Becky said wait a second if we can not operate the machines without Barry's supervision that would mean that he would be watching the whole time.

Maria's face went red and Becky laughed. Becky said well at long last we get to be sexy around Barry. Do not deny it, you have the hots for him as much as I do. Who knows what could happen?

Maria giggled and nodded her head.

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   She told Becky that we cannot seem too willing at supper tomorrow. Becky, you will need to literally keep your pants on. They both laughed at Maria's pun then headed off to bed.

Unknown to the two women, Barry had seen and heard everything from his array of hidden cameras. In fact there was no client these machines were a X-Mas present for his two favourite women. He knew they were hot for him but would never make the first move. He would likely get in trouble if he made advances.

Besides Mom and his Aunt were not getting the quality orgasms that they needed to keep sane and physically satisfied. Judging by the number of batteries they kept buying he doubted that even a 17 year old could keep up with the needs of these two sexy women. With the assistance of the sex machines he could give them as many orgasms as they could handle.

At supper the next night Barry said he had to make sure they knew everything they were volunteering to do. First he was going to see them nude. Second he would no doubt have to touch their private parts during testing. Last but not least, assuming the machines worked properly, they would be having many intense orgasms.

He needed both of them to try every machine more than once so that he could see if the same settings caused the same reaction with different women or needed to be tuned specifically to each women.

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This was necessary for the instruction manual he would write for the client. Their comments on which machines they liked the most would also be important as Barry may want to improve some of the designs.

Barry was finally finished and said it is now up to you gals to decide. He already knew their answer as they were squirming in their seats so much he was sure if he stood up and they saw the bulge in his pants they would both come.

Aunt Becky said she could not speak for Maria but she would help her nephew in his time of need. Maria rolled her eyes and said well if Becky is ready to sacrifice then so am I. Barry humbly thanks them both. He told them how much he appreciated what they were about to do for him.

Barry said he had home work to do first and needed to turn on the workshop's space heater as it was the nearing the end of November. He asked them to meet him at the work shop for 8PM. He got up and left to do his home work.

At the appointed hour the girls entered the workshop in robes. Barry had one machine separated from the others. He told them the first thing they each needed was to pick a rubber dildo. He pointed at two large boxes that were against the opposite wall.

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   The girls went over, looked in and realized that yesterday Barry had only showed them a small sample of what he had.

Once they had picked their dildos of choice. Barry flipped a coin to see who would be first, Becky won.

When Aunt Becky handed Barry her chosen dildo, Becky caught his eye browse raised as the thing was 10 inches long and thick. She gave him a swat and said quit that you, my ex-husband was a big man and I got used to it. Barry said he was not judging, but he saw his Mom shake her head and knew Auntie was lying and probably badly.

Barry said I think you should pick a smaller one. These machine were different then having sex with a man. They do not get tired no matter what the speed you run them at. Besides you have likely not had sex with a man that big in almost two years you are likely a lot tighter now. It is better to error on the side of caution. He asked Mom to get a 8 inch one of the same model.

Eventually Barry had the 8 inch dildo attached to the rod. He told Aunt Becky to lie face down on the bench putting her knees on the two padded stirrups. With a big breath Aunt Becky took off her robe and handed it to Maria.

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   Barry looked her up and down and said Auntie you are beautiful to which Becky giggled and said thank you kind sir.

The bench was short supporting only her pelvis and stomach with Becky's tits hanging free. There was also bars with handle grips and controls curving forward like horns from the bench.

Barry strapped Aunt Becky's knees down and tightened a Velcro strap around her waist. He undid a release to get the bench to slid back until the dildo touched her butt.

He asked Aunt Becky what angle she preferred when being fucked doggy style. Aunt Becky went red and asked if the machine could be set to her favourite angle? He nodded his head and she requested an upwards angle.

Barry said OK give me a second as he made the angle adjustments. Then he took lube and poured a liberal amount on the dildo making sure it was thoroughly coated. Finally he poured some on Auntie's butt crack which made her squirm. Then Barry rubbed the lube all over her pussy and into her love hole.

Becky squealed, Barry said I told you I would need to touch your naughty bits. Mom gave him a swat and said the next time give her a warning.

Barry said OK the rod is extended as far as it can go so use the left hand grip control to move back and inch at a time until it is in as far as you feel comfortable. He warned her that he will be guiding the dildo into her when you back up.


   Becky clicked the left control and started slowly backing up while Barry pushed the head of the dildo into Aunt Becky.

She sighed and Barry said it is only at your entrance you need to get it deeper than that or it would fall out. Auntie moved back until it was almost all the way in when Barry said that is a too far. Use the right hand control to move forward two inches.

Barry asked Mom to get in front of Aunt Becky to make sure she was OK as he would be concentrating on the machine and not Auntie. Barry took a small box with a dial, switches and buttons on it. He said if she was ready? Auntie said yes and he said OK I will do one stoke to make sure you are comfortable.

He hit a button and the wheel did one rotation and the dildo pulled back then forward in Becky's pussy. Becky moaned a bit and said that was OK. Barry said lets see how many times you can come in the next 10 minutes and what speed gets you there. Aunt Becky said oh my god!

He turned the dial and the dildo started stroking steadily in and out of Becky. In no time she was huffing and puffing then she said fuck me faster. Barry doubled the speed and in a minute Becky yelled I am coming and her legs were shaking. The sex machine just kept pumping.

Becky was loosing all thought as her body was screaming for her to come hard.

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   She did as her body told her to do and her head drooped towards the ground. Barry flipped a switch on the side of the box and an innovation of his own design was turned on. The angle of the stroke was automatically cycled between upwards and downwards.

Suddenly Becky's head was back up screaming oh "FUCK ME!" and she came the hardest yet. Barry took note of that specific angle and watched to see when that angle returned it had the same effect. When that angle returned Beck had another screaming climax. Barry thought to himself well that hit the spot and locked into that angle.

Becky screaming I am coming, went on for the rest of the 10 minutes as she climaxed over and over. The stroke angle was the key for her to come so often.

Barry throttled down the dial until it was off. He unlocked the bench and Becky slid forward with the dildo bobbed up and down when it popped out of her. The floor directly below Becky's pussy had a girly come puddle.

Barry asked if Auntie was OK and just got a smile but no direct response. After taking the various straps off of Aunt Becky, he said he needed to pee and would be back to work with Mom. He went directly to his room to make sure all the action had been recorded from his hidden cameras and listen to what they were saying.

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Becky, even though she was still recovering, told Maria it was amazing. She had never come so many times and not nearly as hard in her whole life. Maria get ready for the ride of your life.

Barry was sure that in her aroused state Aunt Becky would help when he take things to the next level. He returned to the Workshop where Auntie was now standing, pulled her close and laid a big kiss on her saying how much he appreciated what she did for me.

Outside of Mom's view he moved his hands to his Aunt's ass checks giving them a nice squeeze and grinding his clothed hardon into Aunt Becky.

Auntie looked into his eyes and gave him a wicked wink. He let her go and turned to his Mother saying are you still up for this Mom? Maria said she had made a promise and would do her part.

Maria laid down on the bench and Barry strapped her in. He made various machine adjustment including removing Aunt Becky's dido and putting on Mom's dildo which was only six inches but fairly thick. He guessed she had not had a man in so long that was probably all she could do with a machine for now.

He handed Aunt Becky her new little friend and told her to go wash the dildo. When she was gone Barry told Mom that she really had a nice back side. Maria said stop that but he could tell she liked the praise. He warned her that he needed to touch her and she said do what you have to do.

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Barry put lube on his hand and then really worked it into Mom's pussy including two finger pumping her love canal. Maria was panting and groaning in no time and even started pushing back into Barry's fingers. Just then Aunt Becky returned and saw what was going on and gave him a big smile.

Barry removed his hand from Maria's pussy and asked her to use the control to back up. He purposely missed her hole rubbing the dildo up and down her slit and then pushed it into her. After a few more adjustments he said let's check that first stroke and pushed the button.

Maria said that seemed fine and she was ready. Barry started with a slow-medium rhythm and Maria was making happy sounds even trying to push back and forth a bit. Barry switched in the angle adjuster and listened when her pleasure volume changed then locked it in. Different than Aunt Becky she liked a down stroke the best.

Now Barry said Mom lets see how many times you can come in 10 minutes. Maria held the handle grips tight as Barry increased the stroke rate. As Maria moved fast to an orgasm Barry waited and then leaned over to her ear and said Mommy come for your son. Maria whole body shook with a violent climax, toes curled legs shaking.

Barry stroked her back to butt and gave it a squeeze and she came again.

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   He leaned over and started pinching her nipples and told her to come for her son and she came again.

He played with her for a while making her come with commands and caresses. Then Barry increased the stroke speed again. He took his cloths then stood in front of his mother who had her head down.

Auntie Becky got behind Barry stroking his hardon. He handed her the control and got on his knees. He said Mommy please suck your baby boy's cock and the dildo-drunk Maria opened her mouth and started sucking on Barry.

Barry put a hand on both sides of Maria's head and said Mommy see if you can throat your son. He pushed forward and forced his cock down her throat. Maria took it gladly sucking for all she was worth. He drew back saying Mommy is a great cock sucker and then started pumping in and out of her mouth as she sucked him hard.

After a while Barry felt his balls tingle and then yelled come with me Mommy and started coming in her mouth. Maria swallowed and he kept coming. Maria came hard then she grabbed his ass and pulled him forward taking Barry down her throat for his last few spurts.

Maria kept sucking but Barry had to pulled out.

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   Barry took the control from Aunt Becky and turned the machine off. Maria smiled and said I have wanted to do that to you since you were twelve. Aunt Becky said next time I want you to do that to me.

Becky whispered something in his ear. Barry said that was all for today. He released Maria from the machine and picked her up caring her to her bedroom. When in bed she quickly passed out. Once his Mom's door was closed he followed his Auntie to her room. .
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