Nothing Like Family


Nothing Like Family
I'm Jacob. I'm an 19 yeard old black kid in small suburban town that I can never remember the name of. I think my family is the only black family around these parts. My sister and I go to this small high school that suits about 300 kids, so even if you were trying to be unpopular, it was damn near impossible. I tried to stay close with my sister. I didn't want her getting caught up in any of the strange things these people had in mind. It was such a bland town, but for some reason it gave me the willies. It wasn't until a week ago, I found out why. It was 4th period and I had to piss like a racehorse. My dick was burning for a urination break, and at this point, I couldn't say no to it. I rushed to the boys bathroom, and relieved myself. I was so caught up in pissing myself crazy that I didn't notice the small moans coming from behind a stall. Curiousity told me that I had to find out what was going on, so I walked to the front door, opened it and closed it. Making the people in there think that I had left. Then I crept back slowly over to the nearest stall, and quietly slipped in. "Okay, they're gone.

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  " I heard one guy whisper, and with that, those small moans grew to large moans. I positioned myself on the toilet seat just so I could loom over them without them noticing, and once I did, i caught a glance of something I never thought I'd see. David Yunger, a 16 year old Caucasian junior was bent over and having his ass rammed by Joseph Yunger, his 18 year old brother.
Joseph had his hands clasped around David's waist and was plunging his rock hard 8 inch prick in his ass like it was nothing. Both of them panting and sweating until finally, Joseph grabbed David's waist and held his dick in his ass. He didn't move for several seconds, but I knew what he was doing. "Fuck" he screamed as he pulled out and let his last thick string of cum bolt from his dick into his brother's ass. "Oh bro, that was the best fuck ever!" David announced. I was still in shock. I could barely move as the two brothers put their clothes on, and retreated out the bathroom as if nothing had happened. I finally came down off of the toilet, still with my mouth wide open, and my body in total shock. I decided I shouldn't tell anybody what I'd seen. I was new here, and I didn't need any enemies just yet.
I made it home that same day with the brotherly love scene still on my mind. It was a hard thing to shake, and before I knew it, I was on my bed beating my dick like my life depended on it.

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   Despite the scenario, the taboo behind it was enough to explode one of the biggest orgams in my life. Strangely enough, being a black kid originally from New York. That thought never crossed my mind. Although I didn't have a brother, I had a sister. I wonder how she'd feel about that? My sister was a great looker. She was dark-olive skinned, had brown hair, a slim-athletic figure which rounded out her B-cup breasts, and her decently plumped ass. She was attractive, but she was also my sister. I hate it when that shit happens. Sometimes the best looking girls end up in your family. Then you can't fuck em. My sister had track practice after school, she didn't get home until six. And mom and dad would be at work until 8. I decided to clean myself up and try to get the sordid scene out of my mind, which was easier said then done.
The clock struck 6, and like clockwork, my sister came through the door. I was sitting in my room reading, watching tv, and listening to music all at the same time.

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   Sis ran straight for the showers. She was always heavily musty after practice. About a half-hour later she came out, and came into my room with her night clothes on. Nothing fancy, just a long t-shirt with no bra and her long poohbear night pants. My sister was only 15, a freshman, I was a near graduate after the transfer. "Jake, you cook?" she asked.
"Nope. Take-out?" I suggested.
"Sure. Chinese, pizza, or chicken?" Sierra asked.
"Please. We are black. " Iresponded stereotypically, and she caught right on to it.
"Chicken it is. " she laughed, and retreated to her bedroom.

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   I called the nearest chicken place, and they said they'd be there in a half hour. I went in to my sister's room to tell her when they'd get here, but she had already tucked herself into bed, and had quickly nodded off. I was just gonna close her door, and save her some chicked when I noticed out the corner of my eye that those pants and t-shirt that she wore was thrown on the floor, unless she changed then I'm guessing she was stark naked under those bedsheets. That didn't help my mindframe. Between the two gay brothers and my gorgeous younger sister naked in bed. My dick was loving the taboo circulating around this town whose name I still can't remember.
I only had on my jean shorts, I started to slowly unzip those, and dropped them to my ankles. Now I was standing in my sister's room in my boxers stroking my soft 6 inch prick. I pulled my boxers off, and was completely naked now. My sister was tucked under the covers, but not so heavily. I reached around, and found an opening, iremoved the sheet and Sierra lay naked on her side. Her dark-olive skinned beaming beautifully. I lightly turned her over until she was completely on her back, and started to massage her clit. . She uttered a liitle, but didn't wake up, then I brought my head down and began to swirl my tongue around her pussy getting it as wet as possible.

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   She began to stir more, and unconsciously placed her hand on the back of head forcing me to continue. I did oblige, licking my sweet sister Sierra's young primped pussy with very little hair. She started to squirm, and bite her lip. My dick was now at it's full 9 inches as I rose up and stuffed my dick inside my sister's clit. Her eyes shot straight open as I began pounding her little tight pussy. "Ahh, Jacob, what are you doing?" she yelled.
"Fucking my sister. What does it look like?" I responded. She needed no further explanation than that, as she bucked her hips to meet all of my thrusts. Her wet slit was teasing my cock, tightening and soaking it just enough to make me want more.
"Oh God, I can't believe you're fucking me! Your own sister. You sick bastard!" she screamed.
"Shut the fuck up, and take this dick. " I grunted, "This pussy is mine. " I lifted both her legs over my shoulders and continued to pound away at her hot fucking pussy.

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   I sucked on her tits as she moaned loud and struggled to tell me how much she wasn't enjoying it. Even though it was written on her face as a clear lie.
"Oh no big brother, this is incest. This is so wrong" she yelled, "But it feels so fucking good. " she'd mumble. Pretty soon, it didn't take loing before "this is so wrong" was replaced by "Yes, fuck that pussy. Fuck your sister's hot pussy. "
I spread her legs spread eagle, and grabbed hold of her thighs pushing her into my dick. I put one hand on her throat, choking her as I continued to plunder her pussy. It was so fucking good. I finally pulled out, and told her to get on top of me. She did, and started riding me like a fucking pro. I smacked her ass, and bounced her pussy onto my huge dick watching her tits bounce and tease me. I continued to smack her juicy little ass as we fucked. Her pussy was so fucking sweet and wet.

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   She continued to bounce on my dick saying, "Yeah, fuck me. Fuck your little sister. You fucking horny prick. "
"Oh yeah, I'm gonna make you my little cum slut. You wanna be your big brother's cum slut?" I asked, rhetorically of course.
Yes, big brother, give me all your cum. " she screamed as I pistoned her pussy a few more times, and shot the hugest load of my life inside my young sister's eager pussy.
"Oh fuck yeah. " I said as I finally relaxed, and heard a knock at the door.
"Delivery" the guy shouted. Sierra and I got dressed, and paid the man for the food. We ate, talked, laughed, and agreed that this was something we had to do on a regular basis.

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