Nosy Neighbor Ch. 4


Nosy Neighbor Chapter 4

Author's note. I hope you have been following the first three chapters of this series and will find this part interesting for your enjoyment.

After the encounter with Sara and my mom, I maintained my sanity within the house by burying my horny self in my studies. I didn't get much time to be with mom as she managed to land herself a job for a month which took her away from home longer hours. It was alright since I thought we both needed a bit of space after the encounter with Sara.

I longed for my summer vacation which would give me time to relax and play around with Sara again. I did meet her a few times but she seemed distant and she blushed every time she saw me and avoided me whenever she could. I didn't force the issue as I was also embarrassed about the encounter. However, she surprised me on the last day of school before the vacation by speaking to me.

"Hey, Sam how are things with you?"

"Hey! I am doing good. I didn't get a chance to talk to you. Been so busy with school stuff. "

"Oh, that’s cool. I was busy too and to be honest, I didn't have the guts to talk to you after what happened," she said, trying to avoid my eyes.

"You must think of me as a bad girl, huh?" she continued, her eyes downcast.

"Hey, don't say that, it was my fault and we seduced you," I admitted.

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   I reached out and squeezed her shoulder reassuringly.

"And besides, you were awesome that day. I still get excited thinking about it," I said feeling my face going red.

She looked at me, her eyes wide with emotion and seemed at a loss for words for a while. I reached out and touched her shoulder again. She seemed oblivious to my gesture and she had a faraway look.

"Hey, can I walk you home?" I asked managing to get through her veil of concentration.

She emerged from her reverie and nodded absently. Her mind seemed to be on something else and we skipped the bus and took the scenic route home. I paused by the gate to my house and we both turned towards the sound of a door slamming. It was Sara's mom. She looked at us and hesitated and then started walking purposefully towards us. Sara seemed upset to see her mom coming towards us and she turned to go.

"Sam I gotta go. See you later OK?"

"Hey Sam, can I speak with you for a minute?" asked Sara's mom Kate before I could reply Sara.

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   Her tone was anything but friendly. I walked towards her with Sara.

"Mom lets go inside, don't make a scene here," pleaded Sara pulling her mom towards the house.

"Young man, I want to talk to you about what you did to my daughter," shouted Kate.

I didn't know what to do, so I followed her to the house with my heart in my mouth. I didn't know how much she knew about us and what happened the other day. To my annoyance, my gaze rested on Kate's swaying bottom which sent pleasurable jolts down to my crotch. I found it hard to avert my gaze from her butt and legs. She was dressed in a pair of shorts and a shirt that fit her shapely frame like a glove. I noticed that her hips were shapely and her narrow torso made is sexier. Her hair fluttered in the wind giving her a lovely look. Her breasts jiggled in her shirt giving a lovely rhythm to her body. The expression on her face was not lovely and it was directed at me.

We went inside and I remained standing in the middle of the hall unsure what to do.

"Sara, go to you room!" snapped Kate.


   Sara stood her ground, her face defiant. She looked at me and her mom as if following a game of tennis. I nodded to her indicating that I will handle this and for her to go to her room instead of pissing her mom off. She looked lovely in her skirt and tight t-shirt. I was mesmerized by the rise and fall of her breasts. Her hands remained on her ample hips. I had a flashback and started seeing her sucking my cock with my mom. My dick got another dose of highly pressurized blood. I shook my head angrily. I was annoyed at my thoughts in the middle of a serious confrontation.

Sara looked at me again and then decided to obey her mom. I watched Sara's reluctant bottom move up the stairs. I longed to follow her and make her feel better but the lioness next to me (Kate) would have torn me apart. I looked at her expectantly, my gaze wandering all over her tight body, wanting to kick myself for not being able to control my feelings. I couldn't stop looking at her slender neck and wondered how it would feel under my tongue.

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"I should call the police for what you did!" she said, jolting me to the present. My eyes moved to hers and back to her lips. Her lips reminded me of petals of a flower. They seemed so suckable. They were firmly closed together giving her a severe look. My gaze went down to the opening of her shirt. A couple of buttons were undone exposing her cleavage. I could see the top of a lacy pink bra. My gaze continued to travel down to the tight crotch of her shorts wondering whether she was shaved or not.

The slap came out of nowhere. One moment she was a few feet away from me and the next she was almost on me and her hand connected with my face with a loud thud. Even though there was not much force in the slap, the shock of it startled me and I grabbed her hand by instinct as I saw the second slap coming my way. The initial slap unbalanced my step and all I could do was grab onto Kate's shirt as we both fell down and I hit my head on a table. Then I realised how hard mahogany is as it made a sickening sound by connecting with my skull and by the time my head rested on the carpet, Kate was lying on top of me my my hand still holding onto her torn shirt.
I had ripped away the rest of her shirt and it was open to her midriff.

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   She landed strategically so that her crotch was on mine. I still held onto her hand worried that she would slap me and my head hurt like hell. It must have been the fact that my head banged against the table that settled her down or it even may have been the feel of my rising cock under her, but I could not be sure. Her face softened and she helped me up.

"I am so sorry Sam. I just got out of control when you started to er. . check me out," she said, her voice genuinely apologetic. She made me sit on the couch and virtually straddled my legs as she inspected the bump on my head. My face was directly in line with her breasts that were lovingly guarded by a lacy pink bra.

Her breasts looked quite big judging by the bulge underneath. She made crooning noises as she rubbed my head. I watched the breasts jiggle as she put in more effort to rub the bump. This rubbing continued which gave rise to another bump. I was worried that I would be assaulted again if she accidentally sat on my crotch but the shot never came.

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   After a few more heart stopping jiggles she moved back to realize that her shirt was open to my wide gaze.

"Young man, I should slap you again!"

"I am sorry. I can't help it. "

"You can't help what?"

"Well you know very well what I mean. "

"No I don't!"

"Yes you do!"

"No I don't!"

She picked up the cordless phone which was lying on the couch and started to dial.

"What are you doing?"

"I am calling the police. "


"Well there is a young man in my house and he assaulted me," she said pointing at her unbuttoned shirt.

I saw stars and images of how I would be assaulted in prison came to my mind. I made an effort to grab the phone and she pushed me away. Her strength surprised me. I could hear the voice of the automated answering service. She looked at me with a look that almost reduced my erection by half.

"Please don't call the police," I implored.

"Why shouldn't I?" she asked.

"Please, I didn't do anything wrong.

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   I just got so turned on by what happened on your balcony that I wanted to have sex with Sara. I am so sorry about what happened. I will do anything to make things OK," I put on the most pathetic face I could.

She didn't move or say anything. Then slowly her finger reached the cancel button on the phone and she disconnected the call.

"Then answer my questions. If you don't answer my questions, I will call the police. "

She made me sit down on the couch and she sat on the edge of the table that I hit my head on. I had a hard time not staring at her tight crotch and her flat stomach and the pink bra. Her cleavage seemed inviting and all I wanted to do was put my cock between those beauties. She reached out her hand and lifted my face forcing me to look at her.

"What did you look at just now?"

"Your breasts, your crotch and your tummy," the words spilled out of my mouth.

"What do you feel when you look at them?"

I shook my head and then she reached for the phone.

"OK Stop. I will tell you.

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   I want to put my cock between your tits and fuck them. I want to see what your pussy looks like. "

She gasped as she heard my words.

"Show me with your finger how you would fuck my tits!"

I pushed one finger under the bra between the two cups and started moving it up and down. She moaned as she felt my finger slide over her skin. The skin was so soft and spongy. Her eyes closed in ecstasy as if imagining my cock there. Then she slapped my hand away.

"Tell me more!"

"Well I want to suck your breasts and bite your nipples. I want to suck them till you scream. "

"Show me!"

I shook my head and she grabbed the phone again. I got down on my knees in front of her trying to take the phone away.

"One more shake of your head and I will call the cops! Understand?"

I nodded as I moved my mouth towards her bra cup. I started to lick her bra cup. The material was so thin that I started to feel the bulge of her nipple.

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   I continued to wet the bra cup and without any warning, I bit her nipple. It was a soft bite and she gasped and pulled me closer to her breast. I started to suck the nipple hard into my mouth making her moan in ecstasy. I made sure I rubbed my hard crotch against her leg.

I was driving Kate crazy with my mouth and she pushed the cup down to give my mouth a better chance at making contact. I sucked her breast like a baby. I felt her nipple grow longer under the attention of my mouth. I was amazed at the size of her nipple and sucked it harder.

"Oh suck mommy's nipple. Drink my milk!" she moaned. I tried to move away from her nipple to breathe but she pulled me closer.

"Don't stop, you bad boy! Suck mommy more!"

I moaned into her breast as I sucked even harder. She reached under me and started to rub my hard cock over the pants.

"Oh, is mommy making you hard?"

I moaned and sucked her harder as I felt her hand go into my pants, reaching for my cock. It was facing downwards, struggling to come up inside the tight fabric and she pulled it up roughly whilst loosening my pants.

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   She expertly pushed it down with her foot, exposing my cock and ass. She reached behind me and started to feel my butt as her hand started to explore my cock.

"So do I taste better than my daughter?"

I tried to take my mouth off again to answer her and this time she let me.

"Yes mommy, I like your breasts better. I like your big nipples," I said.

I realized how much she loved being called "mommy". Her mouth opened and she seemed very horny.

She pulled me up and started to lick my thighs. Her eyes looked dazed and her tongue was adventurous. She moved closer to my balls and started to lick them. She rubbed under my balls with her hand. Her mouth tried to suck one of them into her mouth and it kept slipping out of her mouth. I was so engrossed in looking at her mouth that I scarcely noticed anything else. Suddenly, I felt a tongue running up my leg and I looked behind me to find Sara on her knees, licking my leg. She smiled at me.


   I was shocked to see her, but it was soon overshadowed by her exploring tongue. Her tongue reached the back of my upper thigh and had no intention of slowing down. Her hands started rubbing my butt and parting it so that she could explore the opening. I shuddered as she started rimming me.

To my surprise Kate seemed oblivious to her daughter's presence. She was sucking my ball earnestly and had her eyes half closed. Her hand was rubbing her crotch.

"Suck my cock mommy," I whispered and her eyelids fluttered looking at me sleepily. She pushed my dick against my tummy and started to lick the bottom of my shaft.

"How does Sara's tongue feel on your ass hole?" she asked winking at me.

Suddenly everything became clear. They had played a trick onme. I was too horny to care anymore.

"It’s so good, mommy. I want to do the same to your ass hole," I replied.

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"You will have to wait till mommy sucks your beautiful cock. "

"OK mommy. "

She started to lick my cock in long strokes. Her tongue started at the base and ended at the top of my cock. She nibbled my foreskin and moved down again. She reached between my legs and started to squeeze Sara's breasts. Sara was in a bra and panties. She moaned as she felt her mom's hands squeeze her breasts.

Her teasing made me go crazy. Every time I thought her mouth would finally start to suck my head, she moved down. I groaned as I wanted to fuck her mouth bad. But she kept me waiting.

"Please suck my cock mommy. " I implored. She ignored my plea and continued at her own maddeningly slow pace.

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   I felt Sara’s finger enter my anus. I was relishing its exploratory trek with my eyes closed when I finally felt my cock go into Kate's mouth. The pace was still slow and she sucked my cock in slow. I tried to thrust it in, but she pushed me back. Eventually, my cock head ended up in her mouth.

She explored my head lovingly inside her mouth teasing the bottom edge with her tongue. The urge to thrust was strong but I wanted her to do what she wanted. I loved the feeling of being the center of attention between two hot women.

I felt Sara slide out of my ass and slide her body up my back. She rested her whole body against my back. It was warm and soft. She started to lick the area between my shoulder blades while her hand kneaded a little below that. It was an awesome feeling. I felt as if I was in heaven. I reached back with both hands and started to rub her back unclasping her bra as I explored her smooth skin.



Her bra dropped to the floor and I started to feel her hard nipples against my back. She pushed one hand to her front and made me feel her wet panties. She groaned as I rubbed her mound.

Her mom was absolutely still with my cock in her mouth. Her eyes were filled with mischief. I tried to move my cock but she held me back with powerful limbs. Her eyes were trying to tell me something and then she pushed me away from her. I was surprised. Her face changed and had a commanding look. She pointed to the center table.

"Sit down!" she ordered.

Sara moved back and I obeyed Kate. I sat there and my cock began to shrink.

Kate called Sara to her side and they started to kiss each other. My cock started to respond again after I saw both tongues fighting for supremacy.

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   Sara rubbed against her mom in a sexy way making Kate moan. There movements were almost serpentine.
In a few minutes Kate was completely naked. Her body looked powerful yet feminine at the same time. Her tummy was flat with a slight curve all ladies have that make them look very sexy.

She came closer and I could see that she was shaved apart from a small strip just above her pussy.

"Do you like my body Sam?"

"Yes maam. "

She came closer and I moved forward but she pushed me back.

"Patience, Sam!," she murmured.

I just sat there with my cock hard as iron looking at her gorgeous body. She stood a few inches away from me. She lifted one leg and put it on the table. My face was now so close to her pussy. Her leg rubbed against my shoulder and she moved her pussy inch by inch to my mouth. I didn't lick it knowing that she wanted me to do nothing.

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   Finally, it rested against my mouth but I didn't lick it. She used one hand and pushed me back making me lie on the center table. Without a word she straddled my chest facing me and started rubbing her wet pussy on it. She moved closer and closer to my chin and then she kneeled with her legs on either side of my head and started to lower her pussy towards my mouth.

"Stick out your tongue, Sam," she ordered.

I did as she ordered. She moved a little forward so that her ass was in line with my tongue. Her ass suddenly landed on my tongue and I still didn't move my tongue. She crushed me hard with her ass and I could feel her opening pulsing as she tried to control her urge to move.

"You can lick it now," she said, her breath was coming in gasps.

I remained still giving her the same treatment as she did with my cock earlier.

She pressed herself against my tongue and my tongue didn't move. Her breathing sounded like a steam train and she held onto my hair and tried her best to make me lick.

"Sara, please suck Sam's cock," she panted.

Then I felt Sara's tongue start to explore my thigh.

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   The sensation of her tongue made me forget about my vow to not lick Kate. I started to lick her ass hole tracing her little opening with my tongue. She shuddered as she felt my tongue. I probed her slowly and gently. I felt her muscles relax and my tongue slid into her ass. She moaned like crazy. Sara's mouth was all over my cock. Her breasts rubbed against my thighs while she sucked me deep into her mouth.

Kate slid back to give me a chance to lick her pussy. It was wet and warm. My tongue started to lick her deeply tasting her juice. She rocked on my mouth. I pushed my tongue into her vagina fucking her with my tongue. Her clit rubbed against my nose.

She lifted off my mouth and turned around facing Sara and lowered herself again on my face.

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   She joined Sara and started to share my cock as I licked her pussy. I rubbed her ass hole with my finger.

Both tongues licked my cock and I felt a hand rubbing my balls. Sara straddled my thigh and rubbed her wet pussy against my knee. I felt my orgasm getting closer and closer.

"Kate, I am so close now," I moaned.

Their sucking stopped abruptly and I felt the tongues move towards my balls. The feel of the two wet tongues made me shudder.

I felt a strong finger press the area under my balls and the two mouths started to suck my head again. The finger remained pressed against the same area as the sucking increased. I felt my orgasm approach like a tsunami and I moaned into Kate's pussy as I came hard. The pressure of Kate's finger prevented me from ejaculation. The finger was held in place until the spasms subsided. I was surprised to find my cock relatively dry of sperm. It seemed a little flaccid.

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   Kate turned back and started to kiss me hard. Sara joined her mom and we all kissed. It was very sexy to kiss an older and younger woman at the same time. Kate's body was firm whilst Sara was softer. The lips of both women couldn't seem to get enough of my full lips.

After a few minutes of intense kissing, my cock was back in action. Kate lowered herself down on my hard cock. Her body was glistening with sweat. She grabbed my cock using her pussy with a deliciously wet sound. She seemed very experienced with cocks and I was amazed to watch her slide down my cock without using her hands to guide it in.

Sara lay by my side and we kissed as her mom started to move on my cock. Kate had strong muscles and was able to grip my cock hard and let go as she moved up and then grab it again after she slid back down. She started moving faster and faster. Sara became excited after watching her mom on my cock and she climbed onto my face and my tongue went to work on her pussy. She rocked against my mouth.

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   I licked her pussy tasting her lovely juice which was dripping all over my face. Her mom's strokes were increasing in pace and I was nearing my orgasm. I felt Kate tilt herself towards my body a little to rub her clit against me telling me that she was close to her orgasm.

Sara rocked faster and I was finding it difficult to decide who would come first. Just as the thought went through my mind, Kate shuddered and came hard. She continued to rock on my cock and had a few mini orgasms and finally came to a standstill. She lay her body on mine in exhaustion. Our bodies seemed to be fused together with sweat.

I kept licking Sara and she urged me on.

"Oh Sam, please suck me harder. Make me cum Sam. I am so close!"

I licked harder and I heard Sara exclaim.

"Oh mom, suck my tits!"

She came hard against my face and I felt a rush of her pussy juice as she shuddered repeatedly. Her body was warm from her exertion and I could see beads of sweat all over her body. Her skin was slightly red and I detected a few bite marks showing the amount of attention she received from her mom and me.

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"Oh poor Sam! He didn't cum yet," said Kate starting to suckmy cock again. She then made Sara lie down and asked me to enter her pussy. I pushed my cock into Sara's tight pussy and all I needed were a few more strokes and I was nearly there. I pulled out my cock, not wanting to cum inside Sara and pushed it quickly into her mouth. I fucked her mouth hard and attention of her mom's tongue over my ass hole prompted me to cum hard inside Sara's mouth. I groaned as I shot all my cum into her mouth. Kate pushed me off Sara and started to kiss her daughter and I watched in fascination when Kate started to suck my cum out of her daughter's mouth.

"We don't want to waste any of your cum, Sam," she murmured pulling me to her mouth and sucking what was left of my cum. Her mouth operated like a vacuum cleaner as it sucked all of my cock out. I groaned as Sara started to kiss me again. I pushed both ladies off me and started to make my way to the toilet to clean myself up. I got into my clothes and said goodbye to the hot couple as I made my way back home.