Now and Then Chapter 1


    Don sat awake watch TV late one night, it had been raining out and there was nothing really good on. He had spent most of the night flipping between baseball and a few TV movies, he didn't care for any of the teams on, and he owned all the movies that where playing that night. Groaning, he got up and headed for the kitchen, when he heard the doorbell. "Who rings a door bell at 11:30 at night?" Don wondered, figuring it was either a lost couple or some kids pranking the neighborhood. What he found was his 14 year old niece, clutching a backpacked soaked in the rain, she looked as if she had been crying.     "Uncle Don, can I stay with you tonight?" Natalye asked, looking up to him with those puppy eyes. Natalye was the only child of his older sister, Mary. The fact that she was here meant something bad had happened at home.     "Yeah come in, quick, don't want you getting sick. " Don said, half asleep he herded her into the house and fetched her a towel. She wasn't wearing much, a white T-Shirt that read 'Angel' in pink lettering, and a pair track shorts, both clung to her like a 2nd layer of skin. Natalye wore tight close as is, and it was easy to see her underwear though the thin material. "What are you doing here? Is your mom OK?" Don asked, trying hard to push a lump in his throat down, he had always thought his young niece to be too sexy for her own good, this was easily classified as jail bait.      "Yeah, mom's out of town. . .

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  I had another fight with Doug. " She said, dropping her bag and began toweling off, she had already taken off her shirt, modesty wasn't something stressed by her mother, and was already starting to unclip her white bra. Doug, her future step father, was possible the worlds biggest asshole. The man was a gentleman only in Mary's presence, anytime else he was a pig, never caring if he hurt anyone with his words or actions. In the past, he had been charged with attempted rape and forcing himself on a minor. The first time Don met him he wanted nothing more then to rearrange the mans face after the comments he made about Don's sister and niece. Now Don wondered if he would go to jail for murder in the next year if Doug didn't shape up.      "Why don't you go upstairs and take a shower, I think I have some of your old cloths around here," Don said, trying his best not to stare at his niece's young petite form. She was only 5'4, about 2 inches shorter then her mom. Otherwise she was a perfect replica of her mother, the same blonde hair, blue eyes with a sparkle in them, the creamy complexion, with a pretty small tan line. What Don should have expected hit him like a ton of bricks, when Natalye took off her shorts, revealing not only a lack of underwear, but a shaved mound, with a small amount of stubble on the pubic area, the girl was more like her mother then Don wanted to risk thinking about. Watching the small but bounce its way up the stairs, her mood had increased dramatically since she new there was no way she'd have to talk to her mom's boyfriend for a while now. Tossing her wet cloths in the hamper, he dug out an old tank top of his and a pair of boxers for her to wear,hoping to get some more glimpses of his niece.     As he waited for his niece to get out of the shower, his minded drifted to a place in time, almost 15 years to the day when his sister took his virginity. It had been stormy like tonight, and his sister came home crying, her boyfriend had dumped her for the "newer model", a cheerleader he had been sleeping with for over a month, and just decided to dump his sister because she didn't give out.

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   He vaguely remembered his sister, 2 years older but physically smaller, collapsing in his arms crying her heart out. This was the 3rd boyfriend in almost 6 months to dump her because she didn't want to anything past oral sex. Don could understand both views, his sister was among the hottest girls in school, and she had a way of coming on to guys without even showing a little extra skin. Hell, he wanted to bang her since she gave him his birthday present 2 months ago, a courtesy deep throat blow job preceded by a full strip by his sister. She had been drunk that night and probably didn't recall anything, but it didn't stop Don from trying hard to re strike up the events.     Without knowing it, that night he had when he held her, trying to calm her. As he held her, he had been stroking and patting her back, his leg had been moving up and down between her legs without any real reason why, he was desperate to stop her crying. The combined movements some how got her to stop crying, she kissed him on the cheek and went up stairs, mumbling a thank you for listening to her. After that she took 45 minute shower, that Don would never forget. Having the urge to go the bathroom, he went up to the door almost 10 minutes after she got in, but before he could knock, he heard the sound that would stop any man in his tracks. . . a womans moan of ecstasy.
    Lucky for Don the door was slightly ajar, and when he opened it, he almost came in his pants. His sister flat against the shower wall, both her hands where busy between her legs, one played with her clit, the other pushed into her own flesh, teasing herself into an orgasm.

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   He sat at the door for the next twenty to thirty minutes, watching his sister as she pleasured herself over and over again, she had already turned the water off and sat on the bottom of the tub still fingering herself. Deciding to take a chance, he went back to his room and stripped naked, putting his robe loosely around himself, his cock stood out like the arrow on a compass, he moved quickly into the bathroom, his sister had managed to get from the shower to the toilet, her legs spread as she continued to play with herself, moaning softly and staring at the ceiling.     "Sis?" Don said, trying to act surprised to find his sister molesting herself. To no shock of his own, she didn't respond, too caught up in her own pleasures to even comprehend her surroundings. "Screw it" He thought to himself, ultimately his goal but he dropped the robe and dropped in front of her spread legs and placed a hand on her inner hip and began to slowly rub her clit with his other. This interaction was all that was needed it seemed, for his sister gave a loud gasp and looked down to see her brother, playing with her pussy. The shear shock must have been the only thing stopping her from screaming, but she quickly tried to snap her legs shut, but she exhausted most her energy during her shower, and only the feeble jerk of her knees against her brothers shoulders resulted.     "Don, no, you can't" She gasped, she could hardly speak but the lust in her eyes was undeniable. He had heard of girls getting horny, but this was ridiculous, she didn't even sound like she was convincing herself, she had one motive at that moment, to sexually get off, and her hands just couldn't quite do it. Spreading her legs again, he leaned in close and started to lick his older sister's hairless cunt, his tongue rubbing up and down her erect clit, teasing it a little before he started swirl circles around it and lightly suck on it. His sister's only response was to grasp tightly on the back of his head and try and pull him in farther as she moaned, her hips where already started to quiver. Taking his sister's invite, he licked her up and down, sucking up her juices as he went. He had never tasted something so sweet, or satisfying, he gulped it down by the mouthfuls and still wanted more of it. Soon he stopped messing with her clit and let his tongue find her pussy. When he stuck his tongue in her, her body naturally tried to squeeze it, Don resisted her bodies natural order and flicked his tongue around her insides like a fish out of water, it didn't take long for his sister to orgasm all over his face,  he never thought it was going to stop, her bod shook from head to toe as she screamed, by the time it was done, she had fallen from the toilet and managed to knock don over, sitting on his face.

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      Gasping for breathe, his sister barely managed to speak "Fuck. . me, I need you. . . Fuck" With some effort she managed to turn her self around, leaning on the toilet for support, she had stuck her butt in the air, he pussy was dripping her juices still. with out any hesitation or thought about protection or birth control, Don had gotten behind her pushed his dick into his sister's moist, warm flesh. After his tip sunk in, he found his sister's cherry, futilely trying to block him. one thrust and he found himself buried to the hips, her butt slapping against his pubic hair. Grasping her hips and thrusting deep into his sister, he pushed her slowly into the toilet, his sister only screaming with ecstasy and encouraging, wanting more of his cock. Her pussy felt like a vacuum, it contracted on his cock as it tried to suck him in, her warm juices made his entire shaft tingle, his balls began to tighten as he neared an orgasm. It wasn't long before his sister start to shake and stutter some more, another orgasm was already upon her.     "I"M CUMMING!" Don screamed, "FILL ME! FILL ME WITH YOUR HOT CUM!" Mary had yelled back to him, looking over her shoulder to watch her brother let his load go free, squirting into his sister. His balls tightened over and over again, as he squirted more and more into his sister, he thought he counted 8 squirts by the time he finished, his cock still semi hard. Pulling out he and his sister laid on the floor, now a large puddle of sex juices mixed, as his sisters pussy leaked and Don's own cock still had some semen dripping out, taking him into her mouth, she softly sucked on his dick like a baby would a pacifier, drinking up his remaining cum.

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      They had sat on teh bathroom floor till their mother came home, finding both her children naked on the floor, Don thought she was going to kill them. Instead she told clean themselves up and get ready for supper. The fact that he had cum in his sister, and that she wasn't on the pill, didn't hit him till the next morning when his mom took her to the clinic. When she came back she had given him the look of horror, she was going to have a child. 9 months later she gave birth to a boy that she put up for adoption, after that don never learned what happened to the kid. A few months after that Mary had a one night stand with med student, leading to Natalye's birth.     Don finally heard the click of the bathroom door as his niece came out wearing a towel not quite her size, her B cup breast where barely contained and Don could clearly see his nieces slit, slightly red from recent probing, obviously she had learned her mother's favorite habit, masturbation. "Took you long enough, I was beginning to think I'd have to come and find you. " Don teased as he tossed his niece the shirt and shorts, she shot him dirty look as she took the cloths and went to the spare bedroom, taking off the towel before she even went around the corning, giving Don a clear view of her little bubble butt. Only then did Don realize his erection, his penis had found its way through the buttons of his pajama pants, he now realized why his niece giggled at him when she walked in. Laughing at it, he got up and walked over to the spare bedroom, when he heard the familiar moan of a girl. "Damn. . . " Don smiled as he tip toed to the door and cracked it, his niece sprawled out the bed, her hands between her legs.

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   "Like Mother, like daughter?" Don asked to himself. Pulling his dick back out, he slowly jerked himself to his niece fingering herself. . . .
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