My Wife And Kids


As I listened I became very aroused and my cock was throbbing picturing this. I then asked her what we’d do with Charlene; she looked at me and said I guess this could be your decision. Well the next day came and the old lady took Charlie in his room and started to help him study, I was in the den which id directly across from his room so I could see directly into his room and at them. I seen the old lady reach out and grab Charlie’s cock through his pants and started rubbing it. The look on Charlie’s face was like yeah baby! Charlene was in here room studying already so I figured I’d hang right here and see what happens. Soon the old lady reached up and undid Charlie’s pants and pulled them down. Charlie’s cock was standing straight up in the air. The old lady stroked him, and then she grabbed his hand and pulled it to her tits and made him squeeze them. I couldn’t stop watching as my cock grew. Suddenly I just opened my robe and started stroking my cock. My eyes were glued on those two when suddenly I heard Charlene say, Dad can you help me. I quickly let my cock go and covered it up and said, sure come here. Charlene sat next to me and she could see into Charlie’s room too. As I looked into her book I could see out of the corner of my eye that she was more interested to what was going on in Charlie’s room. My cock was rock hard and I could sense I could do something somehow. I looked back into Charlie’s room and I seen the old lady turn around and seen both of us watching her then she suddenly bent down and stuck Charlie’s cock in her mouth and started moving up and down it.

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   I looked back over to Charlene and she looked and asked if she could to me. I just opened my robe and took her by the hand and led her to my cock. Charlene went right at it and never missed a beat; she started jacking me off as I watched the old lady suck the kid off. I felt my nuts getting tight and I knew it wasn’t going to be long. Suddenly the old lady pulls her head up from Charlie’s cock and starts jacking him off hard and fast. He started to cum and the first load ended up hitting him in his face and then the old lady lowered her head back over his cock and finished sucking him off. Suddenly I was going to blast so I told Charlene to stay there and taste what I had for her. Charlene kept sucking until I exploded. My cum started oozed out of her mouth, but she kept going. Soon the old lady walked in and seen Charlene taking in the last of my cum and she looked at me and said, let’s fuck! I looked up and pulled Charlene’s head up and reached my hands out to her. She then looked at me and said no you don’t understand. She brought Charlie by the hand and sat him next to me and she finished undressing him and she then lowered her pussy over his cock and sat on it. Charlie’s cock was almost the size of mine and the old lady dug it. Charlene looked at me and I grabbed her hand and pulled her over towards me. I undressed her and picked her up and lowered her pussy over my cock.

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   Slowly lowering it until I popped her cherry. We fucked for a good half an hour before we where all done and exhausted. We all got ready for bed and hurried off to our bedrooms. As I lied there thinking just how great Charlene’s tight pussy felt and that how I, her dad took her cherry. The old lady then started discussing how great Charlie’s cock was and just how much it reminded her of me. Soon she fell off to sleep and I got up to get a glass of water when I walked passed Charlene’s bedroom door I heard her moan a little and I seen her light was on. I slowly and quietly opened the door and seen Charlene lying on the bed with a finger in her pussy just going to town. My cock grew hard and stiff to where it was in pain. I creep in the room and knelt down and pressed my face into her pussy and started eating her, she was startled at first, however once she seen it was her dad she grabbed me head and held it close. She came in like two minutes from when I started and I never seen so much cum comes from a girl in my entire life. I liked her pussy clean and told her to go off to sleep and that tomorrow would be a different day. The next day when I got home from work the kids were all happy they had a surprise test that day and both passed with A’s. I smiled and looked at their mother and said, well I guess we’ll have to think of something special for you two then. While the old lady was making dinner she told me she’d take care of the kids tonight and for me just to relax and enjoy the quiet evening if I’d like. So we ate dinner and I decided to watch some television and enjoy myself when the wife grabbed Charlie and led him to his room.

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   There once again as I could see the old lady went down on Charlie’s cock and stayed there until he came in her mouth, she swallowed the whole thing then gave him a kiss and left him. She came out and smoked a cigarette and then said she’s going to take care of Charlene now. I was totally turned on thinking my wife was going to be with another female, let alone my daughter. I quickly got up and ran and got the camcorder to tape was I was about to see. I walked to Charlene’s room and no one was in there. Suddenly I heard the old lady in Johnny’s room (the eleven year old) As I creep to the door I seen the old lady standing over Johnny buck ass naked and Johnny lying on the bed with his pants dropped to his ankle and the old lady was jacking him off in front of Charlene who was also buck ass naked. I quickly turned the camera on and dropped me shorts to the ground and got out of them so I could start jacking off.
    As I focused in I heard the old lady tell Charlene, now this is how you do this to make your man feel good as she was stroking Johnny’s stiff cock that was totally bald. Suddenly Charlene reached down and put her mouth over Johnny’s cock and started sucking him while his mother jacked him off. The old lady then instructed Charlene to suck Johnny’s balls as if there was no tomorrow. Charlene went right down on command and did her think as the old lady kept stroking. Some the old lady told Charlene to lay down next to Johnny and open her legs. Charlene once again did as her mother said. The old lady then totally freaked me out and she knelt down and eats Charlene’s pussy while she was still Jacking Johnny off. She slowed down on Johnny and licked them both back and fourth for a good couple of minutes.

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       Then the old lady told Johnny to get up and lay on his sister, as Johnny got up and started to lie on Charlene, the old lady grabbed his dick and put it in Charlene’s pussy. She then Grabbed Johnny’s waist and worked his hips in and out as the fucking motion started. She then told Johnny to keep going as she got up and knelt towards Charlene and started nibbling on her small but erect nipples. I then went and got the tripod and set the camera on it in case I got to join in. Soon the old lady got up and positioned her pussy over Charlene’s face and lowered it down slowly. Charlene licked away and the old lady started French kissing Johnny as he fucked his sister. Soon I was ready to bust a nut and walked over to the old lady and lowered my cock to meet Charlene’s mouth where I unloaded my load all over her face and her mother’s ass. . I then instructed her to be sure to lick that off her mother’s ass as she did. Soon Johnny was acted strange like he was getting ready to cum so I told him to get out of his sister and stick his cock in his mother’s mouth. As soon as he hit his mother’s mouth he exploded in her. I went down and got down on Charlene and stuck my cock in her wet and tight pussy. It felt good and then the old lady sat on Johnny and started fucking him wild. Soon Charlie entered the room and stuck his cock into his sisters mouth and started fucking her. We were having a family orgy and enjoying it.

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       We now set aside Saturday nights as family nights and all the kids brought their grades up and are keeping them up. What a learning experience. .

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