Natural Fantasies -- Chapter One!


Natural FantasiesShannon was just like any normal girl for her age, At 14 She had long hair. Her breasts were developing and she’d started having sexual fantasies, Often bringing her self to orgasm with sexual play.
Shannon had tried numerous of her sexual fantasies she had put the majority into action including ‘popping’ her ‘cherry’ with her mothers sex toy, She would often shave her ‘secret area’ like most teen girls her age.
Anyway a bit about her family she had a brother and a mother, Her father had died when she was 7 and her mother had struggled for years to get back on her feet and return to leading a normal life, Her brother Joshua was only one year older then her self and had often fantasised about his sister but he was faithful, Never expressed those feelings and would never like to hurt his sisters feelings.
Shannon and Joshua shared a very close relationship after there father died, Often confiding secrets they would not tell there mother in each other and had often had very close conversations about there boyfriends or girlfriends etc, Stuff you are more likely to confide in your close friends.  <!--[endif]-->
Shannon’s birthday was coming up and she was going to have a birthday party and latter that night a sleepover in the Wendy-house come mini-house her mother had bought a couple of years previously. I will point out her this was a girls ‘only’ sleepover and only a couple of her friends where coming, Shannon had got prepared and the night was close.
Finally it was the night, Shannon has had her party and has had a good day, a couple of her closet friends were coming (Jessica, Jade, Sarah and Sadie). A couple of hours had passed and they’d finished there pizza they had ordered from there local fast food restraunt and where going to play spin the bottle when Joshua had walked in asking them to turn there music down as he could not concentrate with all the noise, Sadie asked Joshua to join in he tried to wiggle out of it as he was shy and was one of those people who liked to keep him self to him self, Playing games on his computers etc.
He agreed with a slight bit of hesitation, But hey he was a man how could he resist staying with 5 very beautiful developing ladies, He sat down on the rug they’d laid out, Jade finished her Pepsi she’d been drinking and she put the empty bottle down, Sadie went first and dared the person who the bottle lands on to kiss Joshua, Now as I mentioned Joshua was shy and so was hesitant. Sadie spun the bottle first, It slowly stopped “gulped – Joshua” it had landed on Shannon they were both hesitant at the dare, what where they to do they had been brought up and taught this sort of stuff wasn’t right. Slowly they gazed at each other until Sadie snapped “Hello!!”… Shannon moved closer to Joshua and kissed him slowly on the lips, Joshua after a few seconds precipitated.  <!--[endif]-->
Shannon began to feel the tingling feeling in her legs, Joshua broke away. Slowly Shannon began to blush about what they’d done they’d done more then just a kiss, they had practically “snogged”.
Jessica began to laugh as Joshua was embarrassed and wanted to avoid any more confrontations this time the spinner chose truth, the bottle slowed down.
<!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> <!--[endif]-->It landed on…………
To be continued if I receive enough good feedback, the next story will be a lot more interesting.


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