Our trip to Florida part 4


I turn to see them walking away and turn back around, pick my bags back up and catch up with mom. When we approach the room, my mom says, " do you hear that?". I ask her what and she says "shh". I stick my ear to the door and I hear it. The sound of my niece getting plowed by my dad. I turn to her and tell her to be quiet. I open the door and walk on. I see my dad's ass moving up and down, his dick pounding my niece's young pussy. Quietly, mom closes the door and we move into the room. No one notices us there and I reach in my mom's bag and grabs some lube. i lube up my dick and walk over to the bed. My dad is postioned on the edge of the bed, his ass fully exposed and spread. I walk over to him, line my dick with his hole and put the tip in. My dad jumps forward from shock and I wrap my arms around his waist, holding him in place, and push my way in. I manage to get half of my dick in when he yells out that is deep enough. Satisfied with that, I start to work my dick in and out of his ass.

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   I turn and tell mom to sit on Kelsey's face and let her taste me. She does as I told her to.
As I have never fucked a guy before, only having sucked a dick, I wasn't prepared for how tight it was. I could feel the cum starting to build. I reached around and wrapped my fingers around my dad's dick as he was sliding into Kelsey. I could feel his dick tighten and knew he was coming. Feeling this up, sped up my own feeling and I plunged as deep as I could in his ass and let it loose. I could feel the cum leaking out and running down my balls. He collapsed onto Kelsey and me onto him, our balls mashing together. I lay my head on his back and watched as mom was riding Kelsey's face. I knew mom was close and it wasn't long before she tensed up and came in Kelsey's lips. Mom crumpled onto dad's back leaving a pile of naked bodies on the bed.
Mom was he first to get up, followed by me. The loud pop that came from dad's ass as I pulled out was awesome. I looked down and to my surprise, there was no shit on it.

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   I took my hand, wiped it off and then used it to smack dad's ass. He jumped, sending him into Kelsey and I heard her orgasm from the thrust. I backed up, admiring the view I had. Kelsey's sweet pussy wrapped around dad's dick while my cum was leaking out of my dad's asshole. My daze is broken up by mom announcing she was going to shower, who was joining her. My dad replies he will. He pulls out of Kelsey and stand up. He turns to me, walks over to me, grabbing my dick and says to me, " I hope you enjoyed that, tonight, it's my turn". Then he follows mom into the shower.
I look over at Kelsey, laying on the bed, legs spread wide open and I can't help but walk over and bury my face in her pussy. I taste my dad's cum and slowly lick up every drop I can. I put my hands under her ass, lifting it up and see the cum has reached her asshole. I take my tongue and run it down her taint and stop at her hole. I flick my tongue over it and she shivers. I run it back up her and jab my tongue deep into her pussy.

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   I can feel her put her hands on the back of my head holding me there. I am tongue fucking her and move my index finger to her asshole and work it in. Instant orgasm as she clamps her thighs aroung my neck. When she finally releases me, I slid up to he and lay beside her, holding her. I love the feel of her perfect ass as it is pressing against my dick. I tell her about the couple and she says she wants in on it. She asks me, if the guy had a big dick and I tell her is decent size. She asks me how dad's ass felt and I said great. Tightest hole I have ever been in and she pouts and says even this one, moving my hand to her hairless pussy. I tell her, no way.   She just smiles and curls up into me. I wrap her in my arms and she moves my other hand to her firm little tit. I feel my dick start to harden between her legs and she apparently does as well as she lifts her leg and grabs my dick and places it in her. . .

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