My wife, my son and me II


Ray had started enjoying fucking Sandra - every time he had his dick inside her, than I ever did. It was exciting initially but I was ready to start something completely different. While and he and Sandra were in the bedroom,The door had kept unlocked and see the two together. One day Sandra was out I was in the bedroom and Ray runsnaked with only a towel wrapped around his waist. He was about to run back.
"Hi Ray!" What's up
"Nothin. . . " He says.
"Come here"
Slowly he moves up to me. His cock was still erect, I felt it beneath his towel, slowly becoming flaccid. Justthen Sandra comes in. She was more surprised to see me than Justin.
"Don't you have somewhere to go?" She says looking at me.
I get up, Justin and Sandra wait for me to go. A few minutes later I run back in.

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"Sorry I forgot my keys" I say. The two were so being intimate they did not notice that I had walked in. Justin was on top of Sandra fucking her hard. I strip and climb atop Justin, put some spit on my dick and fuck him. I expected some kind of reaction but there was none. My cock slipped out and was in Sandra's wide pussy along Justin, I pulled it up and resume fucking Justin. Justin rolled off Sandra - who was incredibly hot, kept eyes closed all through. My dick plunged into her pussy again. This time Justin was licking my shaft and swallowed one of my balls and sucked it. This was unbelievable pleasure. I came inside Sandra's pussy and Justin's mouth at the same time and rushed out.
    Leaving Justin with Sandra.
    For some days it was only Sandra and Justin. Till Justin showed he lusted after me more than Sandra. He was more time with me.

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       Sandra noticed that.
    "What have you got, that I don't" She asked
    "What are you talking about?"
    "I'm talking about Justin"
    "A cock, a pair of balls, cum and a very hairy body?"
    "That explains a lot. . . I'd like to watch, if its OK with you"
    "Any time"
    She did. When Justin was with me, Sandra was 'playing' with his friends, enjoying one gang bang after another.


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