My Story Part 4


  I followed Shelley, but don’t remember taking a single step.   As we entered the pool house, I had one thought on y mind.   Sucking and fucking with my two best friends.   However, Shelley and Jason had other ideas.   Shelley said lets go swimming.   Before I could protest, Shelley and Jason had stripped out of their suits and were headed for the pool.   Feeling hugely disappointed and having a raging hard-on to prove it, I took off my clothes and followed them to the pool deck.  
As I walked out, Shelley was just emerging from the water at the far end of the pool.   She beckoned us with open arms and protruding breasts.   Jason started for the pool calling over his shoulder; first one there gets choice of tit to suck on.   I knew I could easily beat him to the prize, but decided discretion was better and let Jason get there first.   As I surfaced he was attaching his lips to Shelley’s right breast, I quickly followed suit and began sucking on her left tit.   Shelley encouraged us by placing an arm around each of us and pulling us close.   Our hands met under water, each with a mind of its own, seeking the golden valley between Shelley’s legs.   We shared time gently caressing her lips, clitoris and pussy.   Shelley’s breathing picked up and she stiffened as the first of many orgasms’s she would experience that day.

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We stayed that way for perhaps 10 minutes as Shelley began to relax.   Then Jason turned his attention to me, he grabbed my rock hard cock and began rubbing with long gentle strokes slipping from the head to the base.   I was beginning to feel the cum well up in my groin, when Shelley broke it up, pushing us away and swimming away.   She picked up a ball and announced the game, keep away.   The rules were simple, two people try to keep the ball away from the third person.   When the person in the middle gets the ball, they are the winner and the prize is 10 seconds of oral sex of our choice.   We could ask for oral attention on our breasts or cock or pussy as appropriate.   For the next hour we played our game.   It usually did not take long for the person in the middle to grab the ball.   Either intercepting a low throw or more frequently jumping on the receiver or thrower and caressing them until the give up the ball.   Shelley seemed to enjoy it almost as much when we sucked her tits as cunt.   Jason and I generally asked for the losers to suck our cocks, but when they got a little too sensitive, we would change and ask for some attention on our breasts.  
This game went on for over an hour, when we looked at each other and decided we had played enough and should adjourn to the pool house.   I for one, was so ready I couldn’t stand it.   My cock had been hard for over an hour and been ready to cum on at least a dozen occasions.

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    If Shelley or Jason has sucked my cock for even a few strokes longer than the allotted 10 seconds, I would have cum right there.   Later on, Jason admitted that he had nearly cum in my mouth 2 or 3 time, and more times than that for Shelley.   I guess that is why Jason started asking for us to suck his tits a bit earlier than I did.   Shelley on the other hand said that she came almost every time we licked her cunt and had to alternate asking us to suck her tits to keep from passing out after 10th or 12th orgasm.   She said that by the end of the game, she was cumming even when we sucked her tits.
As we entered the pool house, Shelley wasted no time.   She told me to lie down on the lounge chair and she climbed on top of me, guided my cock to her waiting cunt and slowly lowered herself until only my balls and a little hair was exposed around her cunt lips.   She slowly began humping me.   She would rise up almost to the tip of my cock, then slowly slide all the way back down.   She started slow at first, then gradually increased her pace.   Whenever I started to reciprocate, she would push me down and tell me to lie still.   At this point this was very difficult.   Not to be left out, Jason brought his cock over and offered it to me.   I eagerly accepted it since I was about to climb out of my skin trying to keep still under Shelley’s ministrations.   I took his cock all they way to the hilt.

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    I could feel his uncircumcised cock head in my throat.   I pulled out and licked his cock from head to base.   I sucked on his balls and then started to work in earnest, sucking his cock.   I used one hand to guide Jason’s cock, and the other was caressing Shelley’s nipples.
By the reactions I was seeing in Jason and Shelley, I knew they would not last long.   I was right.   Jason blew first, giving me a mouth full of cum.   I could feel the first load hit the back of my throat.   I quickly swallowed, but more came, I could feel the spasms as each jet of cum shot from the tip of his cock.   Despite my best attempt to swallow, his cum quickly filed my mouth and began running down my chin.   Just as that happened, Shelley quickened the pace and length of her strokes, rubbing my cock from the tip to the base.   She stiffened, her breathing came in pants, and she lunged one final time all the way to the base of my cock.   I could feel the spasms in her cunt as it milked my cock.   That was all it took.   I exploded inside Shelley.

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    I could feel spurt after spurt shooting from the end of my cock.   Although I was soaking wet from our pre-cum that had run out of Shelley’ pussy, I could feel my cum seep out and pool on my groin.   We stayed in that state of ecstasy for several minutes before Shelley and Jason collapsed on top of me.   I couldn’t believe the pleasure of post coital bliss that overcame me.   I just wanted to hold both of them.   My cock was still inside Shelley and I still had Jason’s cock in my mouth.   Shortly Jason pulled out and Shelley kissed me, her tongue eagerly seeking the cum that pooled in my mouth and coated my face.   Jason, spread his sister’s legs and eagerly lapped at her cunt, cleaning my cum from her thighs and pussy.   After that, they both turned their attention to my mow flaccid, but cum covered cock.   Shelley started sucking my cock, while Jason, licked the cum from around the base of my cock.  
I couldn’t believe my cock could stir so soon after such a thorough fucking, but it did and I soon had a raging hard-on that begged for attention.   Shelley and Jason were only too eager to indulge me, taking turns licking and sucking on my cock.   I thought I had died and gone to heaven.   Suddenly Jason stopped and said, Tim I need to have you fuck me in the ass.   He said that he had never had sex that way, but felt an overwhelming desire to feel my cock inside his ass.

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Even though we had sucked each other numerous times in the last few days, I had not thought of fucking Jason.   I hesitated for a moment, and then agreed.   Jason reached in a drawer and got out a rubber.   He handed it to me and asked if I knew how to use it.   I told them I was not sure I knew the correct way to put it on.   Shelley, took the packet and said here let me show you.   She told Jason to get the bottle of lubricant from the medicine cabinet, and she proceeded to tear open the packet.   She took the condom and carefully rolled it onto my cock.   I couldn’t believe how good it felt.   The condom was lubricated, but Shelley told Jason to kneel down on the chaise lounge.   She squirted some lubricant on his ass and told me to begin massaging the opening.   After I did that for a minute or so, she told me to insert one finger gently in the opening and told Jason to push back against my finger.   It worked and my finger easily slid into Jason’s ass.   I gently caressed him and then Shelly told me to insert a second finger.   Again I pushed and Jason pushed back.

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    This went on for a few minutes and then Jason, said I’m ready.   Please fuck me.   I slowly pulled my fingers out and moved up behind him.
      Shelley took my cock and placed it at his ass opening and told me to push gently.   She again told Jason to push back against me.   It worked perfectly and I slid in part way.   Jason told me to stop there til he got used to it.   After a few seconds, Jason told me to push some more, again I slid in a bit more and he asked me to stop.   That occurred twice more before I was all the way in and dying to start stroking.
    Shelley leaned over and whispered in my ear.   She said that I would have to take it very easy at first, it will take some time for Jason to feel comfortable with a cock in his ass.  Feeling her hot breath in my ear did not help, but I did as she suggested.   Jason told me to start moving.   Very slowly at first with shallow strokes. I gripped Jason’s hips and bit my lips for control.

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        Slowly I noticed that Jason’s ass was opening a bit and he was starting to move against me.   Each time I stroked, he would push back until my cock was buried to the hilt.   After several deep strokes I noticed Jason’s breathing start to deepen and become ragged.   I reached under his hips and found his rock hard cock pulsing to our strokes.   Once I started rubbing Jason’s cock, he really got into it and began pistoning his ass against my cock.  
    At that point Shelley decided to join the action.   She took another condom and rolled it on Jason’ cock.   Then she laid down on her back and took Jason’s cock in her mouth and began sucking on just the tip.   However, she quickly took more of his cock until she had all of it in her mouth.   Jason nearly jumped off the chaise lounge.   I held on and began pumping harder.   Again it did not take long before I felt cum welling up in my groin.   I told Jason I was about to cum.   He said stop and let it settle down, I am in heaven, but not ready to cum.   I have been trying to prolong this and need you to do the same.

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        I stopped punping and allowed my orgasm to fade.   After a minute or so I began pumping again, this time a little slower.   I told Jason to let me know when he feels his orgasm coming.   He said, it is beginning to build, slowly, but feels lit it will be a powerful one if I can wait.   Each time I started to feel my orgasm building I would slow or stop and think of something else besides fucking.
    Finally Jason said that he was cumming.   He was really breathing heavy and said it was going to be a big one.   I picked up my pace and my orgasm rapidly started to build.   Jason came first, He just mumbled over and over – “Oh my god” - as he came, shooting spurt after spurt into the condom covering his cock.   I could feel his ass spasming as I pistoned my final strokes and came with an explosion.   I knew just how Jason felt as my whole being exploded in intense pleasure.   I collapsed on top of Jason and he in turn collapsed on top of Shelley.   After a few minutes, my cock started to soften and Shelley told me to hold the condom and slowly withdraw.   I did as she told me and withdrew.   Shelley reached over and took the rubber off my cock.

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        Then to my surprise, she took a champagne glass and poured my cum into the glass.   Then she took the condom from Jason’s now flaccid cock and poured it into the glass.   Shelley told Jason to get the video camera and start shooting.   Jason apparently was in on the plot.   He took the video camera and started shooting Shelley as she took and drank the cum, letting it run down her lips and drip onto her breasts.   Jason motioned for me join in.   I started licking the cum off her breasts and then worked my way up to her chin and mouth and we kissed passionately, passing cum back and fourth.   After that, Jason played the part of the producer and said “Cut”.   However we were not ready to stop and continued kissing and rubbing cum on each other’s face and chest for what turned out to be more than 10 minutes.
    Before I knew what was happening, Shelley pulled me down on top of her and took my cock in her hand and pointed it at her well fucked cunt.   I easily slid in and began slowly fucking Shelley for the second time today.   Jason joined in, reaching between our legs to caress us as we moved.   He alternated between Shelley’s cunt lips and my balls and cock…
    (More to follow. ) 
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