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If you read my first4 stories your probally wondering why i treat my wife so bad in the first 4 stories. well i should of explained from the beginning but better late than never. while i was so obcessed with my wife sisters my wife was always jelous of the way i looked at them. she was jelous but not only that she was a bitch most the time. always acted like she was too good for people and only had mishonary sex and basically treated people like shit. well after i hypnotised her and her mom and sisters and found out all there secrets i wanted to take advantage of the sitiation and my wfe (cindy) get humilated by anyone i chose. although she has been fucking her dad and having orgasiums she don't remember how it started. And she knows its wrong but she get urges she can't controll and goes and does it. (because i tell her to when i have her under hypnosis but i let her feel ashamed and dirty for it after she has and just love the the way she tries to hide it from me. so lets continue the story about a month after the last.
  since i last wrote i continued to have my fun with my wifes sisters and her mom and my wife i saw to it that she fucked her dad at least once a day some where. he never acted like anything was going on around any of us. little did he know i was responsible for the way she acted.
  i was getting bored and decided to have some fun one night. before my wife left for work i eraced her memmory of what she was doing for the last several months and made her like she was before all this started. while she was at work i had tina over and boy if you like pregnant women she was hot.

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  she was about 7 and a half months pregnant now and her bubble butt was looking fine. the fun i was ging to have was i was going to fuck her pregnant ass till her sister got home from work and caught us just to see what she does. About 10 pm. i get Tina into bed cindy will be home around 11 and i wanted to have some fun before she got there. Tina is laying on her sisters bed butt naked looking at me her tits are c cup now her belly as smooth as can be. she had a little patch of blonde hair just above her clit and the rest was shaved. i climb between her legs and stick my tung up inside her untill she starts rocking her hips. i climb on up her and slide my dick in her tight hole. after 15 min or so of hard slamming i came in her. she had not got off yet and thats what i wanted. i say "mine"i then instruck tina that she will get on top me and start fucking me. looking straight into my eyes. she will have a temendous orgasium when i close my eyes and it wont stop till i pull out of her. Its almost 11 when tina climbed on me shes rocking her hips and moving up and down the whole time looking straight into my eyes. i hear cindy come in and head up stairs to where we are.

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  i close my eyes and tina starts bucking nd moaning at that sight i cum with her. tina can't stop cumming till i pull out but cindy does that for me she pushes tina off me and start screamming at us. how could we do this and your my sister.
 i say "mine"that was fun they both stand still and stair straight ahead. i  whispered in cindys ear you will remember all of the past several months. 123 wake up. cindy stop yelling and left the room . i told tina to get dressed and go home and i found cindy in the bath room crying. i say "mine" you won't remember the last 5 min. you came home from work and went to the bath room. i walk in and your horney. 123 wake up. cindy looks up and i'm standing in frount of her naked. my dick half hard dripping with her sisters cum she gets on her knees and takes me in her mouth. sucking all her sisters cum from my dick she too horney to notice it was wet i shoot another load in her mouth and call it a night.

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 the next day i wake up and go down stairs  and cindy comes down a short time later. she still horney i didn't take care of her the night before. i look out the window and see her dad in the garage. "mine" go to the garage you want your dad this morning. you wont worry about me because im in the shower.
123 wake up. i say i'm getting in the shower i walk to the bathroom and close the door. i hear her leave i get my binoculers and go to the laundry room. from this point i can see in the garage. her dad bends her over the work bench and is taking her from behind. about this time i hear the frount door open. its cindys mom . i say "mine" i tell her she don't remember the affair we been having and everything is normal. 123 wake up. where cindy she said i said at the store and walk up to her and kiss her full on the lips.

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  she pulled away and i grabed her and wraped my arms around her. she said what are you doing? shut up im going to fuck you. i tore her shirt off and shorts while she strugles to stop me i put my hand over her mouth to keep her quite and slam my dick in her and thrust her on the floor it take me all of 5 min and i shoot my load in her and i lay on top her she crying and asked how i could rap her why?i picked her up and took her to the window and she saw cindy fucking her dad jo started crying more. i bent her over the washer and stuck my dick in front of her ass hole take my left hand and cover her mouth and ram it in she screams but its muffled by my hand i ram it in and out while watching  my wife bang her dad out the windowafter shooting my load i erace jos memery of the last hour and send her home.   the end

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