Oh,boy,don't stop!!!!


nick lives with his uncle and his aunt. his uncle works as a restaurant manager,and they have a branch somewhere in new york and they live in california. nick just admires how his aunt shows off her curves when she stretches. how he would love to insert that hard cock of his into her pussy. after his uncle left that afternoon,nick drove back home,with his sexable aunt sleeping at the back seat. he suddenly stopped the car and slipped to the back seat. his aunt was startled and asked what the heck is he doing. he said,"you know what i want,auntie,you are the most sexiest gal i have ever met. nick started to remove her skirt and he put his middle finger inside her vagina. his auntie also gave in and felt the sexual desire. she removed her clothes in that cramped up back seat of the car and nick was very delighted,he started to lick her legs until it reached her pussy and nick just ate it like forever. he popped out his 7 and a half incher and his auntie was surprised. he told her auntie to suck that thingy and she did enjoy it!!next,nick told his auntie to lie straightly and spread her legs as wide as possible. he screwed and grunted as he tried to put his dick inside of her. his auntie told him it was getting late and the kids might be looking for them. they continued on having a sexual desire for each other after that,until nick's uncle arrived,of course.

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  but his auntie still permitted him to have his lust on her by removing her skirt and allowing him to tickle her clit and sometimes,nick would have her aunt touch his cock

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