Oh Sister


When my story began, I was 14. i was just recently coming into puberty, in that i was starting to notice girls. I had a girlfriend, but it was nothing serious, really only to impress my friends. I lived with my older sister, Cindy, who was 20, having moved out of my parents house after constant arguments. All my life my sister had been chubby, to the point where I would tease her about being fat, but recently I noticed that had changed too. One night, I saw her before bed time, changing. She didn't notice me watching behind the door.   She was stunning. She started by lifting off a tight top to reveal a black lace bra. Her breasts hung firm and swayed gently as she moved. Then she slipped off her skirt. Her legs were muscular but feminine and clad in shining brown pantyhose; the kind with the thin seam that runs up the back of the legs. I felt myself getting a hardon. Underneath, she wore tiny black panties, with a g-string planted between her perfect buttocks. She pulled out a hairclip and layers of dark curley hair cascaded down her thin neck. Shed been working all day and was tired, so she momentarily stopped and sat on her bed.

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   As if to tease me, she lay on her back and extened her leg into the air to strech it. As she did this, she sighed and moaned. I was dumbfounded. She stood up and slowly began removing the pantyhose; peeling them from her perfect legs. And there she stood, in her tiny panties with her breasts bulging from her bra, heaving. She unhooked the bra and dropped it on the floor. Her nipples hung down large and dark, beckoning me to come and lick them. And finally, she rolled the panties down her perfect tanned thighs till they hang around her ankles. The lips of her vagina looked so delicious. Her shaven pussy called out to me. She stood like a goddess, and I wanted to worship her. But I quickly came to my senses. This is my sister!
A few nights later, I had been trying to forget what I had seen and what I had felt. We were going to watch a movie together, on the T. V.

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   in her room, on her bed. I came in in my boxers and a vest and began tuning into the right channel. She walked in from the shower wearing a small white towel over her breasts, but it was so short, I could almost see her vagina. She untied it and it fell to the ground. She grabbed a little silky blue nightdress and slipped into it, but she had no underwear underneath. She looked so hot. She climbed up the small ladder that must be used to access her bed. As she did, I looked up the bottom of her nightdress at her perfect ass and pussy, heaving as she ascended. I followed up, with my hardon beginning to grow. During the movie, my sister fell asleep, but I remained awake. I turned the T. V. off and thousght about what to do. My sexual urges overpowerd me and I began slowly lifting up the nightdress to reveal her tender pussy. Slowly, I moved my hand over to her and slid my fingers into the slit.

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       My cock was throbbing. As soon as I did this, still asleep, she moved her legs, trapping my hand in between her warm thighs, with my fingers still inside. Carefully, I snaked my way out and decided to explore her breasts. I gripped each nipple in between my thumb and index finger and began rubbing them. It felt so good. With my left hand I began fingering her again. After a little while i felt her pussy becoming wet. Her eyes drifted open. "What are you doing?" she said softly. I froze. "No. No, don't stop" she continued. She wriggled out of her nightdress, and she pulled down my boxers. I moved over and put one leg either side of her, knelling over her. She gently cupped my buttocks and pulled me closer.

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       We shared a passionate kiss, as she began slipping her finger into my crack. I moved further down, touching, caressing, and licking the firm legs that I had lusted over the other night. I moved closer and closer to her vagina. I could feel her trembling. With both hands, I spread her vagina, and probed with my tongue. She let out a cry of joy. Then, she took hold of me. She moved our faces together, and we kissed once more. Then with both hands, she spread her discharging cleft and quietly said "take me. " I moved my pelvis towards her and penetrated her vagina. Slowly I pushed it in further. I felt my balls begin to churn, and a spurted far into her throbbing cunt. "Ahh" she cried! She was still a virgin.
    We stopped after about half an hour. She lay next to me, panting.


       I had had the most glorious experince of my life.