My teen daughter looses her virginity to me!


Back when the wife was around and I would have never thought of my baby girl that way. But when I came home, she ran up to me and hugged me, her small chest rubbing on my crotch area and her arms around my waist gave me a sexual arousal.
But that was then, this is now…
One years later and my wife is now an associate who has moved away and left a little thirteen year old girl with her dad.
I didn’t hate the idea. It gave my daughter, Rose, and me a lifetime to co-exist. Lately her teenage hormones had made her moody. One sunny day I picked her up from school (without her knowing) and I saw my teen daughter with a friend and a boy. The boy holding her hand was only the tip of the iceberg. She was wearing different clothes than when I had dropped her off in the morning! She had a halter top that completely exposed her back and tight denim pants. Now, she was only fourteen. She had just left her training bra behind. Nevertheless, her petite breast would have still made any man melt. Her legs were extremely shapely and her butt was a beautiful delicate curve.
And that boy had his hand near it.
So of course I got jealous. I parked the car and exited, slamming the door hard.


   My daughter’s friend noticed me first, I think her name was Melanie. A beautiful girl. She smiles and waves at me, “Hi Mr. Jenns!” She calls out.
Immediately, Rose turned around, saw me, and was embarrassed by my presence. She says goodbye to the boy and her friend. Her friend whispers something at Rose, giggles, and then takes off. Rose then approaches me, pouting angrily.

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