My Story Part 1


  Let me tell you about my fictional character.   I was 13 when the events I am describing began.   I lived with my mother and father in a big house in the outer suburbs of a large Midwest city.   We had a big yard with a pool and Jacuzzi in the backyard.   We also had a large soaking tub and shower in the bathroom I shared with our guest room.
Ever since I was quite young, my parents went out on dates once a month, usually a Saturday night.   Initially they would leave about 6 pm return after mid-night.   However, that gradually changed and they came home later and later, until eventually they were out all night.
I learned that evening that my parents had joined a swingers group and began spending the night with a different couple from the group each month.   Only once did they have another couple over for their swinging sessions.   I was almost 15 at that point and had the opportunity to join them.   More about that in another story.
My sitter was a single lady about 10 years younger than my parent’s age who lived down the street.   I’ll call her Miss Johnson.   She was very kind and used to bring me presents and help me with my chores which included taking out the trash, helping with yard work and cleaning up my room.   One time, I was finishing sweeping grass clippings when Miss Johnson arrived.

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    My parents left shortly and Miss Johnson asked if I wanted to take a bath before we had dinner.   I said yes and we went to my bathroom.   Miss Johnson began running the bath and then turned and told me to undress and climb in the tub.   I did as she asked and settled in the tub.   Miss Johnson took the soap and began washing me.   I didn’t think too much of it, even though I normally washed myself.   Her hands felt very soft on my skin and I quickly had a raging hard-on that jetted above the water.   Miss Johnson said ”Well-well, what do we have here. ”  She told me to stand up and show myself.   I was a little embarrassed, but after some prodding finally stood up.   Miss Johnson quickly changed her attention from my back to my cock.   She lathered her hands and rubbed soap on my cock.   At that time, my cock and balls were fairly small, maybe 3 or 4 inches, but it was beginning to grow and I was starting to get some hair down there.   Although I had experienced erections before, this was the first time I could remember it happening when anyone else was around.   I had yet to experience my first orgasm.

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I was a little stunned and certainly had not expected this, but it felt good having someone rub my cock.   Miss Johnson explained that women and girls enjoyed rubbing a boy’s cock and asked if it would be ok if she continued.   Needless to say, I eagerly agreed to her request and she continued stroking my hard little cock.   After a few minutes, she stopped and took the shower head and rinsed me off and told me to go change for dinner.
As I dressed, I was very confused.   Miss Johnson’s hands felt good on my cock, even though I did not cum, but I knew this wasn’t right for my sitter to do this.
After dinner, we settled in the family room and turned on a movie.   After a while, Miss Johnson noticed my troubled expression and asked me if something was wrong.   I told her that it had felt very good when she touched me, but I wasn’t sure if I should feel that way.   Miss Johnson came over and sat next to me and put her arm around me.   She asked if I really enjoyed her touch and I said it was about the nicest feeling I ever had.   She said that she had wanted to touch me that way ever since we first met.   However, she said that she would not do it again if I didn’t want her to.   I hesitated, and she asked if it would better if she undressed and let me touch her also.   I did not expect that, but the thought of seeing and touching a real woman was more than I could stand.

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    I had seen pictures of women on the Internet and had seen my parents naked in the Jacuzzi, but had never seen or touched a woman up close.
I tried to remain calm, but my excitement got the best of me and my little cock hardened and began poking out of my pajama bottoms.   Miss Johnson said I will take that as a yes.   At that she started to unbutton her blouse and then turned and asked me to unsnap her bra.   I could hardly stand it, as my fingers trembled at the thought of seeing and touching a naked woman.   I finally got the hooks undone and she turned to face me and slowly slid the bra off her shoulders and revealed the two most gorgeous breasts.   I now know that they were somewhat larger than my mother’s.   I knew because I had looked at one of my mother’s bras and saw that she wore a size 36 B cup.   Miss Johnson’s breasts were creamy white, with nipples that stood out almost an inch.
I could hardly control myself, as my sitter slowly stood up and began removing her shorts.   She was wearing a black thong that barely covered her pubic hair and just a thin string going up between her ass cheeks.   I reached out to touch her breasts, but she stopped me and asked if I was sure I wanted to do this.   I nearly lost my voice as I squeaked out a yes, very much.   She then asked if I could keep this a secret and not tell anyone including my parents, friends, or teachers.   Again I croaked that this would be our secret.

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With that Miss Johnson stripped off her thong panties and stood there for me to admire.   She was beautiful, prettier that I could imagine.   Her breasts stood out, with those inviting nipples pointing in my direction.   Down below she had just the slightest hint of curly blond hair.   Her hips were perfect and her stomach flat as a board.   I was speechless.
Then she said don’t just sit there, take off your clothes and we can get comfortable on the couch.   I didn’t need a second invitation.
By the time I took off my clothes, Miss Johnson was reclining on the sofa, legs spread and arms open for me to climb on top of her.   Needless to say I quickly accepted her invitation.   I can barely describe the feeling of her body next to mine.   My skin was on fire.   She drew me slowly closer until our lips were touching.   At first it was a tender kiss on the lips, but quickly turned passionate, with her tongue seeking entry at my lips.   I eagerly complied and we locked in this embrace for what must have been 10 minutes, our tongues seeking each other.

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    All the while my sitter turned teacher and lover was caressing my back and sides.   Not knowing what else to do, I did the same.
Finally we broke apart and she asked me if I wanted to learn how to please a woman.   I again almost lost my voice, but managed to squeak a yes very much.   She first told me to cup my hands around her breasts and gently massage them.   I could hardly believe how nice they felt.   But that was not all, I noticed her nipples start to harden and protrude and at the same time her breathing became labored and she body began to tense.   I stopped and was going to ask her if she was ok, when said to please continue.   She next directed me to take her nipple in my mouth and suck on it.   She urged me on to massage and lick both breasts.   It didn’t take long and her body went into convulsions and she panting and crying out.   Again, I took pause and she grabbed my head and kept it firmly attached to her left breast.   I again took the invitation and continued caressing and kissing her breasts and now rock hard nipples.   This went on for several minutes before she relaxed and collapsed on the couch.  
She lay there holding me at her breast for what seemed to be an eternity.

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    I continued sucking and licking her breast and slowly her breathing returned to normal and I asked her if I did ok, She had the biggest smile as she said honey, you did better than ok.   No one has ever given me as much pleasure as you did. .
After that, my teacher asked if I was ready for my next lesson in pleasuring a woman?  Again, I eagerly replied yes.   At that, Miss Johnson said the next step was to pleasure her pussy.   She directed my hand to her soft outer lips and told me how to gently rub her clitoris between my thumb and forefinger and then how to insert one then two fingers into her by now soaking cunt.   I started slowly moving my fingers in and out.   As I did this she squeezed her cunt muscles so hard that I had to stop until she relaxed a bit.   I kept this up for quite a while until she told me to stop, she did not want to cum just yet.   She said the next step is for me to lick and suck her cunt.   I was a little uncertain, but she gently moved my head down over her creamy stomach towards her awaiting cunt.   I gently kissed her belly button and then her mons, covered with baby soft blond hair.   At that point I got a whiff of her sent and my cock got so hard it almost hurt.  
She told me to slowly begin using my tongue to move up and down her outer lips.   I couldn’t believe how wonderful her cunt smelled and tasted.

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    My face was getting a bath from her soaking cunt.   After doing that for a short time, I noticed she had a hard bulge that appeared for all the world to be a miniature cock.   Tentatively I licked her bulge and she said oh yes, you found my clitoris.   Please take it into your mouth and suck on it.   By this time, Miss Johnson was bucking up and down; breathing in a ragged panting.   Her hands were holding my head firmly at her cunt and she was urging me to stick my tongue in her cunt.   I complied and was rewarded with her second and this time more convulsive orgasm.   My face was soaked in the cum and she was screaming in pleasure.   This time I didn’t have to ask if I did it right.   Her reaction and gushes of cum were ample evidence that I had learned lesson two very well.   After what seemed for ever, Miss Johnson collapsed on the sofa and pulled on top of her.   She held me close to her breast and then leaned down and began kissing me in the most gentle and loving way.   She couldn’t seem to get enough of her own cum licking it from my face and mouth.  
By this time my little cock was about ready to burst.   It was so hard and was poking at her cunt.

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    Slowly she reached down and took my cock in her hand and guided me to her love hole and said please cum inside me, I want you inside me more than anything in the world right now.  
At that point you could not have stopped me.   I slowly moved closer and after several tries felt my cock slide into her cunt.   It was so moist, I slid all the way inside her on the first push.   I didn’t need any instructions about what to do now.   My cock was my guide and I began pumping my cock in and out as furiously as I could.   After just a few strong thrusts, I could feel cum welling up in my balls and I told my lover that I was going to cum.   She could only reply with a raspy yes repeated several times and as I felt my balls explode inside her, Miss Johnson again went into convulsions, squeezing my cock and holding me close to her.   We lay like that for a long time, before Miss Johnson said there is one more lesson she would like to give me.   She had me pull out of her and she rolled me over on the couch beside her.   I couldn’t believe what happened next.   She began kissing me, first on my lips, then lower as she licked and kissed my nipples which by now were somewhat erect and sensitive.   After a brief pause these, she continued kissing down my stomach and then gently licking the head of my cum soaked cock.   It had gotten soft after cumming inside her, but now I quickly regained my erection.   After a minute of this she took my cock into her mouth all the way to the base.

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    I nearly exploded in her mouth right there.
      I told her I was about to cum again and she responded by pulling back and giving me minute to relax.   Again she slowly began licking my cock, first the head, then she licked down to my balls.   She did this several times before again taking my cock in her mouth.   This time I lasted about a minute before I felt my cum building up.   I told Miss Johnson I was going to cum, and she could stop if she did not want to have mc cum in her mouth.   She just smiled and began pumping her mouth up and down my throbbing cock.   At that instant, I exploded for the second time, shooting spurts of cum against the back of her mouth.   She swallowed most of my cum, but some of it ran down her chin.
    I don’t know why, but I had a strange desire to taste my cum in her mouth.   I told her so and she slowly released my cock from her lips, climbed on top of me, and gave me the most wonderful kiss.   She had a big gob of my cum on tongue and I eagerly took it and swallowed it.   I was not to discover until later, that I had a love for both male and female cum.   For now, I was exhausted and told Miss Johnson so.   Admitted to being the same.

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        We lay together on the couch for a while, just holding and kissing each other.   Finally Miss Johnson suggested we take a shower and clean up before my parents returned.   Little did I know they had a web cam hidden in the family room and were to see everything that transpired in living color.
    Miss Johnson took my hand and led me to the shower.   She turned it on and we climbed in together.   We took turns lathering each other.   I gave lots of attention to her breasts and cunt.   In turn she gave lots of attention to my cock.   So much so that I came again in the shower.   Miss Johnson quickly knelt down and took my cock in her mouth again, just as I exploded, what for me was a giant load of cum.   We kissed again and I just couldn’t get enough of my cum.   It tasted like honey, the sweetest thing I had ever tasted.   Finally we washed off again, dried each other and slowly made our way back to the family room where to our surprise my parents were sitting on the sofa waiting for us.   Miss Johnson turned quite red and began to weep.   My mother came over and took her in  her arms and said it was alright.


        They understood these things and would be happy for her to continue my lessons.   Miss Johnson, looked stunned, but managed a smile and asked if she could sit for me again.   At that, my mother kissed her on the lips and said that would be wonderful, and maybe the next time she came to sit they could stay home and we could make it a foursome.   At that Miss Johnson fondled my mother’s breasts and then walked over and did the same thing to my father.   I could tell my father liked it because he also became erect and we could all see the bulge in his pants.   Finally she walked over to me and gave me another passionate kiss and rubbed my now erect cock.   She then turned to dress and leave.  
    My mother walked over and knelt down in front of me and began fondling my cock and ball.   She said we would talk more in the morning and told me to get my pajamas and go to bed.   We all had a very long and exhausting evening and there would be time for more play later.   I kissed mom and dad and went happily to bed.   I was so excited I could not sleep thinking of all that had happened that evening.   Just the thought of making love to Miss Johnson got my cock rock hard.   I was just beginning to rub it when my parents came into tuck me into bed.  
    When they saw what I was doing, my mom said you don’t want to waste that delicious cum do you.

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        At that she came over, sat on my bed and gently bent over to take my cock in her mouth.   Not to be left out, my father came over and took out his still erect cock and began stroking it.   I was fascinated by its size, and all the hair he had.   At that point, I decided to quote my mother and said to my dad, you don’t want to waste that cum do you?  At that he laughed, and said move over just a bit and let me lie down next to you and you can have all of my cum.   I didn’t realize just how big my father’s cock was until I started to take it into my mouth.   It was a bit large for my mouth, but with some effort I managed not to bite ham and slowly began sucking my first cock.   I almost forgot about my mom sucking on my cock, but not for long.   I told her I was about to cum and if she could wait until I sucked dad’s cock to orgasm.   She said sure, I’ll just watch and wait.   My dad had obviously been sexually active that evening, but that did not seem to matter as his cock grew longer and harder at the thought of his son sucking on it.   I sucked as much as I could in and used my hand to help massage his cock.   He began quivering and stiffened and I knew he would cum soon.   I was not disappointed, as he shot a hugh load into the back of my mouth.   I did my best to swallow it, but some leaked out and ran down my chin.   After another minute of sucking my father dry, I released his now softening cock and the next thing I knew my mom was kissing and licking my face to get some of my dad’s cum.

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    With that done she again turned her attention to my now raging cock.   It would not take long for me to cum again, my fifth time this evening.   Not to be left out, my dad moved behind my mom and began licking and sucking her cunt.   I didn’t know it until later, but my mom always came home from these sex parties with her cunt loaded with cum from as many men as she could screw.   It was this cum that my dad would eagerly swallow after they went to bed.   But tonight he was too excited and could not wait until they were alone.   When I later found out about my mom’s cum filled cunt, I would take turns with my dad, licking and sucking the cum from her cunt.   We were pretty exhausted at this point, so my mom took my hand and said why don’t you sleep with us tonght.   Leave your pajamas here, you won’t need them.
    To be continued

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