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Hi my name is mike it all started when i started dating my  now wife. i was 21 at the time she was 19 her name is cindy i always liked petite women and she was only 5'2" 105lbs at the time. trouble was when i met her sisters one was  16 at the time her name is Tina the other was 14 yrs old jody. tina was hot 4'10" 85Lbs and a nice round ass blonde hair. jody was 5'0 110 lbs brunette both had small tits about 32 a at best. i became obcessed wanting to see them naked and more. months went by and me and cindy got maried. we bought a house next to my inlaws and moved in.
As luck would have it the up stairs of are house one of the windows faced their house just above their bathroom window. they had curtains up but only covered the bottom half so no one outside could see in top half was left open to let light in. this was it i saw my opertunity and couldnt wait my wife worked nights 3p to 11 so i had all evening to peep. the first night a got my which and more. it was october so tina and jody was in school my wife left for work about 2:30 and i couldnt wait till dark. about 5 :15 pm i went upstairs and sat by the window it was just about dark and it didn,t take long Jody came in to the bathroom and turned on the light. the toilet was to the left of room the tub was right across from the window. had a good view of the whole room.

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  any way jody came in and droped her pants and was on the pot could see much but was enough to give me a rock hardon. she left and seemed like hours but about 7pm tina came in withe her night clothes in hand this was it. she turned and locked the door and imedatly pulled her shirt over her head. she had her back to me. she had on tight blue jeans and a white bra. she reached around her back and uncliped it and slide it off. next she unbutoned her jeans and pulled them down underwear and and all i could see her from head to toe. her tits pointed up a little like skyslope with nice little ponted nipples on the end. i came all over the floor before she got into the tub. i was in heaven. i watched her for about 15 min. washing herself and getting her night clothes on and she left the room. About 15 min jody came in same thing acept her tits pointed straight out not quite a mouth full. she took about 15 or 20 min. then left meanwhile i strked off several more times.

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  the rest of the evening was quite the light was off in the bathroom and i knew the girls went to bed around 10 so i sat their the whole time just was about to give up and call it a night and the light came on.
   It was my mother inlaw. i never talked about her before but after this i looked at her in a hole new light. she was 39 at the time 5'1" tall about 120 lbs. about a 36 c tits. she turned and locked the door and started getting undressed. hadnt even thought of seeing her till now. i had a instant hardon. she had a sexy body her tits hung alittle but wre still a little perky. she got in the tub and washed up but then i was more suprised. she layed back in the tub and started playing with herself she worked herself up into a orgasium and so didn't i watching her. anyway my wife got home at 11:30 and i fucked her for about 2 hrs she didn't know what to think.
more to come of my obcession with my sister inlaws and motherinlaw

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