Our Little Secret, Part 1


<<<<< I lie on my bed, wearing only my finest frilly lace panties. Staring up at him lovingly. He's doing that thing that I love so much! . . . (sigh). . . God, I wish we could do this more often. . . . . . >>>>>
By: Icarus
I know a big secret.
A deep, dark, sinful secret.

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   It's about my 14-year-old brother. He's a teenaged boy and, well, you know how they are. They become interested in girls and porn and they like to play with themselves. So naturally he's very horny. He likes to do to himself what every healthy adolescent male likes to do to himself. . .
I can sometimes hear him in his room late at night. I can hear the moaning. . . and panting. I'm his only sibling so I know him very well. Once I asked him if he masturbated at night, just to see if he would admit it. (*sigh*) Of course he flatly denied it.

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   "Of course I don't!," he said insistently. But I knew. . .
Over the next few months, the weather got warmer. Flowers bloomed and grass grew. Spring turned into summer earlier than usual. It was hot and humid by the end of May. But that wasn't the only thing unusual that I noticed. . .
On the first day of June, I had trouble finding some of my clothes. Certain things were missing. I waited, but they never turned up in the laundry. I didn't think much of it.

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  . . that is. . . until my silver cross necklace went missing. . .
I began to suspect the unthinkable, but I didn't want to rush to judgement.
On the night of June 13th, I decided to spy on my brother through his bedroom window after dark, once everyone had gone to bed. I looked at the clock, which read 1:39 AM. I decided that it was late enough to start spying.
Slowly and quietly, I creeped out into the hallway and tiptoed in the dark to the door to my brother's bedroom. I put my ear to the door and listened. .

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Nothing. Not a peep.
He's probably just asleep, silly! You should go back to bed.
But I couldn't. I was too curious.
I'll just have a peek through his window. I mean, I probably won't see anything 'cause his light's turned off!
I went outside in my nightgown. We had a big, well shielded backyard, so no one would see me. There was a big, tall oak tree growing right next to our house that had a tree house in it that my dad had built a few years back for my little brother. I climbed the latter up to the top, which got me very close to his bedroom window. He had it wide open because it was such a warm night.
Good. I'll be able to see him and hear him as well.
on people is wrong .

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   My conscience chimed in. I silenced it and tried to see into the window. It was pitch black except for a dimly lit corner of his room where his nightlight was plugged in. (Yeah I know. He's 14 and he still has a nightlight. I dunno. . . it's kind of cute. . . )
I waited a good 15 minutes for something to happen. But nothing did.
What did I tell you? You're so paranoid! Just go before you end up falling asleep in the damn tree house!
I had just started to head down the ladder. .

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  . then I heard it!
That distinctive sound! I instantly perked up and became more attentive. Returning to my pose in the tree house, I strained to hear it. It was a windless night so his quiet moaning could be heard.
My my! He's at it again, huh? Oh, the sweet forbidden pleasures of masturbation!Well this time I'll hear every bit of it!
I listened to his moaning through the darkness and smiled inside. His moaning changed to panting and I could hear him rustling the covers. By now, my eyes had adjusted to the darkness and I could see, in the dim light of the nightlight, the silhouette figure of my brother on his bed. I could see his body shifting rhythmically and his arm moving up and down. (I don't need to tell you what he was doing with his hand!)
I again considered leaving. It was 2 AM and I could feel myself getting a little drowsy. Good thing I didn't though! Because I would have missed the light turning on! That's right, he had gotten up and turned on his bedroom light. His room suddenly became visible! He stood there by the light switch wearing nothing!
Wow! I've never seen him naked before! Oh look at that! His penis is a lot bigger than I thought!
Standing proudly was the product of his masturbation: a big stiff erection jutting out from between his legs. Ooooh! It even had some hair growing on it! I watched intensely as he began reaching under his bed.
What's he doing? . .

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   . Wait a minute. Are those - . . . Oh. My. God!!
I couldn't believe what I was seeing! My suspicions were right! There was my brother pulling out my missing clothes from under his bed. In the pile were my frilly white thong panties, my pink and white lace La Senza Girl bra, my denim miniskirt, and my sleeveless black leather zip-up top!
Oh wow! It can't be. . .
I watched him delightfully slip into the tight thong panties. His stiff penis sticking out the side. He looked at himself in the mirror with a guilty look on his face and then put on my bra!
I. .

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  . I can't believe he's doing this! I've got to stop him!
My child-like curiosity was too focused to let me stop a show like this! I once again silenced my conscience. He began shoving Kleenex into the bra cups to make them stick out like breasts. Then he put on my denim miniskirt! He smiled sheepishly at himself in the mirror, posing and studying his bizarre feminine appearance. I smiled devilishly and giggled to myself:
Oh my! So this is your little game, hmm? Sneaking into my room when I'm not there and stealing my intimate clothing! Taking my private things and wearing them to service your sick little fetish! You little pervert! That's why you couldn't admit to me that you masturbated at night. . . you thought I might find you cross-dressing. . . in my clothes. . . late at night when no one is awake. .


Wasting no time, my dirty little brother put on my leather top and zipped it up just a little, allowing the bra to be seen. I'll refer to it as "the" bra because I was wearing my own at the time and the one he was wearing was temporarily not mine, if you take my meaning! He gazed at himself for a while, then started rooting around in his drawer.
Oh, he looks so silly! (giggle!) I wonder what he's up to now!
He pulled out a small plastic make-up case and (gasp!) . . . my blonde hair wig that I use with my dance costume! I'm part of a student dance program for girls. The last routine we did, we all had to wear blonde hair wigs. I had to wear one even though I'm blonde I guess because I wasn't blonde enough to fit in with the others in wigs. I hadn't noticed that my wig had gone missing, or one of my make-up cases! He put on the wig then started applying the make-up.
Oh wow! This is too much!
He put on a full coating of eye shadow, wanting it to look dark and sexy. He brushed his cheeks with a light dusting of blush. Fumbling nervously at first, then steadying his hand, he lovingly added mascara to his lashes. Finally, when he was done, my little transvestite brother paraded himself in front of the mirror, lavishing in his feminization! Intensely enjoying his secret indulgence! Well, not secret anymore! (giggle!) God, I was having way too much fun! It was like being a ghost! Seeing what is not meant to be seen! Knowing his dirty little secret made me feel so proud of myself! So darkly giddy!
As he stood there, he began to touch his stiff erection. A little, at first, then he began to jerk and rub it.

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   He breathed loudly and moaned, grasping it hard and rubbing up and down and up and down!
That's right, my little brother! Don't hold back! Pump away as hard as you want! I want to watch you sink into a depraved frenzy of self-stimulation.
    . .
    Apparently that still wasn't enough to get his rocks off. He reached into another drawer and pulled out a photo. I squinted hard to try to see what the photo depicted.
    Man, I wish I brought binoculars. Meh, it's probably a picture of some hot model or a porn star. . .
    Boy was I wrong. There, in the picture, was me doing my high school cheerleading routine! He placed it by the mirror, stared at it, and resumed masturbating. This time, he was moaning my name!
    When did anyone ever take that picture?! I can't believe he's. . .


       he's got a thing for me! Oh God, what a pervert! He cross-dresses AND looks at pictures of me when he masturbates!
    He was really getting into it. I could clearly hear his coos of lust.
    ". . . Mmmm! Oooooooooooh! Claaaaire! Uhn! Uhn! Ooooh Yeah! Oh! Please! Fuck me Claire!. . . (pant!) (pant!) Mmmmm. . . you're sooooo hot. . . .

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       mmmmm. . . . so sexy! Uhn! Uhn! Ohhh!. . . "
    Ooooh, such a naughty little boy! Jerking off to your own sister, hmm? And wearing her sexy clothes? Oooh, what a perv! Going to such lengths to feel the pleasures of the flesh!
    I didn't immediately realize that I was fondling my vaginal area as I watched him. Oh, how it made me horny. . .
    Sinful little girl! You shoudn't be masturbating to something so depraved. . . so sick!
    My mind said to stop, but my body begged me to keep watching! I watched him lie back down onto the bed! Still at it.

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      . . jerking and tugging and grabbing and pulling his dribbling purple penis!
    ". . . Ooooh! Mmmm! . . . Claire! Claire! Claire! Ohhh, my love! Uhn! Uhn!. . . . . . Your pussy feels sooooo good! Mmmm.

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      . . Squeeze it more!! Ohh! Mmm! Ah!. . . "
    Mmm. . . that's right! You dream that we have sex every night don't you, you sick horny little fucker! Keep masturbating! Sink deeper into fantasy. . .
    I got so turned on by his kinky little show, that I took off my nightgown and lay it beside me. It was a warm night and when I get horny, I sweat. So there I sat, outside in the treehouse wearing only my bra and panties! Oooh, I dug my finger deep into my hole, playing with my nipples with my other hand. It felt so naughty to be doing this outside!
    Inside, my little "en femme" brother bucked his hips as an orgasm washed over him.

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    Look at him!
    Fountains of semen shot up into the air, soaking the panties and his sheets. Covered in delightful jizz, he gradually calmed his breathing. My infatuated brother lay spent on his cum-soaked mattress. Surely, my naked figure was dancing in his mind!
    Such shameless depravity! Oh my, Darien! I had no idea that my beauty could entice you so! Big Sister’s watching you, and what a stellar performance you gave!
    I fondled myself. He may be spent, but I’m just getting started!
    Aw, please? It feels so good! Mmmm. . . I can't help it!.
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