My Three Sisters: Richard's Journal (Edited)


I have two other sisters who are older than me. There’s Erica who’s 15 years old and a complete babe. All my friends want her. We’re like best friends so we share everything with each other. She has short dark hair with an incredible body. She has strong legs that make her look like a young goddess. Then there’s Kathryn the oldest. She’s 17 and has huge breasts, I’d say like a C cup. Her long dark hair travels over her back like a fine silk sheet. Well I was out all day with my friends. When it got dark we started a game of Chase, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. Where one person finds all the others and when you’re caught you help find the ones remaining. I was hiding with my friend Ian. He’s a big guy at 15 who had a major crush on my sister Erica. “Man last night I had the most amazing dream,” he said as we hide on the roof of his shed. “Someone will hear us,” I told him.

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  “Whatever. Listen okay. ” Ian continued. He always had to tell me about his fantasies with my sister. I hated it because she was my sister and they acted like she was a piece of meat on sale. He punched me in the arm and continued talking. “We were down in your sisters room playing the Sega. Erica walked in the room wrapped in a towel. She told us to get out and you said no. So after awhile she just dropped the towel and told us ‘I want to fuck myself, so if you won’t leave then you’ll have to fuck me. ” Ian laughed when he said it as my face was turning a bright red. “So we started touching her and then you started fucking her, she was screaming for more as you pumped her pussy like crazy”My cock was trying to bust out of my jeans. I shifted on the shed and looked up at him. “Forget this man, I’m heading in. ” With that said I jumped off the shed. 

  During dinner I couldn’t even look at Erica. All I could think about is her spread on her back with her pussy full of my dick. I went to bed early and fell right asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night with a hard on. “Damn I can’t get her out of my head. ”I pulled out my porno magazine and pushed back my covers then tossed my boxers to the floor. I started stroking my cock looking at the sex scene laid out in front of me. Suddenly there was a bang on my door and it was pushed open. I pulled my covers over me just in time. Kathryn walked in, closed my door and sat on my bed with her back to me. “I know you’re awake” she said,“I need someone to talk to. My boyfriend broke up with me. ” She started crying. I leaned up and hugged her back. “It’s ok sis.

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   He was a jerk. ”She turned to me and hugged back. Something hit my floor and she turned to see what it was. “What” I asked. She pushed away from me and picked up the magazine and flipped through it. She looked at me with an evil grin. “Where in the hell did you get this?” She demanded. She flipped to the middle, my favorite scene. A brunette is sitting on a younger guy’s cock holding her tits up. She looked back at me and noticed the bulge in my blankets. “Lets have a look,” she said. Then pulled back my covers to reveal my hard cock. I was frozen. What the hell was I supposed to do?She was just staring at it. I started to take deep breaths not being able to calm myself.

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  She leaned closer and grabbed it with her cold soft hand. “uhhh” I grunted. She looked up at me and smiled. “Does little brother like it when his sister touches his cock?”I tired to pull away but there was nowhere to go. She had me in her grip. She stroked up and down my cock a few times. “I’m so horny” she said, “Dave has a real small dick. Yours is at least six inches. ”I just lay there as my sister stroked my cock not knowing what else to do. “Has anyone done this to you before?” she asked. “Ugh…. ” I groaned out and moved my hips up trying to get more of her hand around me. “Well” she coed. “No. ” I told her“Do you like it?” Kathryn asked.

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  “Yeah. ” I blurted out. Footsteps down the hall came to my door. She continued stroking my hard cock and stared at the door. “Richard” cried out my little sister Amanda “Are you awake? I can’t find Kathryn and I had a bad dream”Kathryn looked up at me staring into my eyes. She looked different to me lust filled her eyes. She lowered her head towards my cock never taking her eyes away from mine. I could feel her warm breath as she slid her tongue up my shaft. I dug my hands into my blankets as she wrapped her lips around my throbbing head. Her tongue swished around my cock-head making it impossible to catch my breath. She started moving her mouth down my shaft and then back up again. Then with her other hand she slides it down the front of her body and into her pants. Her eyes closed and my dick went loose in her mouth as she moaned. There was a sound by my door and turned to look. Kathryn started sucking me harder and faster as she touched fingered her hidden pussy.

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  “mmmm,” She moaned “Kathr…. ugh…. what about Amanda?” I managed to get out. She pulled my dick from her mouth and twirled her tongue around my head. I could feel it I was getting ready to come. “I’m going to…. uh god” I grunted. I started coming like there was no tomorrow. The first jet hit her in the face, and then went on her shirt. She eagerly lowered her mouth over my cock and began sucking me hard and stroking me at the same time, so she could milk every last drop. Kathryn started breathing hard and thrusting against her hand. (Which I later found out she had an orgasm. ) She pulled her hand out of her pants and moved it to my mouth. Her fingers were wet and smelled kind of sweet. She looked up at me and I opened my mouth and she slid her fingers in.

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  She sucked my dick clean and pulled her hand away then sat up. She sat on the edge of the bed facing my wall. “You can’t tell anyone we did this. ” She told me. I didn’t know what to say so many feelings and thoughts were floating around my head. She turned back to me and ran her hand over my limp member. “Or I’ll never do it again. ” She smiled and looked up at me. “I won’t tell. ” I said. My door creaked and we both looked up to see a pair of eyes looking back. Then they disappeared. Kathryn got up and left my room closing the door behind her. I just couldn’t get back to sleep, I was scared would Amanda tell on me and Kathryn. July 21stWell I woke up late and my room still smelled like sex.

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   My mom will freak, so I opened up my window to see my parent’s car is gone. I grab my boxers and slide them on. The grab my blankets covered in my come I begin to head downstairs hen I hear Kathryn moan out. I peek down into the living room and see Kathryn sitting on the couch with her robe open giving me a full view of her body. Her hands are in her crotch sliding in and out of her pussy. I begin to walk down again when I notice our neighbor Melissa walk in the living room completely nude. “Erica’s still sleeping” Melissa said. “Come here” Kathryn told her. Quickly Melissa obeyed. She knelt in front of my sister and Kathryn grabbed her hair then shoved Melissa’s face into her pussy. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I ran back into my room. You idiot what are you doing in here, go downstairs. With my mind made up I walked out of my room and knocked the laundry basket down the stairs. Oh what grave you have I laughed and walked down stairs.

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  I was surprised to see Kathryn alone, her robe was done up and Melissa was nowhere to be found. “Morning” Kathryn smiled “Have a good night”“Yeah” I said and continued to head to the basement where the laundry room is. I put my blankets in the wash and headed back upstairs. Kathryn stared at me as I walked into the living room. “Happy 13th little brother” she said. “I have the perfect gift for you”“What is it?”“You’ll see tonight. Come take a shower with me” With that said she stood up and walked up stairs. “Mom and dad won’t be home for an hour or two. ” She was gone just like that. I rushed up stairs after thinking about it. The water was running and the bathroom door open. I pulled off my boxers and tossed them into my room and stepped into the bathroom. My cock was already hand as a rock in anticipation. “Richard” I heard from behind me. I turned to see Erica standing there.

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   Her mouth opened when she saw noticed I was naked. Her eyes locked on my erection. Kathryn stuck her head out of the shower. “Richie boy what’s taking you so long?” She asked. “Kathryn?” Erica looked at us shocked. Kathryn opened the shower door revealing her very nude and wet body. “Hey sis you gonna shower with us?” Kathryn curled her bottom lip and tilted her head like a puppy would. She got out of the shower and took our arms then pulled us into the bathroom. She closed and locked the door and looked over at Erica. Erica was still staring at my dick even though in it’s shrunken state. Kathryn smiled. “Come on I’m sure he’ll let you wash it” Kathryn loved making people feel uncomfortable. She got in the shower and I shakily followed her. Our shower was very big so I wasn’t sure how this would work. I heard the water slash and looked behind me to see Erica climbing in the shower.


  Kathryn grabbed hold of my hardening cock. “I want first go,” she said. Kathryn got on her knees and started licking my cock. Erica just watched like she was in a trance. Then she lowered her hand to her neatly trimmed pussy. She started gently rubbing herself and bit into her bottom lip. “Ugh,” I groaned. Kathryn pulled away and grabbed Erica’s free hand. “Come here,” She demanded and pulled Erica to her side. “Okay, this is what we’re going to do. First we’ll wash then fool around. ” She handed Erica a bar of soap. “Wash him. ”Erica moved closer to me and started rubbing the bar over my body. She knelt in front of me and grabbed hold of my hard dick.

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   She looked up at me the over to Kathryn. Kathryn smiled evilly. And knelt beside her. Kathryn started licking my dick and soon Erica joined her. I grabbed onto the shower door and the window as my hips unintentionally thrust forward. I looked down watching their tongues wrap around my dick. Kathryn shoved her tongue into Erica’s mouth and her eyes widened. She grabbed my cock with her hand and started stroking me as they kissed. I couldn’t take anymore and started to come. Kathryn pulled away from her kiss and wrapped her lips around my cock head taking my load in her mouth. Erica was still stroking me her eyes locked on what’s left of my dick. Kathryn pulled away from my softening cock and moved closer to Erica. Erica opened her mouth ready for Kathryn’s invading tongue. Kathryn opened her come filled mouth and kissed Erica“Happy Birthday Richard. ” My mom yelled up the stairs. 

  “Oh shit” I yelped and leaped out of the shower. I sprung into my room and quickly got dressed spraying cologne over me I headed downstairs to an uneventful day. Erica kept her distance and Kathryn smiled at me all day. I waited until nighttime and nobody came. Has this game come to an end. .

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