“I’m off now Mat” Shelly shouted up stairs to her son, “ok, see you later” he said still lounging in bed with a slight hangover. The door clicked behind her and Mat drifted back to sleep. It was nearly eleven o’clock when he was woken by someone banging around outside, Mat got up and looked out of his bedroom window, he saw their new next door neighbour Julie dragging a sun lounger from her garden shed, she had on a pair of black lacy panties and matching bra, Mat stepped back a little from the window not wanting to be spotted.
Julie was a very attractive thirty five year old divorcee; she had a gorgeous bum and really great tits. Mat had helped her move some furniture when she moved in a few weeks back, she had flirted with him at the time and said he could call around any time. Julie had finished wrestling with the lounger and gone back inside. Mat went to the bathroom as he was bursting for a pee, when he returned Julie had settled herself down with a drink and a book, she was rubbing suntan lotion onto her arms and legs, Mat moved a little closer to be able to see all of her, she was working the oil into her stomach, he watched with baited breath hoping she would take off her bra.
Julie sipped her drink and relaxed with her book. Mat though shit, he would love to see her naked, but she obviously wasn’t going to take anything off, he stayed there for a good half hour ogling her body, he reached down to his prick and gave it a squeeze, he was quite hard, he toyed with the idea of having a wank but thought it would keep, instead he went for a shower, he had been out last night with some collage friends to celebrate the start of their summer holidays and he had too much to drink and didn’t come home until three am.
Mat felt much fresher after his shower and returned to his room to dress, he looked out again at Julie, yes, she had taken off her bra, she had beautiful tits, her nipples were hard and glistened with sun oil, she suddenly got up and went in soon returning with another drink, by how she wobbled when she sat back down she looked like she’d had quite a few.
Mat edged closer to the window praying not to catch her attention, she lay back leaving her legs wide open, shit! He could see her crack through the lacy fabric, he was sure she was shaved or at least very closely trimmed, although she was only a few feet away Mat wanted more, he quickly went to the cupboard in the spare room and got his Dad’s binoculars. He moved carefully back to the window, his hands were shaking like mad, he focused on her crotch, WOW, he could now tell she was shaved, Mat couldn’t believe his luck, he looked at her tits but the magnification was too strong and he couldn’t see them all, so he moved back to her panties, he was concentrating on her mound trying to see her slit through the lacy material when her fingers came into view.
He nearly stopped breathing as he saw her rub herself. Mat watched as she lightly moved a finger up and down her crack, Julie was still reading, it was an erotic novel she had found in amongst her things when she unpacked, with the sun and the alcohol she had drunk it was making her feel very horny, Mat saw her hand move away, so he put the binoculars down on the windowsill, her hand had moved to her oiled breasts, she was massaging one then the other playing with her erect nipples, Mat knelt down in front of the open window his eyes glued to her body, her hand had moved back to her groin, rubbing herself harder this time.
Julie lost patience with the material between her fingers and her pussy so she dropped the book, and hooked her thumbs into the waist band of her panties and pushed them down, she lifted her bum closed her legs and took them past her knees then kicked them off completely. Mat watched as she grated her nails up her inner thighs opening them as she went, he was slowly rubbing his hard cock as she held her shaved pussy lips open with one hand and stroked her clit with the other, Mat heard her moaning as she slid two fingers into her wet cunt, Julie was bucking as her fingers pounded in and out of herself, she was close to orgasm, just a few more flicks on her clit and she started to come, “oh… oh…oh…” Mat shot his load onto the carpet as she came, Julie had opened her eyes wide as her orgasm started, she saw Mat’s head and shoulders shaking in the window opposite.

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Mat ducked when he had come, but it was too late, he had been seen. He stayed down for what seemed like ages, he carefully looked over the windowsill to see Julie looking at him, she was sucking the fingers that had been buried in her cunt, he ducked back down cursing being caught. “Mat” shit he was for it now “Mat” she called again. He thought he would deny watching her, he lifted his head again and looked down on her, to his surprise she still had her legs open, he could clearly see her clit and inner lips glistening in the sun. Julie shouted a little too loudly “Mat come round”, he pulled on a pair of jeans and dashed down stairs and out of the back door, he jumped over the dividing fence to see her still lying naked on the sun bed.
“Come here you little pervert” she said mockingly, he looked away not wanting to make eye contact with any part of her, “don’t go all shy now, I saw you looking with your binoculars” she smiled, “come here pervert” she laughed, Mat thought he was still going to be in trouble, “you’re not going to tell Mum are you” he said as he knelt next to her. “That depends on you” Julie said. She took his hand and placed it on her breast, Mat squeezed her oily flesh amazed at how hot her skin felt, he pinched her nipple hard, Julie suck air between her teeth, Mat sucked her other nipple and bit quite hard, she responded by opening her legs wide and slapping her pussy.
“Lick me you pervert” she ordered, Mat buried his head between her legs, flicking his tongue over her smooth mound then he nipped at her swollen clitoris with his lips, Julie entwined her fingers in his hair and pressed his face harder into her cunt, all the time she was muttering obscenities at him through gritted teeth. It wasn’t long before she started to come “suck my clit pervert” she ordered, Mat sucked hard on her massively swollen genitals, sending her into a jerking orgasm.
Without stopping for breath she dragged him by his hair off her snatch, she sat on the lounger and yanked his jeans down, taking him in her greedy mouth she sucked like a starving calf. Mat looked down at her pretty face as she swallowed his rock hard cock; he fucked her mouth with short hard strokes. Julie pulled away and said “come on pervert fuck me”, she lay back spreading her legs, Mat shuffled himself between her legs, she grasped his cock and guided him to the entrance of her cunt, he slipped in to his balls and then started fucking her with long deep strokes, all the time she stared at him with her dark brown eyes, her pupils were so dilated they almost looked black.
“Yes, harder” she moaned. “MATHEW, you dirty little fucker” came from over the fence.

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   His Mother had called back in her lunch break to see if he was ok after his drunken state last night. Mat pulled out of her and pulled up his jeans, his Mum had vanished, oh shit he thought now I am in for it. Julie laughed as she watched him pop over the fence and continued rubbing her pussy. Mat cautiously went inside to face the music, but his Mother was nowhere to be found. Then he heard her rowing with Julie, she must have gone round “Shit” he said racing upstairs to his room to watch from a safe distance. The back garden was empty, but he could still hear the two women arguing. Mat paced up and down waiting for his Mother to return, then he would have to face the music, how would he be able to face her, and Julie “Shit” he cursed again.
He waited about half an hour, his nerves couldn’t take it any longer, he went out into the garden and listened, nothing, his Mother had probably gone back to work, leaving him to stew all afternoon. Mat decided to speak to Julie, to say he was sorry or something. He jumped over the fence and walked into the kitchen.
“WHAT THE FUCK” he exclaimed, Julie was bent over between his Mothers spread legs lapping at her cunt. His Mother was flat on her back on the kitchen table mauling her own tits and moaning softly. Julie looked up at him, slid two fingers inside his Mother and said with a happy tone “Mummy was hungry so she ate my pussy. Hold her legs up for me”, Mat didn’t move, his hard cock in his jeans gave him away though, Julie told him again, Mat moved behind her and held his Mum’s legs high and wide.
His Mother didn’t seem in the least bit bothered by his presence, in fact she suggested to Mat “why don’t you fuck her while she finishes me off”.

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   He couldn’t believe what he was hearing, but his dick was as hard as it could get so he unzipped and slipped into Julie’s wet pussy, he looked round to see Julie flicking his Mothers clit with her tongue as he banged into her, ”Oh… I’m going to cum” Shelly gasped, Mat felt his Mum’s orgasm through her legs as he held on to her, Julie kept lapping at her, Shelly begged for her to stop as she was too sensitive now she had come, but Mat was holding on tightly as he pounded Julie’s cunt hard, he used her legs as leverage. He suddenly bellowed “Oh fuck, I’m coming”, Julie bucked back at his pounding cock, she came in a long shaking orgasm.
“Lick her” Julie said as she moved from between Shelly’s legs. Mat froze at the suggestion, he looked at her flabby body, her tits had started to sag a little but she was still an attractive woman, her pussy was wide open, but he could not bring himself to lick her. Julie had taken a banana from the fruit bowl on the kitchen top “go on Mat she needs finishing off”, Shelly had not protested at the idea, she had not tried to move her legs from where he held them. Julie took the initiative, she slicked the banana with spit and pressed it to the entrance of Shelly’s cunt, then she grabbed Mat’s hand and wrapped it around the fruit, she moved up to suck Shelly’s nipple.
Mat just stood there with his Mothers leg held high in his left hand and a banana held an inch inside her pussy with the other, he watched as Julie mauled her tits, he then felt his Mum slowly push her pelvis forward, she was trying to fuck herself on the banana, he still didn’t move. “Mat for fuck sake, do me will you!” his Mother exclaimed, Oh shit he thought and started to ease the fruit in and out of her, she responded immediately, thrusting to meet each stroke. “Lick my clit Son… PLEASE!” she begged, Mat did not think about it and moved his head down and flicked his tongue over her clit as he slipped the banana deeply in and out of her, within a few seconds she came, God did she come, her orgasm lasted for ages.
When Shelly finally relaxed Mat stood up displaying a huge hard on, Julie whispered something to Shelly then told Mat to make himself comfortable on the table, he waited for his Mother to move and then lay back with his legs hanging over the end and his cock waving in the air like a flagpole. Julie took his shaft in her fist and started to slowly pump him, Shelly was between his legs; she lowered her mouth onto his swollen glands and sucked him with a tenderness he had never felt before. Julie climbed up onto the table straddling his chest facing his cock, Mat pulled her hips back to his face so her sticky pussy was only an inch from his mouth, he tentatively licked at her hole, tasting his own seed and her juice.
Julie had taken over sucking Mats cock while Shelly had climbed onto the table, Julie held his cock at the entrance to her neighbours open cunt and watched as she sank down to take his full length. Julie came on Mats face as she saw Shelly fucking her own son, when she climbed down and went and kissed Shelly as she bucked on Mat’s cock he shouted “Oh Mum I’m coming”, “Me too Mat”, they slammed into each other until they came in perfect unison. Shelly lay breathless on Mat’s chest; Julie stood watching them for a moment and inquired “Is your Dad a pervert too?”

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