Obcessed for my sister inlaws 2


Ok,if you read my first story you know i'm a perv but if you saw my wifes sisters and her mother you would see the temptation is to hard to ignore. after that first night i continued to watch all 3 of them. Tina played with her self a few times on the pot and Jody did too but their mom was a hornier person than anyone could imagine. she would play with herself every night in the tub plus sometimes 2 or 3 times she would come to the bathroom for a quicky. too look at her you would never of guessed it.
 Not to bore you with details already from first story let move on to new years eve. My inlaws always have a party new years eve They invite friends and family and drink play cards and have a good time. Anyway  we par up partners and play uker all night so we had a drawing. my motherlaw was my partner. We played in first game and lost so we sat around drinking watching every one else play I was drinking beer she was drinking fuzy navels a mixed drink. she was not use to drinking and was relly showing. plus i was mixing her drinks and was making them real strong. Finally it was are turn after an hour or so and we lost again. She saw every one ate all the chips and asked if I had any next door. I told her where they was in the Kitchen and watched as she stagered out the door to go over to our house to get them. I  sat there i minute and realized no one would notice if i sliped out and it wouldn't be are turn for a hour or so.

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  i sliped out the back door and ran to my house. i figured i could do a little flirting with my motherlaw while i had her alone. what the heck she was drunk i pretend to be drunk she might not think nothing of it.
 my mother inlaws name is jody also so lets call her Jo for short so we don't get her confused with her daughter. Jo was getting the chips out of thecabinet when i got to the kitchen. she was wearing lose fitting jeans and a button up blouse. I walked in and asked if she needed help. She said no i got it and turned around as i walked up to her. I said just think a party going on next door and a got my sexy motherinlaw over here all to myself. she said yea they probably don't even miss us over there. I give her a hug she was warm and all i could think about is her masterbating several times a day i looked at her and said,It would'nt be good if someone walked in with my arms around you at this moment would it. She laughed and pushed away and said stop that ,lets get back over there and started for the door. She was drunk and in doing so she droped the chips on the floor. when she bent over to pick them up i bumped her and she fell on the floor face down. She was laughing trying to get up so i reached down to help her up grabed the back of her jeans to pick her up.

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  as i did i could feel them come on button and unzip as i held her about a foot of the floor. i sat her down and got hold of her arms and pulled her to her feet wraping my arms around her again as i did to give her another hug. She was tight against me and could feel my buldge against her shirt. i realized she was trying to get her hands down to botton her pants and could'nt because my arms were under hers. I looked down and laughed and said we would really have trouble explaining this now. she laughed and said come on let go before some does just that. in doing so she pushed away a couple inches and her lose jeans fell to the floor. I held her tight,now were in big trouble. she looked up at me with panic in her eys and told me to not look. I said i can't see anything with you against me. she said come on let go someone might see. they are to wraped up in the card game they won't come over and was about to let her go but decided to give her a quick kiss first. she laughed when i tried and turned her head i kissed her neck instead. she took a deep breath and i noticed her heart beating. I found her weak spot.

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  I told if i let you go i'll see you in your underwear. don't look she said. funny predicament your in if i let go i'll see you and if i hold on someone might see us. i laughed and huged her tight. her buttons on her blouse was snap buttons when i huged her I felt one pop. new idea my cock was pounding at my jeans now. i pulled my arms behind her and flattened my hands on her back and said ok i'll let you go. as she puleed away my hands stuck on her shirt and all her buttons come undone at once. she huried and huged me and told me to close my eyes. i asked what it was worth to her ,she was beat red by now and didnt answer i leaned down and bit her neck and nibled and started kissin it . the weak spot was working and she was brething more rapid now i knew if i kept at her neck she was mine so i continued. she just stood there and let me .
    Between the acholol and her just plain being horney i had her where i wanted her.
     She said in a husky voice we had to stop i was her daughters husband and someone could come over anytime I reached under her shirt and undid her bra still working at her neck i slide her panties down she tried to turn around and i let her turn i reached up and cup both tits while still working on her neck. with one hand i reached betwen her legs and found her wet as can be while rubing her i undid my pants and pulled my dick free she arched her back and i slide it in it didn't take long we both came hard and long.

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       we slide to the floor and lay there. finally we came to are sences and got dressed without saying a word. we huried back to the party and no one missed us we sat down and took are turn at cards like nothing happened.
     We lost again but this time jo would not leve the card room. she hardly looked at me so i walked in the other room. A feww people were there and i noticed Tina was missing so i went looking for her. found her on the front porch passed out. she wasn't suppose to be drinking but must have been sneeking drinks. her 85 lbs didnt take long to get her smashed. i shook her and she stired i said she beter go to bed and she said ok and rolled over i snuck her upstairs and put her on the bed. i looked at her shes perfect. pretty long blonde hair nice round butt thats all it took i locked her door while she was pased out i slide off all her clothes . i lay there with her and total molest her body licked her shaved pussy nibled her tits and rubed that nice butt. finally couldn't take it anymore i climbed on her and fucked  her it didn't take me long and i came inside her. after i was done i put her underwear and shirt on and snuck downstairs.

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      that was it for the night. jo never said anything  about that night and pretended like nothing happened. In february found out Tina was pregnat I think its probably mine but she don't know i molested her while she was passed out so she thought it was her boy friends who she ended up maried too 2 years later after she had my niece (daughter) Mindy .
    more to come  hope you injoy
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