Our conservative family and what happened to us.


My name is Jacob Williamson. I come from the deep south from an area that is very conservative christian. My dad Zachariah Williamson is the Pastor at the local church and my mom Ruth and sister Sarah and I help as lay ministers. Mom is  a copastor at the church and my sister who is 18 and I at 16 help with the youth ministry at the church.   One of the ways Sarah and I help my parents is with sex education. When we first moved to this area there were a lot of problems with teen pregnancies esspecially incestuous relationships. Our straightforward and honest approach to teaching sex ed has lowered the teen pregnancy problem greatly.   We moved here when I was 5 yrs old and my dad was associate pastor.   I remember a particular event that made my parents and the church community decide to start the sex ed through the youth ministry program.   There was a family of four children a young man 18 at the time James Roberts and his three sisters, Amanda and Rachel were 16 yr old twins and Kathryn a 14 yr old. Their father was an abusive alcoholic who molested James from a very young age until he died mysteriously in a hunting accident and Their mom neglected them.   James finally snapped and one night he violently raped his three sisters. They all became pregnant.   It was very sad. James  wound up going to prison after the sisters spoke to my dad at the church and he called the authorities.   This single event would come back to change our lives.


Mom, dad, Sarah and I were sitting at the dinner table having just said grace and getting ready to eat a wonderful meal when we heard a loud thump outside. It sounded like someone breaking down a door. My dad and I jumped up to see what was up when all of a sudden standing in front of us holding a gun was James Roberts. He had gotten out of prison and was looking for revenge.   He is there with two of his cousins and we all notice that They both also have guns and knives and a video camera.   He looks at my mom and my sister and comments how beautiful they are. My father says, "Please, don't touch them. " "We'll do whatever you want, just please don't rape them. "  James said, " Sit down and shut the fuck up. " "  I am in charge and will say what will and will not happen. " "No, my cousins or I aren't going to rape these two women. " " Your son and you are going to or you're all goin to die. "   We all looked at each other knowing that he was serious.   James told My mother to get them plates of food too. She did and when we were all done eating.

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   James and his two cousins told us it was time. They lead us all to my parent's room and told us to strip nude.   My dad started to speak when James struck him and said If we didn't do what he said he would definitely kill all of us. Dad told us to do whatever it was James told us. Soon we were all nude.   James then looked at my mother and asked her if she was ovulating; she said, "Yes. " He then asked, " Are you on birth control?" She said, "No, that she didn't personally believe in birth control. " He just smiled and looked at me and said, "Kid, today is your lucky day; today you get to fuck your mom and make her pregnant with your sperm. "  I was stunned and just looked at my father and mother. They just told me to do what James said.   James lead my mom to the bed and then told me to get in the bed with her. He said to my dad and sister ;"You'll both stand here and watch. " "Before we start though Ruth has to say that she's a horny slut who wants her son to impregnate her. " His cousin turned on the camera and told her the camera was rolling. Mom started to cry when James grabbed me by the neck and held the gun to my temple and said,"If you don't want me to kill your son you'll compose yourself and say what I told you to say.

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  " Mom stopped crying and looked right at the camera with a wicked smile on her face and said," I am such a horny slut and am going to take my son's virginity and become his whore letting him impregnate me. " James laughed and said,"THat's the spirit. " He then looked at me and said, " You're going to tell your mother she's a slutty whore and that you're going to fuck her hard. " I was so scared and said what he told me. With that he made mom and I french kiss, then told us to get into the 69 position and perform oral sex on each other. It wasn't long before both my mom and I had our orgasms. When we came to. He told me to get into position and start to fuck my mother. I got my penis at the openinig of my mothers vagina and thrust. The feeling was incredible even though I knew it was   wrong.   TO make sure He wouldn't hurt anyone we both talked dirty telling each other to fuck harder and Calling each other demeaning names.   I felt hurt calling my mother a worthless slut; but, somehow I was also so turned on. Mom had three orgasms and hit her fourth wrapping her legs around my waist and I couldn't hold out any longer. I released the largest amount of sperm I had ever released in my young life. Our orgasms seemed to last for 5 minutes.

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   When done we continued to fuck until I had ejaculated into my mother's womb again.   James said,"This will be a HOT video when we're done. " "You're all naturals. "  HE then told us to get off the bed and stand and watch as my dad took my sister's virginity. James said to my dad,"Tell your daughter that she's going to be your little slut and she'll produce you a child. " My dad Yelled at Sarah, " You little slutty bitch I'm going to rape that virginal cunt of yours and give you all my seed. " Sarah was totally shocked at my father but was too afraid to cry or say anything, James asked Sarah, " Are you ovulating?" she said, "Yes, I'm at my most fertile. " James said,"Well now you'll carry a baby of incest. "  He grabbed my sister kissed her then told my father to eat her out. My dad ate out my sister like a pro.   Sarah was actually begging my father to take her. Dad got between Sarah's legs; and put her legs on his shoulders to get maximum penetration and thrust taking her virginigy. This was not love making at all; it was animalistic sex. Soon they were both in throws of an orgasm. James suddenly thought to ask my father if he had had a  vasectomy.

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   My dad looked at him and hesitated then nodded that he had. James was upset. "Why didn't you tell me?" My father said,"I thought that if you didn't know that my daughter wouldn't get pregnant. " James struck my father on the side of the head and told me to fuck my sister. He said,"You'll fuck her as hard as you did your mother and give her your virile sperm. " "She will be pregnant by the time we leave here today. " I did what he said; I gave my sister a kiss whispering that I love her and began to fuck her like an animal rutting. It wasn't long before Sarah was in perpetual orgasm.   About 10 minutes into fucking my sister I thrust hard and came into her uterus. SHe orgasmed at the same time. I continued to fuck Sarah for about an hour fearing that James and His cousins would kill my parents if I didn't. I came in Sarah about 4 times. If she didn't get pregnant it would have been a miracle.   When I was done Sarah and I collapsed into each other's arms and fell asleep. We must have slept for about 3 hours.

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   James and his cousins were still there and told me to fuck Sarah again. Mom was in bed watching the whole thing. I noticed that dad wasn't in the room and had feared that James and his cousins had killed him.   I fucked Sarah again cumming in her twice more; and when I rested for a bit James told me to fuck my mother again; which I did. James and his cousins masterbated to me fucking my mother and came all over mom and Sarah and I at the same time mom and I had our orgasms. With that they smiled and James said,"I can't wait for the people at the church to see this video once I edit it. " Mom was distraught and Sarah and I just laid there in stunned silence. James and his cousins left the house only for us to hear a commotion outside. My dad  had managed to sneak out during our fucking session and brought the sheriff and his deputies. He explained everything. James and his cousins were arrested and the video once used for evidence of his crime was destroyed.   Mom and Sarah did get pregnant. Mom had a boy and Sarah had twins a boy and a girl. We live together as a happy family. I am now the pastor at our church and Sarah and I have since married.

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   James thought that our ordeal would break up our family and teach us a lesson. It brought us closer together and our church family helped us transition through our ordeal and raise our beautiful children.  
 I hope you enjoyed my first story. Let me know.