My Sweet Little Tanya


I guess it all started on one hot summer day. We were swimming in our pool and my eyes where open to a whole new girl, my stepdaughter Tanya just under 5 foot in height dirty blond hair the most beautiful blue eyes soft tender pink lips and a knockout tan body to boot . Her small orange size tits and a nice round tight ass fit her well for 13yrs old anyway like I was saying she forgot her bikini top and only had the bottoms since it was only my wife (Paulette) and me swimming she told her to put on a tee and come in the pool . After a few minutes I hear a big sploosh    I turned around and Tanya had on a white tee shirt when she climbed out to dive in again  my eyes where glued to her tits as I could see her nipples sticking through the cotton fiber. She done this for a while jumping in and climbing out each time she did I started to feel my cock to stir and grow hard. What’s wrong? Tanya asked me as I stared at her finding it hard that she unknowingly turning me on.


       Just then Paulette said she had to get dinner going and would be back later Tanya asked if she needed help and she said no have fun Tanya smiled and said ok thanks just then Tanya splashed a mountain of water at me and we started to play I chased her around the pool, every time I would catch her I let my hand slip and squeeze one of her tits or her ass she would just look at me and smile each time I did it . Now by this time my cock need some relief so I told Tanya I was done swimming and was going inside she asked if she could stay in for just a little longer and I said yes. I kept my back toward her so she wouldn’t see my raging hardon. I wrap the towel around me and rushed into the bathroom with the pictures and the touch fresh in my mind I jerked off so fucking hard I thought I was shaking the house, thinking how her tits felt in my hands brought me to my climax I grunted hard my knees got week and my head started to spin when I blew my load Oh my god I thought to myself I just jacked off thinking of my stepdaughter. The rest of day all I could think about is Tanya I need to feel her pussy I want to come all over her but how without hurting her I thought about it for many days and came up with a plan. I went to the video store and got some family movies I remembered Paulette had some vicodins in the medicine cabinet so I took out six of them grounded 4 up into powder and put then aside marked P then did the same with the other 2 and marked the with T. A couple of days went by when I notice a tampon in the trash I knew it was not Paulette’s.


    It was hot this day near a 100 deg at 8pm I put a movie in the cd player and ask if anyone wanted a nice cool ice cream float they both said yes it sounds good I just smiled and said yes it dose. So I got out the chocolate syrup and the chocolate ice cream and the 7 up I made my wife’s first adding the powder to the mix, then I made Tanya’s and one for myself took them in for everyone .

I said I bet I could drink mine gone first both girls said your on and before I was ½ way done Tanya said finished and so did Paulette my heart was racing a hundred miles a hour and my cock was swelling.

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   After an hour I looked over at Paulette and saw she was asleep and so was Tanya. With very shaky hands I went to Tanya with was lying on her back with just her teddy on. I put my hand on her tit and shook her to see if she was out cold, she did not even stir she out alright I said to myself.


  Without even wasting any time I slipped my hand under her teddy and took her tittty in my hand and played with it for a while  by this time my cock was throbbing so hard that I had to free it from my shorts . As I did pre cum started dripping from its head looking back to see if Paulette was still out I guided my cock right into Tanya’s mouth slowly sliding my cock down her throat my tempo picked up and I was fucking her face pretty hard now deeper and deeper down her throat my cock was going I felt my head swell and shot my hot cum deep into mouth. I pulled out after a few minuets after my cock went soft. God I said to myself that was so fucking intense again I went for Tanya s titties this time I sucked on them rolling her nipple in my mouth like a sex staved madman after putting two small hickeys one on each tit I slid my hand down to her sweet fresh cunt I worked my hands into her panties till I felt her bare little nub. My cock was getting hard quick playing with her cunt  I remove her panties so I could get a better look at her fresh smelling cunt  I move my mouth straight down and started to lick bald pussy everywhere .

I sucked and chew and nipped her bud like there was no tomorrow . Suddenly I got a fright Tanya let out a moan My god I thought to myself she likes it and quickly I went back to eating her sweet pussy out for a little while longer I glanced down and saw the string sticking out of her love hole so I slowly pulled it out noticing that there was hardly any blood on it and smiled. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a new tampon and the k-y jelly.

     Gently putting Tanya on the floor I lubed up my cock  I looked at Tanya and started to kiss her letting my tongue explore the inside of here mouth at the same time rubbing my cock up and down her bare slit . If I keep this up I m going to cum on her cunt so I stopped and guided my head to her wet slippery heavenly entrance . I gave a little push and my cock head went in a very little so I push harder and harder until I was able to get my cock part way in her she let out a little whimper as my cock started to part her cunt  I could feel her walls contracting sucking my cock teasing me begging me to go deeper and so I did  I push really hard this time and felt her womb at the tip of my cock Tanya was crying under me as she was in pain so I started pumping slow at first then faster and faster.

     I noticed that Tanya’s hips where matching my rhythm she was moaning grinding her hips into mine cumming all over my cock this was way to much and I blew my load into her I did not care if she would get knock-up or anything I am way to hot to care .

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      So I kept on fucking her I came again and again my cock was getting sore from fucking my little girl but I knew I would not be able to do this again fuck my little girl. After I could not fuck her no more I cleaned her up put her tampon back in put her panties back on and put her back on the couch just like how she fell asleep. Look at my sweet little girl now knowing she the best fuck I ever had wondering if she will keep what I said to her   All the while as I was fucking Tanya I was telling her over and over  that she wants to fuck me so badly that she need my cock in her pussy . But thats another story




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