New Man of the House



I don’t know when it happened.   It seems one day I woke up and I realized I had a cock.   I also realized the more I touched it…stroked it…the more I wanted to touch it and stroke it.   Everyday after school I would go to my room and masturbate before my parents came home.   It wasn’t “sexual” per se…I didn’t jerk off to “dirty” magazines and there was no Internet back then.   I just like the feeling of my fingers wrapped around my fleshy member, my hand bobbing up and down.   Feeling the sensation of grower harder…growing thicker.   While other kids were out riding bikes or playing ball, I was in my room amazed at the wonder of my cock.

My freshman year of high school was when I first noticed something different about my cock.   This was the first time I saw other boys in the underwear as we changed for gym class.   My family, like most were very conservative when it came to sex or nudity…it just wasn’t discussed.   So imagine my surprise when I learned that I would have to change in front of other boys.   I remember the first couple of times being shy and trying not to let my curiosity control me as I wanted to see if I was “normal”.   And then it happened, the day that changed my life.

I was leaving Math class and walking to the gym.   I don’t know why, but I noticed my cock growing fuller.

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    As I go to the locker room, my cock was about half-hard with a significant bulge.   I was embarrassed but thought “what the hell” and dropped my pants.   The boys dressing near me stopped and looked at the bulge in my underwear.   I wasn’t sure if it was good or bad, but I did know that I liked it.   Still curious though, I had never seen another cock and didn’t know if I was “normal”.   That day, after school, was the first time that I masturbated to a sexual thought…the thought of being an exhibitionist.   It was also the first time that I stroked my cock to the point of climax.   I remember stroking my cock and seeing all their eyes on me…fantasizing that they were watching my jerking my cock…feeling the sensation building, a feeling I’d never felt before.   And then I couldn’t stop.   You know the point where you lose control.   And I did.   Cum erupted out of the taunt head of my dick as seemingly endless jets of the thick goo spewed forth.   Collapsing.   Eyes closed. My cock throbbing.

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    I could see the amazement in their eyes.   Tomorrow I would push the limit.

 The next day, as gym was ending and we were dressing back into our school clothes I decided to take a quick shower.   I needed to be seen naked.   I walked over to the shower and turned the facet.   Nervousness shot over my body.   “You can’t chicken out now, they’re watching you.   This is what you wanted. ”  My back was to them as I dropped my underwear and stepped into the shower and quickly pulled the curtain hiding me inside the shower.   The boys let out a round of whistles and “cat calls”.   As the water fell over my naked body, the thought of them seeing me naked consumed me and my cock grew full but not erected.   I quickly turned the water off and pulled the curtain open exposing myself to my class.   Silence.   Eyes were not on me, but on my cock.   In what seemed like an eternity for me to get my towel wrapped around me, the silence was replaced with “DAMN!”  Then came the questions.

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    “How big is that thing?”  “Where the hell do you put that?” And other similar questions.   Confused, I asked what they meant by their line of questioning.   That’s when I realized that I was “gifted. ”  A couple of my friends were brave enough to show me their cocks and I quickly learned that I was easily twice their size.   I never knew so my size was “normal” to me.   But now a new sensation overtook me.   Not only was I an exhibitionist, but now I WANTED people to see me.   I had to push the boundaries again.

 After school I went home, went right to my room and undressed and began stroking my cock only this time I left my bedroom door open slightly.   I wanted to be seen…by my mother.   She got home before my father and I knew she had to cross by my room to get to her bedroom.   I stroked my cock thinking about it…fighting off the urge to cum.   Then I heard her pull into the drive.   I jumped up and stood where I knew she would see me.   I acted casually as though I didn’t know I could be seen.

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    The front door closed.

 “Honey, I’m home”, she called out.

 “In my room, mom”, I yelled back at her.

 I could hear her footstep clicking on the wooden floor of the hall, getting louder as she walked closer.   Naked, my cock throbbing.   Trying to act like I’m too preoccupied with finding some clothes to wear that I’m not worried about being seen naked.   I expected her to glance in, see me naked, but keep walking to her room.   She however stopped and pushed the door open and turned into my room.

 “How was your…OH MY GOD!”

 My mother’s eyes were fixed on my full, throbbing cock.


 “I’m so sorry”, she said as she quickly walked out of my room and into her room leaving my door open.   I sat down on my bed, spread my legs and started working on my dick.   I heard her closing one of her dresser drawers and heard her bedroom door open.   My excitement grew.   My cum building.   Acting as though I wasn’t paying attention to the door, I kept stroking my cock.

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    I saw her walk past my door in the darken hall.   Then she stopped.   I knew she had come back to watch.   My mother stood there watching me masturbate my cock.   I looked up at her to make eye contact but her eyes were fixed on my dick.   I wanted her to know I was stroking my dick for her.   Her eyes wide and fixed.   “For you mom”, I thought to myself as I let my cum fly shooting stream and stream toward her.   I heard her let out a gasp as my cream pelted my sheet.   Then she disappeared.

 I found her in the kitchen.   She seemed to be lost in her thoughts.

 “Did you enjoy that, mom?”

 She seemed embarrassed by the moment and turned her back.

“I…I…don’t know what to say. ”

“Did you like it?  Because I thought it was exciting that you stopped to watch me.

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“Honey…it’s…it’s very normal for boys your age to…to…”

“To jerk off?”

“Yes.   But you need to do that in the privacy of your room or the bathroom. ”

“You seemed to like watching me though. ”

“I…was surprised by it.   I nev…never expected…to…to see…”, her words seeming hard to choose.

“See your son jerking off?”


“But did you like watching me, mom?  That’s my question.

“No!  What kind of question is that to ask your mother?  I’m your mother. ”

“I know.   It was still exciting.   Besides I’m sure you’ve seen dad jerk off. ”

Mom let out a half-hearted chuckle

“What was that for?”

“Nothing…never mind.   Let’s forget this happened.   Next time keep your door closed. ”

“You’ve never seen dad jerk off?”

“Leave it alone son”, came a stern warning.

“Was I the first boy you’ve seen jerk off?”


“I’m curious, mom!”

“I’ve never seen one that big!” she shot back before she realized what she had said.

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“A dick?  Isn’t dad like me?”

Again she answered with a chuckle.

“Well how big is he?” I asked curiously.

“Never mind son.   Why don’t you go play?  I need to fix dinner now. ”

“Is he half my size?”

She just stared at me.


She turned to get some groceries from the cabinet.

“My dad’s got a smaller dick than me?”

“You don’t need to talk about that, son” she said in a commanding voice.

“Okay.   We’ll keep it our secret.   But you did like watching me, didn’t you?”

Mom stared at me for what seemed like a couple of minutes. “Yes…yes I did. ”

“Good, then I want you to watch me again. ”

“NO! I will not!”

“Yes you will, mom.   Either you come to my room and watch me or I’ll come in your room and jerk off while he sleeps. ”

After dinner, they had their family time watching the television.

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    I finished my homework and took a shower.   No longer worried, I walked naked from my room to the bathroom and back after I showered.   A little while later they went to bed.

“Good night, son”, said my father.

“Good night, dad. ”

“Good night dear”, said mom.

“Good night, mom” followed by a whispered reminder.

It wasn’t long after their bedroom door closed that I heard my father snoring.   “Wow that didn’t take long” I thought to myself.   A little while later I heard their bedroom door open and close softly.   Mom appeared in the darken doorway.   She slipped into my room.

“You know this isn’t right?” she warned me.

“I know, but it’s exciting” I said pulling the sheet down exposing my naked body.   Mom’s eyes quickly fixed on my limp dick.

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I took it in my hands and began slowly massaging it.   “You two don’t fuck anymore?” I asked.

“Bobby, watch your mouth!” she scolded my in a hushed voice.

“So you don’t fuck anymore” I said pushing her.

“It’s been a while since…”

“Since you’ve fucked…say it mom…fucked”

She looked at me.

“Say it” I ordered her.

“Fucked” she replied

My dick quickly grew hard hearing my mother talking nasty to me.

“Do you like my dick, mom?”


“Do you like my dick?” I demanded of her while pumping my swollen member for her.



She looked puzzled at me.

“Do you like my dick?” I asked again.

“Yes…I like your dick” she finally replied.

I pumped my cock faster feeling the cum building.

“Do you want me to cum for you, mom?”


I looked at her.

“Yes, son…cum for your mother.

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I release a stream that shot beyond my feet with several more following but shorter in distance.

“Oh my!”

“I guess dad doesn’t cum like that either?”

“Not hardly…good night son. ”

“Good night, mom.   Thanks. ”

Mom disappeared to her room and I slept very well.

The next day at school word had got around.   Like the girl in class with the biggest set of tits, I was now the freak show.   Girls wanted to see.   Apparently the guys had exaggerated my size.   Still it was annoying since I couldn’t pull it out and show them.   So to shut them up, I invited them to my house after school for a private showing.   But as I suspect, no one showed.   Never mind, mom would be home soon.   For the next two weeks, mom would visit my room to watch me.   And for two weeks, dad never touched her.


    Her passion was boiling.   Finally Friday night came and after he fell asleep, mom came to visit me.

I sat on my bed, my legs spread for her.   She sat at the end of the bed watching me.

“Come here”, I said to her.   “You do it. ”

“No I will not!” she said in a hushed yell.

“Come here and stroke my cock, mom”, I demanded.

She moved closer and took my cock in her soft, delicate hands.

“mmm…that feels nice, mom”, reaching up to touch her.   I could tell by her reaction he wanted…make that NEEDED a man.   She was a boiling mess.

“You want my big dick, don’t you mom?”

Without hesitation and before she could censor herself, she blurted out, “Yes!”  Quickly gaining her composure, her soft hand massaging my cock, her eyes locked on my meaty thickness, she said “I want your big dick, son. ”  Mom learned how to respond.

“Then suck it…suck my dick mom.

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  ”  No woman had ever put her hands on my dick, let alone her lips and now mom’s head was moving down on my member.   Her mouth opened to take me in.   The softness of her lips enveloping the tight skin of my cut head, just tight enough for me to have to force beyond her lips.   Her warm, wet mouth perfect molded itself around my thick cock and it slowly disappeared beyond those pink lips.   She took me half-way then pulled back up.   Keeping my thick head in her mouth and sucking gently, her tongue swirled around the sensitive spot under the head of my dick.

“Oh God…I love that, mom. ”

She shot me an approving smile.   She was probably thinking to herself “I still got it. ”  She continued sucking my cock, glancing up at me for approval.   Finally I said to her.

“I want you to climb on me and fuck me. ”

Surprisingly there was no balking…no arguing…no fighting back.   She stood up, reached under her nightgown and slid her panties down and handed them to me.   They were soaking wet.

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    She moved over the top of me and rubbed her wet pussy on my cock to lube it.   Then she lifted slightly, reached down and took my cock in her delicate hand and positioned it at her wet and wanting entrance.   She then lowered slowly down, taking my thick cock into her wet hole, gasping for air as she took more and more of my dick.

When I was finally buried all the way in her, she slowly began grinding and bouncing.

“Oh God”, she moaned, trying to keep quiet.

“That’s it, mom…fuck me…show me how much you want my dick. ”  Mom began fucking me in earnest.   What seemed like years of pent-up frustration was being let out.  

“Tell me you like my big dick, mom. ”

“God I love your big dick, son” she grunted.   She moaned.   She fucked.   And then she collapsed on me.   I had never fucked a woman.   My mom was my first.

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    She was seemingly exhausted but I hadn’t cum and I had a primal urge to fuck her…to conquer her.   I rolled her off of me and onto her back and quickly rolled on top of her.   I shoved my hard dick into her cunt, splitting her lips apart.

“UGGGGGGGGHHHHH” she released loudly.   At this point I didn’t care if dad knew I was fucking his wife…my mother.   I got primal, wildly fucking her pussy.   My only objective was to mate…to breed my mother…to bury my seed deep inside her.   She spread her legs wide and back giving me free, unobstructed access to her pussy.   Mom needed to be fucked like this and dad was never able to deliver.

“Tell me!”

“God I love your big dick, son” she said trying to control her volume but not succeeding.   “Fuck me…. fuck me son…fuck your mother” she commanded me.   Her hips meeting my thrusts.   Her hands on my ass pulling me into her.

“Oh GOD YES…that’s IT…that’s IT!!!”

I shoved my meat hard and deep, my body instinctive arched up.

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    Her legs wrapped around me and she locked her ankles together on my ass, keeping me inside her.

“TAKE IT” I yelled as I shot my seed into my mother’s cunt.

We laid there for a moment.   I wanted my cum to stay in her so I didn’t pull out.   After some small talk, I told her I wanted her to keep my cum inside of her.   I slowly pulled out making sure my seed didn’t follow.   I handed her, her panties and she put them on and left my room.

The next morning was Saturday.   I planned on sleeping late.   Dad had other plans.   I heard him up early in the kitchen making coffee.   Clanging pots and pans trying to wake us.   “What the fuck?!?”  I thought.   Then I heard mom walking down the hall to see what the commotion was.   I got up and went to pee, walking naked to the bathroom.

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    While standing there I could smell my mother’s cunt on my cock.   Morning wood is a beautiful thing unless you have to pee, then it’s somewhat of a bitch…but I managed.   As I’m about to walk out, I hear my father walking down the hall.   I decided to give him a show.   I walked out, my dick plump and hanging.   His eyes locked on as he stopped in his tracks.  

“What’s the matter dad, haven’t you seen a dick this big before?”

He was speechless.   Apparently the “dick gene” I inherited was from my mother’s side.   I walked passed him and into my room and climbed back into bed.

“What is that suppose to mean?” he said in a half-hearted command.

“You look like you’ve never seen a dick before.   Don’t you have a big dick too?” knowing full well he didn’t.   “Come on dad, you don’t have a dick like this?” I said tugging on my cock for him.  

“Now look here…” as I began stroking my cock.

“What’s going on in there?” mom called from down the hall as she made her way toward us.

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“Nothing, Honey…I’ll take care of this” as he tried to shut the door so she could see.   In a somewhat protective move, mom prevented him from closing the door.   She looked in and saw me.   Feigning surprise, she shouted, “Bobby!”

“Mom, does dad have a dick like me?” I said taunting them both.

Dad took a step toward me, but mom reached out and pulled him back.   “Honey, go take your shower.   I’ll handle this. ”

I smiled and kept stroking my cock.   I owned them and I liked it.  

Dad left the room frustrated.   Mom stayed and “talked” to me.   As soon as dad closed the bathroom door, I told mom, “come here and suck my dick. ”

“No we can’t keep doing this. ”

“Yes we can, now come here and suck my dick. ”

Mom turned and walked out of my room and went to her room.

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    I jumped up quickly and followed her into her room.   I could hear the shower water flowing.   I wanted her again and I was going to have her.   I walked up behind her and pushed her onto her bed face first.   “Bobby NO!” she screamed.   My body pinned her down.  

“Your father…”

Reaching under her nightgown and pulling her panties to the side.   Mom struggled and resisted but was much stronger.   I forced my big dick into her dry pussy and she let out a scream.   I essentially was raping my own mother.   I moved her and positioned her facing the bedroom door and dad would see me fucking his wife.   My body atop hers, my left are wrapped around her throat.   My right arm supporting my weight.   My cock grinding.   Mom grunting like an animal.

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“Take that dick like you did last night.   When he comes in here you tell him this in my cunt.   You tell him you belong to me.   You hear me?”

What was rape was turned to passion.   Mom lowered herself like a cat in heat, her pussy up taking all of my thick cock.   We heard the shower water stop.   Mom let a groan as she came with anticipation of being seen.   Hearing it, dad opened the door, and still wet and naked hurried into the room.

“What the…”

“Tell him, mom!” I said staring at my dad.

“Honey…oh fuck…mmm…he…Bobby…owns my…GOD…he owns my cunt!” she managed and fucked her.   He just stared.   Then his dick…about half my size…began to grow at the sight of his wife being fucked by another man.

“He owns me now. ”

“Dad, you didn’t want to fuck mom so I will…from now on.   You may watch us if you like.

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  ”  He was speechless but his dick was throbbing.

“Watch me dad…watch me fuck your wife…let me show you how mom likes to be fucked. ”  I stood up on the bed and with my cock in my mother’s cunt I began bulldog fucking her.   Her ass slapping against me meeting my thrusts.   “That’s it mom, take that dick. ”

“OH God!  Henry…he’s fucking me…our son is fucking me with his big dick!” she screamed.   With that dad shot his load…or should I say…dribbled his load as it oozed out.   We watched as his dick shriveled.

“Watch this dad!”  I grabbed mom’s hips.   “Are you ready, mom?”

“Breed me son…give mama your seed!”  I let out a guttural scream and shot hard and deep.   Mom collapsed but kept her pussy up.   I pulled out and with my dick dripping with my cum and my mother’s wetness, walked past my father to the bathroom and shower.

Later that night, when they went to bed I walked in and ordered my father out of the bed.   He resisted, but mom told him to listen which he did.   She then pulled the covers back and spread her legs wide.

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    “Come here baby. ”  I moved in and mounted her, missionary.   My cock parting her lips.   “Give mama that dick. ”

I fucked my mother while my dad watch, jerking his little cock.   Mom taunting him by talking “dirty” so he would cum quickly.   He just stood there while I fucked his wife.   A scenario which would repeat itself for many years.


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