My wife, my son and me


My son Ray had grown he is 17 - my wife Sandra and I would if he was gay - because hardly ever saw with a girl. Sandra gave him a cell phone as gift when he was much younger.
More recently she asked.
"Do you think he has added girls in his phone?' She asked
"How am I supposed to know" I say
Some days she was sounded fairly pissed.
"What happened?" I asked.
"Your son, is hopeless"
"I don't think he knows anyone at all, just keeps to himself" She says
"There's nothing wrong with that?"
"Who's he going to fuck, or who's going to fuck him?"
"He has a friend, whom hangs out with. . . . "
". . . no good. . . that one is wimp.

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  . . "
"What do you want him , fuck every hole he comes across? Or offer his asshole or mouth to anyone who wants to screw him"
Sandra raised her hands and walks off, returns after she had taken her clothes off in the next room except for bra and panty.
"You know what I want, I want him to fuck me. . . . since you haven't"
"Are you insane?"
"No, doing what all good mothers should do, go on hide, somewhere"
I step in the closet and look what at was going to happen next.
"Oh Ray, can you come over here please"
"Ok Mom" I could hear him from a distance. He walks in.
"Mom, you're not even dressed"He says. She shuts the door behind and locks it.
"Shhh. . .

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  lie on the bed" She says.
Ray does not move for a while, gets on the bed. There was moment of silence. I had to move to see what Sandra was doing. She had Ray's cock in her and she was sucking quietly.
". . . what if dad finds out!'
"Dad, will never know"
Sandra was making me hot with she was doing and saying.
    I start masturbating. I was further inside the closet, when I peeked again. Sandra was naked and so was Ray. He was still lying on the bed while she had his cock in her pussy. By and by the positions changed. I heard squirm
    "Mom, I'm cumming"
    She too was cumming and collapsed on the bed.

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       Ray's prick slipped out of her pussy, his cum was on her rump flowing down onto the bed covers. I blasted my cum inside the closet, trying not to make a sound as much as I could.
    Ray got up, wore his clothes, opened the door and ran out. Sandra was lying naked, playing with her nipples. She was still very hot. I shut door and fuck her hard.
    "Which cock, do you like" I ask
    '. . . does it matter?" She says.